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  • Fireside - West Side @ 05/04/2015  7:17pm

    Is the ECC dancer call on Wednesday? I feel like I've heard/seen conflicting things.


    From Google:

    littleeagle 05/04/2015  8:56pm
  • Wicked @ other 05/04/2015  7:56pm

    Does anyone know who was in the room in Studio 1 for the Wicked Open Call that happened 04/25/2015? First and last name please. Thank you!

  • How many people are lined up for this already? Anyone know?

    bluebird137 05/04/2015  8:21am

    It's 8:38 and there are less than 30 people on line.

    Keeter5 05/04/2015  8:56am

    Still pretty empty?

    Lalu20 05/04/2015  10:17am

    Any update on how many people are there?

    phimumt 05/04/2015  10:35am


    Daisym 05/04/2015  11:20am

    Still fairly empty. Called up to about 10 on EMC. Equity appts still available.

    Genekelly 05/04/2015  11:22am

    10 out of how many EMC? :)

    OlliesDolly 05/04/2015  11:25am

    Called up thru 8 on EMC out of 16

    Lalu20 05/04/2015  11:40am

    Called to about 19 of 23 EMC

    PattiLuPone 05/04/2015  12:50pm

    Random but does anyone know if the sides have arrived yet? They didn't have them earlier today but said they should be there later today.

    Alf 05/04/2015  4:34pm

    Update on non equity?

    HeatherNY 05/04/2015  4:38pm

    All non-eq have been seen. It's wide open.

    chestercopperpot 05/04/2015  5:15pm
  • Sunflowersky

    They posted their breakdown on the Actor's Equity Casting Call page.

    Chaplin93 05/03/2015  7:23pm

    Any idea if this call is going to be crazy?

    lilsally8 05/03/2015  9:42pm

    Is the call crowded? Next available appointment?

    spring 05/04/2015  8:36am

    Musicals and dramatic both busy but by no means full. Sign ups have not started yet.

    Past Tense 05/04/2015  8:40am

    Any update on EMC?

    Sunflowersky 05/04/2015  9:11am

    Would love updates on this. Thanks, y'all.

    belt4daze 05/04/2015  9:32am

    EMC update?

    aschneps 05/04/2015  9:58am


    HuggybruhNYC 05/04/2015  10:13am

    Last I saw it was 11 EMC, some alts too but the monitor told me they were already ahead when I signed in. So we will see?

    Sunflowersky 05/04/2015  10:27am

    What's the non eq situation looking like?

    ajdgb12 05/04/2015  10:47am

    Non-eq: Monitor just came in and said that they were moving quickly through alternates with about 15 EMC to go. She said morning appointments were full, and afternoon filling up, but that they were moving quickly.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 05/04/2015  10:48am


    Chatty_Channing 05/04/2015  10:54am

    Thanks for the update!!

    Just to clarify because there are two threads for this audition...

    Was the monitors update for both musicals and dramatic? Are they being held in the same room? Playbill had mentioned it would be two different rooms, therefore two different audition appointment lists.


    Dynamite 05/04/2015  11:40am

    They are being held in different rooms with different monitors. I think there are like 4 more alts to get thru before the EMC list gets started. They are moving along pretty well.

    Sunflowersky 05/04/2015  12:01pm

    Please update if they start on that EMC list! Thanks!

    RaconteurDuJour 05/04/2015  12:16pm

    Bump for (musicals) EMC list please :)

    OlliesDolly 05/04/2015  12:20pm

    Thank you!

    Dynamite 05/04/2015  12:36pm

    Post-lunch updates?

    RaconteurDuJour 05/04/2015  2:46pm

    66 on alt list, called through 45

    Sunflowersky 05/04/2015  2:57pm

    BUMP how many EMCS have they seen if any and how many are on the list?

    LilJ 05/04/2015  3:22pm

    bump on general info please :)

    ajdgb12 05/04/2015  3:34pm

    How many EMCS have been seen? And how many on the list?

    LilJ 05/04/2015  3:34pm

    Non-equity released. Drop-offs being accepted.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 05/04/2015  3:48pm
  • Bump! How's it looking?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 05/04/2015  9:41am

    EMC updates?

    belt4daze 05/04/2015  10:05am


    Glokeroo 05/04/2015  10:09am

    Any info at all?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 05/04/2015  11:02am


    OlliesDolly 05/04/2015  11:41am

    Non-ew were released for lunch. Said to come back a little after 2. Have any emc's been called yet?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 05/04/2015  12:34pm

    Thank you for the update!

    Dynamite 05/04/2015  12:37pm

    Bump! EMC update?

    Texahomie 05/04/2015  2:46pm

    Any info from the equity side? Alternates? EMC? How's it looking for non-eq?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 05/04/2015  3:27pm
  • King Charles @ Pearl Studios 05/04/2015  11:38am

    Any updates? Appts still available? Who is ITR? Thanks!


    Wide open. ITR - casting assistants from Jim carnahan

    tbillins43 05/04/2015  11:44am

    Peter Van Dam was the morning casting assistant, Claire Yenson takes over after lunch.
    Reader is Evan Alexander Smith.

    yolo 05/04/2015  2:15pm
  • How many equity people?

    lengthyvisitor 05/04/2015  7:18am

    I don't think any equity is here yet!

    singingjulia17 05/04/2015  7:53am

    Updates for equity?

    BroadwayCallMe! 05/04/2015  8:58am

    Is there an EMC list for this?

    IHateMornings 05/04/2015  9:16am

    There is a handful of people here. Wiiiiiiide open.

    16bars 05/04/2015  9:38am

    How is this?

    Barkles 05/04/2015  12:24pm

    The call is EMPTY. All EMCs and Non-equities have been seen. There are still appointments left. It's a lovely intimate audition with Duncan Stewart of Stewart/Whitley. Come on down!

    dej118 05/04/2015  12:49pm
  • sarah13

    Bump. Any info?

    CantaloupeOak 05/04/2015  11:09am
  • 30 people lined up

    tbillins43 05/04/2015  8:08am