The Backstage Actor Networking Event - October Edition

Come have a drink with a CD and an agent!

Special Industry Guests:
Elizabeth Berra - Casting Associate for Marc Hirschfeld Casting
Jim Daly - Talent Agent BLOC NYC

We will be raffling off...

A headshot package from Lauren Toub Photography valued at $500
A one scene profesional reel shoot from $500 value
A professional actor resume formating from Act One Consulting
A six month subscription to $95 value
A free on-camera class at Backstage University

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  • Bumpity boop. I always seem to have trouble finding the non eq unofficial list at telsey. Is it usually taped outside the building?

    jaylady 10/13/2015  7:52am

    List was taped to the second entrance. It was at 15 around 7am

    dead girl walking 10/13/2015  8:03am

    25 on the non-eq list at 7:45

    pctombs 10/13/2015  8:08am

    Are EMC and non eq the same list for an EPA?

    Dancer7 10/13/2015  8:15am

    Ok, why are there EMC signed up on the non equity list as well? If they don't accept the list because of that...

    jaylady 10/13/2015  8:19am

    And no, Dancer7, EMC is not supposed to sign up with an unofficial at all unless it's an ECC. Then they're on the same list as non equity

    jaylady 10/13/2015  8:26am

    Unofficial list is now inside on the table by studio 4 :-)

    mellowcmc 10/13/2015  8:58am

    Unofficial is up to 40 but there are some EMCs on it. There are maybe 15-20 equity on line

    GraceAdler 10/13/2015  9:02am

    Come back over if you can! She's going to call off the list before she transfers it so if you're not here you'll go to the end. And there's maybe 40 equity and emc now

    GraceAdler 10/13/2015  9:27am

    So were the people not there when she called out the non eq list moved to the end or taken off completely? I went back to Pearl...

    crashtheparty 10/13/2015  9:37am

    Are you serious? That sucks, several of us can't get back until after ten because of jobs and stuff that's why we signed the unofficial. Why wouldn't she just transfer the damn list, it's already hard enough :(

    TracyLettsLover 10/13/2015  10:01am

    Hey guys! Worry not, she ended up transferring the list after all. She called through the names and then said that she would actually transfer it over because it looked like everyone had signed themselves up

    GraceAdler 10/13/2015  10:09am

    Great, thanks for the update GraceAdler!

    crashtheparty 10/13/2015  10:11am

    Ohhhh thank ya jesus

    TracyLettsLover 10/13/2015  10:13am

    How many EMC on list? Are apts pretty open?

    theatrelover 10/13/2015  10:20am

    Bump! ^

    Lass31 10/13/2015  10:45am

    How is it looking over there for non-equity?

    ColoradoGirl303 10/13/2015  11:01am

    I think theyre starting on EMCs now

    mellowcmc 10/13/2015  11:20am

    Emc bump?

    jjsinger 10/13/2015  11:23am

    They just called through 20 on the EMC list

    TinyDancer 10/13/2015  11:41am

    Lunch is at 1:30 right?

    jjsinger 10/13/2015  11:56am

    Who's ITR?

    stagelover3 10/13/2015  12:15pm

    Bump who is ITR please?

    LyricSymphony 10/13/2015  12:39pm

    Any non EQ called yet?

    TracyLettsLover 10/13/2015  1:05pm
  • Just posted list outside of 500 pearl I was the first one when I left

    br0adw@ybaby911 10/13/2015  6:49am

    List is now inside, just two names!

    Manders 10/13/2015  6:53am

    59 on list as of 7 AM

    LittleB223 10/13/2015  7:25am

    ^ I think that was for Prather. Just 20 non-Eqs on list at 7:15

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 10/13/2015  7:39am

    Haha I was like oh wow that escalated quickly!

    Barkles 10/13/2015  7:42am

    This call is at Pearl, right? And does anyone know an update on the non-eq list? Thanks and good vibes :) ~

    MuppetBeltress 10/13/2015  8:05am

    NonEq at 46 @ 8:25am

    CurlyLox 10/13/2015  8:48am

    Can anyone say if the unofficial was transferred? At Telsey they took our names off if we weren't there, I wanna make sure that didn't happen at Bat

    TracyLettsLover 10/13/2015  10:02am

    Non equipment at 56 as of 940

    callbackplz 10/13/2015  10:04am

    I personally transferred the non/eq list. :)

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 10/13/2015  10:05am

    non-eq unofficial was transferred

    NYClady 10/13/2015  10:06am

    Can folks keep us posted as to whether or not they are seeing EMC or non eq as the day progresses. Thanks and have fun everyone!!!!

    KissMySass 10/13/2015  10:26am

    Who is in the room?

    thirstygirls 10/13/2015  10:50am

    Can anyone provide a quick "equity appts/called any EMC or non eq" for us??

    TracyLettsLover 10/13/2015  11:06am

    From a quick glance it looks like equity spots are pretty open. Emc called 14/30.

    ihopeigetit 10/13/2015  11:07am

    Have they told non-Eq to come back at any particular time?

