• ShyDancer
  • Olney Rep @ Actor's Equity Center 03/23/2017  9:48pm

    Anyone know if they'll b seeing noneq? How many millions of ppl r planning to go?



    Ellejude 03/23/2017  11:54pm

    Non-eq at 19 around 6:30am

    Evitaperon 03/24/2017  6:40am

    Anyone know about how many EMC are there??

    musiclover93 03/24/2017  6:49am

    Bump on non eq #

    CherHorrorwitz 03/24/2017  7:45am

    There's no way to know how many EMC there are until sign ups start an hour before the call. But it's pretty dead here considering there's two calls going on

    littleeagle 03/24/2017  7:58am

    There are at least 26 emc

    AndPeggy 03/24/2017  8:36am

    Yeah, at least 36 emc.

    Silentpsalms 03/24/2017  8:39am

    Update on non eq numbers?

    Whatsthescoopyall 03/24/2017  8:52am

    bump next non eq update

    Gracefullygaga 03/24/2017  9:04am

    Can someone also post how AEA appointments look? Thanks!

    dolly0105 03/24/2017  9:06am

    Non Eq @47

    CherHorrorwitz 03/24/2017  9:17am

    I can not find their audition req anywhere for some reason, checked the 3 main sites. 2 songs of 16, monologue...?

    asongandaprayer 03/24/2017  9:42am


    That's their post on playbill.

    SoMuchForThat 03/24/2017  9:55am

    Have any EMC's been seen yet?

    nutmeg 03/24/2017  10:09am

    they said they will see non eq with time permitting, they event dismissed anyone yet, but it may be a come back after lunch type of deal

    Thelittlestjane 03/24/2017  10:29am

    hows alt list looking?

    any appmts?

    orzosoup 03/24/2017  10:35am

    No EMCs called yet

    inspiredactor 03/24/2017  11:01am

    Bump on appointments / Alts?

    spicegirl 03/24/2017  11:16am

    No emcs seen yet. Alternate list continues to grow....

    showbizgirl 03/24/2017  11:22am

    can someone post what number on the eq alt list has been called? thnx

    cL1 03/24/2017  11:25am

    21 called on alt list

    lemonz 03/24/2017  11:36am

    21 out of his many alternates?

    AndPeggy 03/24/2017  11:38am

    Would someone mind posting the number of alternates on the list? Thanks so

    kittensurprise 03/24/2017  12:03pm


    Thank you very much, that was so kind of you.

    asongandaprayer 03/24/2017  12:28pm

    Anyone know what numbers they got through before the lunch break?

    courtbutt 03/24/2017  12:58pm

    Will someone post who is in the room?

    fitzgeraldtaps 03/24/2017  1:04pm

    Can someone please post when they start seeing non-eq?

    Iluv2sing 03/24/2017  1:43pm

    Bump on alternates, how many and how many called through, please?

    BangsGirlFromThatBackstageAd 03/24/2017  1:51pm

    At least 60 signed up on alt list. What number they on?

    spicegirl 03/24/2017  2:07pm

    Non-eq status?

    FierceConversations 03/24/2017  2:10pm


    Evitaperon 03/24/2017  2:16pm

    Bump on equity alternate status

    sing_happy 03/24/2017  2:24pm

    Up to 54 on the alt list, playas

    Officerlockstock16 03/24/2017  2:28pm

    60/82 called
    Yaaaaaaaay acting

    Officerlockstock16 03/24/2017  2:38pm

    How many alternates and emc are there?

    Gracefullygaga 03/24/2017  2:46pm

    Update on non eq?

    Whatsthescoopyall 03/24/2017  2:48pm

    Non eq not being seen, no drop offs

    scarlettsabrina 03/24/2017  2:57pm

    Any wonderful soul able to tell me what number on alt list they're up to?

    GKH 03/24/2017  3:22pm

    Update on alts?

    hellooooo 03/24/2017  3:22pm

    Update on non eq?

    Whatsthescoopyall 03/24/2017  3:23pm

    76 i thnk??

    orzosoup 03/24/2017  3:47pm

    Not seeing non-eq. No drop offs

    RBG94 03/24/2017  3:51pm

    Did they say anything about non eq trying for the call tomorrow?

