• Finding Nemo @ Pearl Studios 06/23/2017  8:47pm

    Anyone know if this is an open call or an EPA on Monday? I have casting notices saved of both


    It's an open call

    znt92 06/23/2017  9:40pm

    I can't remember if Disney takes an unofficial list... do we think there will be one in the morning?

    fulloutorgetout 06/25/2017  7:31pm

    I've never heard of Disney accepting an unofficial list

    pizzapartypants 06/25/2017  8:39pm

    Sooo are we thinking this is going to be a 4AM wake up call situation

    doggogirl 06/25/2017  9:03pm

    People who get there before 8am need to re evaluate their lives.

    Hereigoagain 06/25/2017  9:19pm

    Are they doing appts at the same time? i have an appt tomorrow morning. Also has anyone ever auditioned or worked on this show before? Curious what it's like

    coolcool 06/25/2017  9:30pm
  • the band's visit @ Pearl Studios 06/25/2017  3:15pm

    anyone know what genre would be good to sing at this audition? contemporary? rock? SOS

  • Moulin Rouge ECC @ Ripley Grier 520 06/24/2017  6:27pm

    Anyone else curious as to why they're holding the male ECC on Pride Sunday?


    Women at 2pm? I thought it was a typo and was going on Monday. Sucks for both of us.

    whattheheck 06/24/2017  6:31pm

    They're having both genders on Sunday. Men in the morning, ladies at 2. I know that they have an EPA Monday.

    Icanseeyou 06/24/2017  9:57pm

    They're having both genders on Sunday. Men in the morning, ladies at 2. I know that they have an EPA Monday.

    Icanseeyou 06/25/2017  12:04am

    Agreed, this is rude. But is there a non union list yet 😬

    Magical mermaid 06/25/2017  6:23am

    Agreed, this is rude. But is there a non union list yet 😬

    Magical mermaid 06/25/2017  6:30am

    The location here is wrong, FYI. It is Pearl in 500 12th.

    There are unofficial lists: men 6 and women 2.

    Come one, come all. We are either genius or crazy for being here this early.

    Mijon 06/25/2017  8:43am

    You are wrong. There is a sh#t ton of equity here.

    whattheheck 06/25/2017  9:15am

    ^^^^ Mijon wasreferring to the non Union list, not Union.

    That being said,anyone want to clarify how busy this looks?

    Showbizdreamer 06/25/2017  9:22am

    I apologize for coming off mean. But she made it sound like it was not that busy, and it is.

    whattheheck 06/25/2017  9:24am

    I've never seen this many equity show up this early, and doesn't that usually mean that non - equity is going to not be seen? Sorry, I really, really want to be in this show and I guess everyone else does too.

    whattheheck 06/25/2017  9:26am

    Whoever said on this board that auditions this time of year are lighter was wrong. Every show I've ever wanted to be in have auditioned the month...Mean Girls, Cher Show, and now Moulin. It's a dream come true!

    whattheheck 06/25/2017  9:28am

    Well Union HAS to show up a bit early to ECC's so they'll be able to hear their name called by the monitor. As for non Union being seen? We never know.
    And the men's call is first, so if it's that busy I'm sort of surprised because a friend of mine was able to tell me only about 70 women were signed up online, but that's was last Monday.

    Showbizdreamer 06/25/2017  9:29am

    Look, everyone wants to be in everything and merely auditioning is by no means a guarantee of anything, we all know this. And yes GENERALLY auditions are lighter this time of year, but if it's a popular title like this, then it can go either way. I still haven't forgotten how every Frozen call last year was dead except for the singer ECC's. Just my anecdote for the day.
    Anyways, back to business.

    Showbizdreamer 06/25/2017  9:33am

    Had zero interest in Frozen, for some reason. But, Evan Hansen? I was there to the end but of course went to someone with a ton more experience than me. I think I just bring it more when a show is my thing. Of course, I haven't made it yet, but it's just my trifecta of shows right now. Love Cher, love Georgina, love Moulin the movie. Good luck to you and everyone out there in line!

    whattheheck 06/25/2017  10:21am

    Seeing noneq men?

    lil einstein 06/25/2017  10:33am

    Just talked to the monitor, she said they are. And it's...not THAT busy.

    Showbizdreamer 06/25/2017  10:37am


    whattheheck 06/25/2017  10:51am

    ^^I mean, I wasn't there earlier, but I guess anytime a monitor says they'll see non Union, I filter to "not super busy". But that's my own filter. Carry on.

    Showbizdreamer 06/25/2017  11:01am

    Have they closed the call yet for AEA?

    Kitty 06/25/2017  11:03am

    Your filter was wrong!

    whattheheck 06/25/2017  11:58am

    Who was in the room today? Thansk

    Gagainsider 06/25/2017  12:06pm

    Can someone please post who is in the room today? Thanks!