    Manders 10/13/2015  11:15am

    I was out of the room for a little bit but as far as I know non-eq have not been dismissed until later. Through 18 on the EMC list.

    crashtheparty 10/13/2015  11:24am


    Wackawacka 10/13/2015  11:29am

    Itr please

    buhbuhbilly 10/13/2015  11:40am

    ITR: Jillian Cimini CD, Adrian Ries pianist

    crashtheparty 10/13/2015  12:00pm

    What number have they called on EMC? Thanks

    KissMySass 10/13/2015  12:12pm

    can anyone let me know who is in the room? auditioned and left without writing it down. much appreciated!

    brooklynauditioner 10/13/2015  12:29pm

    First 2 non-eqs called.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 10/13/2015  1:01pm

    No more EMCs

    2 non eq called

    Frenchy 10/13/2015  1:02pm
  • Prather day 2 @ Pearl Studios 10/13/2015  6:12am

    Let's start a new thread for the second day of this insanity.

    What's the list looking like?


    List is outside of 500 8th Ave. At 6:05, it was at 14.

    Auditioningfordayz 10/13/2015  6:40am

    Wait did the list get moved back outside?

    doublepullback 10/13/2015  6:48am

    The list was outside when I got there because Pearl wasn't even been open at 6:05am. Just want to verify this though!

    Auditioningfordayz 10/13/2015  6:50am

    There were 7 names on a list inside and 25 on the list outside so 3 people banned together to make an executive decision to combine those lists with the 7 on top. Those 3 people did not sneakily add their names higher up on the list, so not reason to suspect foul play.

    Manders 10/13/2015  6:52am

    List has been transferred from the outside list to the inside one...we had two lists going, y'all.

    doublepullback 10/13/2015  6:53am

    Close to 60 at 7:00am!

    MotherOfDragons 10/13/2015  7:22am

    75 at 7:15.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 10/13/2015  7:39am

    106 as of 8:07

    Whereismydoctorwho 10/13/2015  8:30am

    What's the list up to and are they closing it??

    hufflepuff 10/13/2015  9:19am

    List update?

    Babsmichele2 10/13/2015  9:43am

    145 by 9:30

    clickhereandsave 10/13/2015  9:57am

    How far have they called through?

    bmadds 10/13/2015  10:15am

    They have collected head shots through 70 and are almost through the first group of 10. :)

    B'wayBaby 10/13/2015  10:23am

    If you miss your number they WILL stick you back in!

    Also- BRING 2 H/R!

    Rain On my Parade 10/13/2015  10:57am

    List up to 181 at 10:40 am- it is still open!

    PineapplePrincess 10/13/2015  11:05am

    Any updates on what number they have seen so far??
    Also, when is their break today?

    Jhink 10/13/2015  12:34pm

    Collected head shots through 130 or so..lined up till 90-something.

    Lunch at 1pm...

    Rain On my Parade 10/13/2015  12:58pm
  • APsing
  • Bat Out of Hell EPA @ 10/12/2015  11:20pm

    Does anyone know where this EPA is tomorrow? The breakdown was formatted a bit strangely so i wasn't sure if Pearl 500 or 519?


    From the first thing on Google:

    littleeagle 10/12/2015  11:51pm

    can anyone let me know who is in the room? auditioned and left without looking at the sheet and writing it down. much appreciated!

    brooklynauditioner 10/13/2015  12:30pm
  • Bat Out of Hell @ Pearl Studios 10/13/2015  12:29pm

    can anyone let me know who is in the room? auditioned and left without writing it down. much appreciated!

  • Adding Machine @ Actor's Equity Center 10/13/2015  9:01am

    Any info on this call today? What do appointments/alternate list look like? Also, who's ITR? Thanks.



    Ianatom 10/13/2015  9:40am

    Wide open. ITR Jessie Fahay, executive director, and Justin Bennett, director

    MTC 10/13/2015  12:13pm
  • Follies eq @ pearl 500 @ Pearl Studios 10/12/2015  9:00am

    Non eq list started for dancers. If anyone gets info on whether they are seeing non eq or not, it would be greatly appreciated!



    outofwittyscreenames 10/12/2015  10:21am

    They have collected Non-eqs head shots

    dancingG 10/12/2015  11:54am

    Curious about female non eq singers? Thx!

    sing_happy 10/12/2015  4:48pm

    They have collected Non-eqs head shots

    dancingG 10/13/2015  11:32am
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  • Apple Dutch/ Palm Broadway @ Pearl Studios 10/11/2015  9:24pm

    Hi! Does anyone know what time pearl opens?/ if they will honor the unofficial?


    Pearl opens around 7 or 8am.

    herestothemenwholunch 10/11/2015  10:43pm


    You started a list, didn't you.


    Adele Dazeem 10/11/2015  11:42pm

    Let the games begin

    5678AND 10/12/2015  12:20am

    i cant wait to watch this yearly craziness unfold

    snuffles 10/12/2015  12:37am


    actor1993 10/12/2015  1:02am

    What's the damage?