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 03/24/2017  4:02pm

    Thank you! 76 alts out of how many now?

    hellooooo 03/24/2017  4:19pm

    Did they get through any emc?

    vchiappa 03/24/2017  5:15pm

    No EMC's were seen; released around 4:40pm.

    Bigfatdave 03/24/2017  9:08pm

    Is the 3.25 EPA cancelled? It's listed on Backstage but the charming guy at Equity is saying there's nothing happening today.

    hufflepoof 03/25/2017  6:25am

    It's at Ripley 520! Backstage listing was wrong.

    kittensurprise 03/25/2017  6:33am
  • I have a callback on Sunday. This should be on callback corner thread.

    spicegirl 03/24/2017  11:04am

    I have an agent appointment on Sunday.

    SusanCD 03/24/2017  11:10am

    Open call is this Saturday, let's not forget that.

    Showbizdreamer 03/24/2017  11:12am

    Sorry, I posted in the wrong area. Thanks!

    teresamisu 03/24/2017  11:10pm
  • You're a Good Man Charlie Brown @ other 03/21/2017  12:33am

    I applied on actors access and then they sent the audition info, which gave rehearsal dates and said they were having an open call on 3/21 and 3/22. However I just got a message from them on actors access that they've cancelled the auditions, but there is a new listing on playbill for them, this time listed as equity. Anyone know what the deal is and whether it's still an open call or even still happening?


    Is this the one @ the Secret Theatre?

    doggogirl 03/23/2017  4:06pm

    The email in the playbill listing email doesn't work, so would love any info on this as well! Thank you!

    NYClady 03/23/2017  5:09pm

    They posted on Backstage today. I submitted there, but I also saw the post on Playbill that said auditons were saturday and monday night?? Very confused...

    mianthmar 03/23/2017  8:14pm

    The playbill email address works. What i did was pressed "open in new tab" on the email address listed and then it opened a new tab with the correct email address in the search bar. I submitted through that email and was asked to come in saturday or monday.

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 03/23/2017  9:01pm

    Has anyone heard back from the Backstage submission?

    doggogirl 03/24/2017  11:59am

    Just received an email for an appointment this coming Monday.

    JoycelynB 03/24/2017  10:41pm

    Received an email asking to pick a time slot about an hour ago.
    PS: they *do* pay non-eqs a stipend.

    bwaylvsong 03/24/2017  11:07pm
  • Disney on Classics (3/20/17) @ Shetler Studios 03/24/2017  9:42pm

    I thought I saw a post for this a few days ago, but it might have been taken down. Anyone hear any callbacks on this? Or anyone who has worked for them before have any insight into how long they take?


    This was supposed to go to callback corner. Which is where it is now. My bad ya'll.

    BeardedBroadway 03/24/2017  9:45pm
  • Any update about non eq being seen?

    Gracefullygaga 03/24/2017  9:05am

    How does the alternate list look? Have any EMCs been called?

    Texahomie 03/24/2017  9:27am

    How does the alternate list look? Have any EMCs been called?

    Texahomie 03/24/2017  9:28am

    Any updates on appts/alts?

    emuhe 03/24/2017  9:55am

    About 4 EMC's have been seen so far

    nutmeg 03/24/2017  10:09am

    How many Emc on the list?

    Beltbox 03/24/2017  10:22am

    bump on how many EMC

    nyc94 03/24/2017  10:50am

    43 as of 10:45

    fitzgeraldtaps 03/24/2017  10:52am

    Correction: 33 as of 10:45

    fitzgeraldtaps 03/24/2017  10:52am

    What number of EMC's have been called?

    6784312 03/24/2017  10:58am

    Have they said anything about non-eq?

    Evitaperon 03/24/2017  10:59am

    No EMCs called yet

    inspiredactor 03/24/2017  11:00am

    4 EMC seen out of 30. Don't know how the alternate list is looking, but there are still appointments in the afternoon.

    theRedBedwinek 03/24/2017  11:15am

    Bump on alt list/emc called? Any non eq announcements?

    dadadadadum 03/24/2017  11:33am

    21 alt list called

    lemonz 03/24/2017  11:34am


    12kk21 03/24/2017  11:35am

    wrong thread sorry!! ignore md

    lemonz 03/24/2017  11:35am

    EMC update?