    Tommy98 06/25/2017  12:17pm

    Any updates on the non Union front would be much appreciated.

    Showbizdreamer 06/25/2017  12:19pm

    Only about 17 noneq signed up rn

    singingx 06/25/2017  1:18pm

    I'm new to this site. Are you of the male or female gender? Thanks

    whattheheck 06/25/2017  2:24pm

    Equity ladies... is the call still open?

    BrdwyBd 06/25/2017  2:59pm
  • CINDERELLA NON UNION NAT. TOUR @ 06/21/2017  12:36pm

    Has anyone heard of official offers / the cast last being released for the 17-18 relaunch of the tour?



    I have a friend with an ensemble/principal cover official offer.

    dots 06/21/2017  2:01pm

    A friend of mine is going to understudy Prince Topher

    TJ5616 06/21/2017  2:12pm

    Do you happen to know when they received those offers?

    Thanks :)

    stumblingalong17 06/21/2017  3:39pm


    stumblingalong17 06/22/2017  12:10am

    At least two months, if not, more

    TJ5616 06/23/2017  11:33am

    Just out of curiosity, how did you hear about the potential 2 or more months still to hear? Thank you for responding!

    stumblingalong17 06/24/2017  10:59am

    Someone I know (not me I swear! It's a dancer and I'm not one...) apparently just was swinging in these last few weeks (emergency replacement...maybe?) on it and will be going back in the fall.

    Showbizdreamer 06/24/2017  11:06am

    I heard through the grapevine when I was visiting my alma mater period I heard it from multiple people, including a professor, so I know it's true

    TJ5616 06/25/2017  2:02pm
  • Rookie question @ other 06/21/2017  2:36pm

    hi friends
    quick question for those with a lil more experience: being non-eq and not being seen at the general call could I potentially go to the female singer call and be like "i wasn't seen in the general call so here's a monologue instead of a song" or will I literally be thrown out the room
    asking for a friend but also asking for me


    I'd recommend against it. I've never heard of anyone doing this, but I would assume it would be taken as very unprofessional--if you aren't thrown out of the room, which would be a real possibility.

    tellthemstories 06/21/2017  2:49pm

    is it for a musical? I would sing for them if thats what they are asking for.

    however you can always ask the monitor if they are seeing monologues in addition to songs. sometimes you can do one or the other!

    never know until you try/ask

    singdanceact 06/22/2017  1:33pm

    Not only might it get you asked to leave the room, but also keep in mind that casting personnel have remarkably long memories. You do not wish to be remembered as the person who was either unwilling or unable to follow the most basic of instructions (i.e. "prepare 16 bars....")

    SusanCD 06/25/2017  9:10am

    I second the ask the monitor idea. So that way you get an answer before going into the room etc.

    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 06/25/2017  10:47am
  • offer for Liz out and accepted

    you'vegotafriendinme 06/24/2017  3:11pm
  • Moulin Rouge @ 06/17/2017  12:33pm

    There's a dancers' audition held on June 29th, and then an additional DEVELOPMENTAL-lab dancers' audition the next day, June 30th.

    What's the difference between the two? Is there any reason to attend both auditions?


    The lab dates are different and they have different choreographers.
    Yes, there's 2 labs happening for the same show.

    Mimimarquez 06/17/2017  4:36pm

    What does that mean? Should both be attended?

    whattheheck 06/17/2017  4:49pm

    thanks @Mimimarquez

    Yochai 06/17/2017  6:09pm

    Woah weirddd

    littleeagle 06/18/2017  11:48am

    Totally. But thanks, mimi for your response.

    whattheheck 06/18/2017  12:53pm

    Satine breakdown is out. They are looking for a "Rosario Dawson" type, POC.

    SecretAgentInfo 06/23/2017  5:38pm

    Any word on who the choreographers are?

    nyc12345 06/23/2017  6:03pm

    Sonya Tayeh is one of them

    SecretAgentInfo 06/23/2017  6:07pm

    There aren't two choreographers. Both labs are the same choreographer but one of the labs is specifically for choreography (I.e. Only the dancers will be there during those two weeks) and then the other is the full lab with principals and ensemble.

    Bwaydancer 06/23/2017  8:30pm

    SecretAgentInfo-They didn't put that in any of the public listings because....

    Showbizdreamer 06/23/2017  9:47pm

    That's what Casting told agents regarding Satine. The actress who played the role in the last reading was also a POC.

    Just passing the info.

    SecretAgentInfo 06/24/2017  10:39am
  • Princess Particular- Secret Theater @ 06/24/2017  8:54am

    Hi! Does anyone know what the split profit tends to be per show as a rough estimate?

    Also, any info about working here since auditions are this week? Thanks!

  • Princess Particular- Secret Theater @ 06/24/2017  7:28am

    Hi! Does anyone know what the split profit tends to be per show as a rough estimate?

    Also, any info about working here since auditions are this week? Thanks!