    5678AND 10/12/2015  5:33am

    What's this list up to?

    Cinderbella 10/12/2015  5:38am

    List up to 10 at 5:40am

    herestothemenwholunch 10/12/2015  6:06am

    Seriously? Lol

    Barkles 10/12/2015  6:17am

    17 as of 6am.

    herestothemenwholunch 10/12/2015  6:25am

    Over 25 as of 6:15. List is inside with guard

    Luckyclover4 10/12/2015  6:50am

    About 30 around 6:20am.

    greenlantern 10/12/2015  6:50am

    Come on, guys! 30 before seven am??!

    Batcha24601 10/12/2015  7:21am

    66 as of 6:57AM

    singer13actress 10/12/2015  7:22am

    Up to almost 80. Happy hunger games

    Cinderbella 10/12/2015  7:33am

    Do they usually type at this call or go through the list?

    Judill 10/12/2015  7:37am

    @judill they're not going to type, there are too many varied shows they're auditioning for.

    socalledchaos 10/12/2015  7:45am

    From what I have heard in the past is that they go through the list in groups of 10 or so. I mean there are two days of open call for this I don't think they would type. Especially for such a huge array of shows.

    herestothemenwholunch 10/12/2015  7:45am

    Prather doesn't type and there's always like 30 people around 5am on the list. They always take the unofficial. They move fast though and are super efficient. Don't stress about it.

    littleeagle 10/12/2015  8:03am

    Up to 110

    saymeow 10/12/2015  8:13am

    Do they call out the list or if I'm later can I come back in a bit?

    bookit5678 10/12/2015  8:40am

    they have collected headshots up to 50

    singer13actress 10/12/2015  9:47am


    actor1993 10/12/2015  9:49am

    What is the list up to now? Trying to figure out if it's worth it to come in after lunch...updates of how quickly they're moving/how many total would be awesome. Thanks!

    dramalover 10/12/2015  10:08am

    Bump- how many people on that list #sleepingbeauty

    fatniss'#1fan 10/12/2015  10:18am

    I'm in the same boat as DramaLover. Would it be worth coming in from NJ for this afternoon - or would waiting for Tuesday be better?

    SusanCD 10/12/2015  10:19am

    They are moving pretty quickly, they are on number 20 and making groups of 10

    MaMooMaMooo 10/12/2015  10:26am

    Thanks mamoo but how many people in total are on the list

    fatniss'#1fan 10/12/2015  10:29am

    Up to 170 at 10am

    dead girl walking 10/12/2015  10:29am

    Alexandra Hanes, if you exist, you got a callback but the monitor couldn't find you anywhere and no one in the room knows who you are! GIRL WHERE YOU AT.

    socalledchaos 10/12/2015  10:44am

    Yes teamwork! Thanks for the update

    fatniss'#1fan 10/12/2015  10:52am

    Have they closed the list?

    MissKayShuler 10/12/2015  10:54am

    Do we know if/when they are planning to take lunch??

    Adele Dazeem 10/12/2015  10:54am

    Please post if they intend to close the list!

    dramalover 10/12/2015  11:15am

    What number have they called through? Any word on what happens if you miss your #?

    buddysystem 10/12/2015  11:43am

    Called thru 70. List is still open as of 11:20. Not sure about if you miss your number- sorry!

    outofwittyscreenames 10/12/2015  11:46am

    List is at 200.

    Starfishes 10/12/2015  11:47am

    I just signed up early 200s, monitor said that is safely after lunch.

    crashtheparty 10/12/2015  12:18pm

    im at 170ish...are we thinking just come back after lunch?

    Baby_Groot 10/12/2015  12:18pm

    Oh and they've called up to 90s to sing

    crashtheparty 10/12/2015  12:19pm

    Update on where they are at and is lunch 1-2??

    TerraRyan11 10/12/2015  12:41pm


    TerraRyan11 10/12/2015  1:16pm

    Who is in the room?

    HoneyBooBoo 10/12/2015  1:18pm

    Can anyone PLEASE update where they were at and what time lunch is?

    jz647 10/12/2015  1:40pm

    Just got here...they are seeing everyone they said. They've called everyone through 160 and there are close to 230 on the list.

    dramalover 10/12/2015  2:33pm

    Does anyone know how many they got through today? If I can get there at 10, be #170, and still get seen I'm sleeping.

    Also, are they seeing the leftovers before newcomers tomorrow morning?

    clickhereandsave 10/12/2015  10:30pm

    They got through everyone who showed, which ended up being around 230. Some people showed up literally at 3:45/4:00 and still got seen. Can't say whether or not it will be the same tomorrow, but that's what it was today!

    dramalover 10/13/2015  12:04am

    DAY 2/ a list has been posted - you must go inside to the door man

    meganshirley 10/13/2015  5:38am

    Do you think if I came at 1230 I could get seen before I had to be at work at 3?

    thewizardandi 10/13/2015  10:48am