• Connecticut Rep EPA @ 07/19/2017  9:08am

    Does CT rep have a limited number of contracts because they fill out their casts with UConn students? Trying to figure out if it's worth it to go as non-union.


    Many people here ask this question of almost every audition. I do NOT mean this to be snarky but if this is your career, you can't get cast if they don't know about you. Whether you show up in person or send a theatre a headshot and resume, its a decision you alone have to make. Maybe they won't see you but if they do, maybe you'll wow them and get cast.

    Past Tense 07/19/2017  10:42am

    You're not being snarky at all, that's completely true. I did some digging on this to answer my own question though, and they DO cast all their non-eq out of UConn, since they have a partnership. Just in case anyone else was wondering!

    tellthemstories 07/19/2017  10:49am

    This is really helpful information! Thanks for posting this!!

    Canadianactor 07/19/2017  2:31pm

    Please update on appointment availability and alternate list numbers. Also, who's ITR. Thanks.

    Harlequin 07/20/2017  9:17am

    Not seeing non-Eq and not accepting drop-offs.

    VorpalDormouse 07/20/2017  9:41am

    ITR: Jeffrey Dreisbach, CD, McCorkle

    hmm 07/20/2017  10:47am

    How is it for EMC?

    Jk98373839 07/20/2017  10:50am

    What does no drop offs mean? Does that mean equity can't come in without an appointment?

    Theaterdude 07/20/2017  11:30am

    "drop offs" are when actors simply leave their p/r at the desk for the theatre to take with them, without auditioning. This call is wide open, AEA alternates are being seen almost immediately, and there are plenty of appts open too.

    Bardboy18 07/20/2017  12:08pm
  • Phantom of the Opera EPA @ Actor's Equity Center 07/19/2017  6:29pm

    Is this call still happening tomorrow, 7/20? I have this link from backstage: www.backstage.com

    Can someone confirm this on the equity website?


    I mean that link doesn't say it's cancelled nor does BWW so it's still happening.

    Showbizdreamer 07/19/2017  7:40pm

    it's still on Equity

    GlennTCoco 07/19/2017  8:00pm

    Where do folks start lining up in the morning for this? Outside of the first floor lobby?

    It’s my first time auditioning at equity and I’m EMC.

    niccolomachiavelli 07/19/2017  9:22pm

    ^^^ same question!

    Actor12395 07/19/2017  10:26pm

    Does anyone know the likelihood of non-eqs being seen for this? Thanks!

    cjm568 07/20/2017  12:05am

    4 names on non eq list at 4:05 am

    Rachdef 07/20/2017  3:54am

    Equity and EMC can sign up to hold their place in line in the 4th floor lobby starting at 6 am. Return at 7:50/55 to head up to the audition center for signups at 8:30. There are no unofficial lists for nonequity. Noneq can sign up starting at 6 am in the 4th floor lobby on the official list

    CindySparkle 07/20/2017  5:38am

    28 on Non eq list as of 6:26am

    BadTina53089 07/20/2017  6:17am

    Thank you, Cindy! Lifesaver!

    niccolomachiavelli 07/20/2017  6:31am

    anyone who's been to a Phantom EPA:

    I'm non union, 33rd in line, first EPA, wooo.

    Any chance at all that I'll be seen? or is 33rd like hopeless?

    kalnastronaut 07/20/2017  7:02am

    There was an unofficial list started prior this morning and I signed up at 6AM. Did they honor that list or did it start over?

    GoldenEra 07/20/2017  7:18am

    Actor's Equity doesn't take unofficial lists :/

    Slotted--soup--spoon 07/20/2017  8:06am



    CompensatedPaperweight 07/20/2017  8:08am

    #70 non eq at 8:30. Break legs y'all!

    iKruse 07/20/2017  8:25am

    are they seeing non equity?

    dancingfool 07/20/2017  8:57am

    Keep us posted on alternates/EMC please!

    VorpalDormouse 07/20/2017  9:05am

    Just learned the hard way. Even though I arrived at 6AM I stupidly signed up on the unofficial list outside and they don't honor that. Sign up starts at 6AM. Whom ever started it at 4AM, shame on you. #NowYouKnow

    GoldenEra 07/20/2017  9:10am

    So...... What's the word on non eq? Yay or nay?

    heybambassity 07/20/2017  9:28am

    No word yet on anything in regards to non-eq

    kcloetingh 07/20/2017  9:46am

    Ok, thanks!!

    heybambassity 07/20/2017  9:47am

    Who's itr?

    Chaplin93 07/20/2017  10:06am

    It's moving really fast - they already went through a lot of the EMCs.