    Texahomie 03/24/2017  11:39am

    All appointments full. Alternates still coming in.

    hotelroom 03/24/2017  12:11pm

    Bump on numbers before lunch

    Justgotherethismorning 03/24/2017  1:31pm

    Are they seeing non-eq?

    FierceConversations 03/24/2017  2:11pm

    Any updates at all? Stuck at work.

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 03/24/2017  2:45pm

    Apologies for my earlier update that no EMCs had been seen (I was on the wrong thread.) I signed up then left. Anyone know how many EMCs have currently been called? Thanks!!

    inspiredactor 03/24/2017  2:46pm

    Bump on updates? Non-eq?

    st1763 03/24/2017  3:02pm

    I heard the monitor say to someone that she doesn't think they'll see non eq but she's waiting for an official confirmation

    12kk21 03/24/2017  3:05pm

    Have ANY emc been called?

    hotelroom 03/24/2017  3:25pm

    There have been approximately 8(?) EMC's called! Sorry I'm not entirely sure of the number! Do you think they'll get up to #24...?

    nyc3 03/24/2017  3:37pm

    Not seeing non-eq. No drop offs.

    RBG94 03/24/2017  3:53pm

    Any updates on emc?

    Lionsandtigersandbroadway OHMY 03/24/2017  4:11pm

    could someone post the casting email address that was listed under the contact info?

    hotelroom 03/24/2017  7:46pm
  • Sixtiespixie

    Around 25 in holding

    Justsayinghellooo 03/24/2017  8:07am

    How's the non-eq list looking?

    bwaylvsong 03/24/2017  8:21am

    11 people at 8:30

    Screlcher 03/24/2017  8:42am


    bwaylvsong 03/24/2017  8:56am

    Appts left? Alt list?

    Jamlando 03/24/2017  9:47am

    question for anyone there.... are they still wanting BOTH song and monologue (re: musicals), or are they only requesting song?

    sing_happy 03/24/2017  10:35am

    Any EMCs seen?

    xoxoUnofficialListGirl 03/24/2017  10:48am

    1 EMC seen, 18 signed up

    inspiredactor 03/24/2017  11:00am

    No appointments left, alternate list continues to grow, no EMC or non eq seen. It's a pretty busy call!

    Capricorn93 03/24/2017  11:10am

    How long is the alternate list?

    PrettyPelican 03/24/2017  11:36am

    Taking drop offs?

    closetohomeless 03/24/2017  11:54am

    46 on alt list up to 43.

    Jamlando 03/24/2017  11:57am

    EMC released until after lunch. 2 pm.

    SparkOfCreGAYtion 03/24/2017  12:32pm


    eatthefish! 03/24/2017  1:19pm

    How's it looking for emc/non eq? Thanks!

    scarlettsabrina 03/24/2017  2:16pm

    Any more EMCs called? Thanks.

    inspiredactor 03/24/2017  2:44pm

    EMC/alternate list in the 70s. Non-eq dismissed and will not be seen b/c too many on alternate list now so they won't be able to get to non-eq. Taking drop offs

    chosenmelody 03/24/2017  2:57pm

    Thanks, do you know how many EMCs have currently been called?

    inspiredactor 03/24/2017  3:04pm

    Alt update?

    hellooooo 03/24/2017  3:23pm

    In the sixties, moving slowly

    Emc released

    sing_happy 03/24/2017  3:29pm

    Did any more emc get seen besides the 1 early this morning?

    hellooooo 03/24/2017  3:39pm

    To any amazing person who's sitting in the holding room waiting: could you say what alt number they've called through? Thanks so much!

    GKH 03/24/2017  4:37pm

    Around 75, half an hour ago.

    eatthefish! 03/24/2017  5:22pm
  • K.C. At bat Appts @ other 03/24/2017  5:02pm

    Are these appointments running on time? Are they asking people to read? Thanks!

  • This should be posted in callback corner. there is already a thread for this.

    BariToxic 03/24/2017  4:58pm
  • Broadway Dance Lab @ other 03/21/2017  2:32pm

    I know there was a post on this already, but I can't seem to find it...did appts go out yet for BDL?



    Danseur5678 03/22/2017  2:25am


    Letmesleepdamnit 03/22/2017  9:35pm


    Bumpy 03/23/2017  10:23pm


    psealey 03/24/2017  1:07pm