NO HOLDS BARRED: A Professional Critique of Your Marketing Materials and the Package They Are Selling

No hold Barred

By popular demand from an out-of-control post on The Bitching Post. Find out what you are actually selling to CDs, agents, and managers.

This class will help you understand not only what your current marketing materials are saying to the industry, but will give you individual advice and tips to improve them.

We will be examining everyone's materials one at a time in front of the class so that everyone benefits from each other's feedback and gets the most out of the class. We will also be going over different tips and strategies to use when seeking representation.

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  • Jersey Boys ECC @ Pearl Studios 09/01/2015  11:40am

    Hey guys, are they seeing non eq men? Might help establish whether they'll see non eq ladies after 2pm....



    Dynamite 09/01/2015  12:14pm

    They did see men! There's an official non eq list for girls already in the room.

    PattiLuPone 09/01/2015  12:47pm

    anyone know who was ITR this morning?

    southstreet 09/01/2015  1:55pm
  • Dollar Day Thursday 9/3 and Friday 9/4 @ Ripley Grier 520 09/01/2015  11:59am

    Start audition season off right! Professional accompanist playing cuts for $1.00/minute Thursday and Friday (9/3-4) @ Ripley Grier 520. You choose how long you'd like to work. Email for a slot.

  • HAIR @ Nola Studios 09/01/2015  9:38am

    Hey y'all. There are auditions for Hair this weekend and I was thinking about making the trip, but I'm a little confused because it says...

    Single audition / Dance- & Group audition:
    Sept. 6th 2015, 9:30am – 5.00pm
    Sept. 7th 2015, 9:30am – 2.00pm
    please be available until 6.00pm

    Last Call back:
    Sept. 7th 2015, from 3.00pm
    please be available until 6.00pm

    Does that mean there will be no open auditions for singers on Monday? I'm just trying to figure out my trip and I don't know what that means..

    (I'm looking for speculation here. I don't think anyone knows for sure. But I'm just wondering if I can show up and sing first on Monday, rather than dance.)


    So you can show up Sunday or Monday am but the 3 o clock Monday is just for those invited back.

    Barkles 09/01/2015  10:29am

    Are Equity members able to attend this call since it is a European gig?

    moveon 09/01/2015  11:37am

    moveon: the call specifically said Non-equity but then inside it said open. So it's probably worth showing up and seeing what's happening.

    ScreltersAnonymous 09/01/2015  11:57am
  • Just got here. Taking groups of six, only 9 here so far.

    texicalyorker 09/01/2015  10:25am

    Do you sing in front of each other in these groups?

    oyevey 09/01/2015  11:52am
  • Skeleton Crew @ Actor's Equity Center 09/01/2015  11:45am

    Updates helpful on number of ppl on Non-equity and emc lists

  • fiyerooo

    Also - is this a required call? I heard there was nothing on the breaks but an angel/Lola cover but backstage has other roles listed. Anything would help. Thanks!

    Singersoul 09/01/2015  11:18am
  • The King and I @ Pearl Studios 08/31/2015  8:37am

    Any info for NonEq men yet? Unofficial list or line starting? Thanks


    UnOff list is up. Men 8

    bariberry 08/31/2015  9:17am

    Thanks. No official list yet?

    bwydreamer 08/31/2015  9:37am

    Cesar is in the room.

    Lifeuponthewickedstage 08/31/2015  10:16am

    NonEq list is now closed

    bwydreamer 08/31/2015  10:30am

    Non eq women hasn't started yet has it?

    Barkles 08/31/2015  10:36am

    Just calling non union males right now.

    yogajunkie 08/31/2015  10:52am

    Non eq women hasn't started yet has it?

    Barkles 08/31/2015  11:06am

    Any updates on Non eq women?

    Bwayluver 08/31/2015  12:15pm

    Female is starting at 2pm :) So, not yet.

    yogajunkie 08/31/2015  12:18pm

    They are going to type cast noneq women by headshot after Union people. 62 people on non eq list.

    oreopants 08/31/2015  2:24pm

    Who is in the room and are Equity women finished? Thanks!!

    noscreenname 08/31/2015  3:15pm

    Have they typed non-eq women yet?

    28 08/31/2015  3:25pm

    Any callbacks for anyone?

    oreopants 09/01/2015  10:15am
  • Jersey boys @ Pearl Studios 09/01/2015  9:47am

    Can anyone update where they're up to as the day goes on, please? I'm on the Non-eq list but new to this. Do I just wait at the studio?

    Chelsea 23
  • Skeleton Crew @ Actor's Equity Center 09/01/2015  8:24am

    Updates helpful on number of ppl on Non-equity and emc lists

  • Cabaret - National Tour @ Ripley Grier 520 08/31/2015  8:00pm

    Any new agent appts since the initial appts that were held in June?


    hasn't the whole thing been cast already? I thought they said all casting would be done by the end of june...

    Nomikw 08/31/2015  10:00pm

    Still Seeking Cliff. Any updates on this role? Anyone gone in?

    Vague_Name 09/01/2015  12:52am