    UncleMame 07/20/2017  10:09am

    Who is ITR

    Jdance 07/20/2017  10:12am

    Please update when they start calling non eq's! Thanks!

    cjm568 07/20/2017  10:19am

    They just called in the first 10 non-eq

    tigerbeat225 07/20/2017  10:38am

    Can someone post who is in the room

    Jdance 07/20/2017  10:40am

    can anybody tell me who is ITR?

    dontnobodywantno 07/20/2017  10:40am

    Is there an alternate list for AEA?

    #mover 07/20/2017  10:45am

    Those Noneqs whose namessage were called and are not here: I believe the monitor put your name at the end of the list.

    Also, while the first NonEq group was called, she clarified that they may not be seen before lunch.

    Hope that helps a bit☆

    asongandaprayer 07/20/2017  10:57am

    Thanks for the non-eq update. Can anyone tell me how many have been called? I'm rushing back..

    BadTina53089 07/20/2017  11:00am

    Thanks for the non-eq update. Can anyone tell me how many have been called? I'm rushing back..

    BadTina53089 07/20/2017  11:05am

    They have called through 38 on the noneq list 😲

    CindySparkle 07/20/2017  11:13am

    NonEq thru 36

    Sharing is caring♡

    asongandaprayer 07/20/2017  11:14am

    plz can anybody share who is in the room? from Tara Rubin?

    dontnobodywantno 07/20/2017  11:20am

    Eric Woodall

    Galapagos9 07/20/2017  11:22am

    What number non eq now? Have they all been seen before lunch? Thanks!

    luv2shop1995 07/20/2017  11:38am

    Called through 51

    yaytheatre 07/20/2017  11:43am

    So for a non-eq whose name was skipped, they'll put me at the end? How many names are on the non-eq list? I'm trying to gauge when to come back.

    202493 07/20/2017  11:47am

    Called to 51 out of ~105 noneq

    CindySparkle 07/20/2017  11:58am
  • Once on This Island @ Actor's Equity Center 07/20/2017  2:16am

    Hi. Can someone please post later on this morning what time the non-equity female list starts? Thank you.


    How's it looking? Non eq? Who's in the room?

    NikkiNick 07/20/2017  8:57am

    How's it looking? Non eq? Who's in the room?

    NikkiNick 07/20/2017  9:15am

    Non-EQ list is closed.

    duckymomo 07/20/2017  10:21am

    can someone post who's in the room?

    JSL32 07/20/2017  11:45am
  • CINDERELLA NONUNION NAT. TOUR @ 07/20/2017  10:28am

    Has anyone heard of official offers / the cast last being released for the 17-18 relaunch of the tour? I just saw a post from them on Backstage, and they are still searching for ensemble dancers who sing. Does anyone have information on where they are on casting?


  • dancingfool

    already like 40 ppl on the non eq list

    kalnastronaut 07/20/2017  6:59am
  • Bump! Anyone called in for principle roles?

    belterskelter 07/19/2017  9:44pm
  • The Cher Show Self-Tape @ other 07/12/2017  8:40pm

    Just trying to get some feedback in general... is it worthwhile to take the time to submit for this show (or any Equity casting call that requires a self-tape) if you are a non-eq performer?

    Thanks for your advice!!


    Bump. Also, where did you see that self tapes were being accepted for this?

    beltingbadass 07/12/2017  9:58pm

    There's a listing on backstage. I thought it was a little odd--why do they want to know your age/hometown? Why a capella?

    tellthemstories 07/12/2017  10:41pm

    I didn't see the Backstage listing, but Telsey had it on their Facebook and Twitter that if you couldn't make the open call you could send a tape.

    But it's only for the role of "Babe"

    pembroke_ 07/12/2017  10:53pm

    Yes, I saw it on Backstage. It looked as though a self tape was the only way to apply.

    mangomilkshake24 07/13/2017  12:59am

    I used to take a while doing selftapes but since auditionherohq.com started, that hasnt been an issue and, yeah it's worth it

    catseye 07/13/2017  7:40am

    Anyone heard anything from the self submission?

    singingx 07/19/2017  9:34pm
  • A1 auditions @ other 07/19/2017  9:06am

    I can't seem to find much info on the A1 auditions. What city do they take place in? (I don't see this info on the website). Also did anyone go last year? Was it a positive or nagative experinece? Worth the $$?


    I did them in October of 2016 in NYC and had a fine experience. I didn't feel any kind of way after singing because I got no feedback, but the dance portion was HARD AS HELL. like get ready to sweat. I did not get a callback and got my money back in full within two days of receiving my "no thank you" email. It's fun, but I won't do it again. It seems like they really look for dancers.

    gimmicks4u 07/19/2017  6:22pm