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  • DEAR EVAN HANSEN Appointments @ other 06/21/2016  5:24pm

    Any word on appointments? Breakdown went out last week - interested in the understudy positions that seem open. cheers!


    I'm going to the EPA on the 30th....interested in the U/S 1 Mom roles...good luck! ;0)

    beltress101 06/21/2016  8:13pm


    Selaban 06/25/2016  12:15am


    hamiltonsbae 06/27/2016  6:47pm


    mbdp 06/28/2016  12:21am

    Must have missed this breakdown! Could someone please let me know which roles they are looking for? Much appreciated! :)

    sunshinegirl7 06/28/2016  12:32am
  • Dead Poet's Society @ Pearl Studios 06/27/2016  6:26pm

    Any word on this call? Does anyone know how it will run tomorrow?


    How do we think it will look for Non-Eq?

    CaptainAmerica 06/27/2016  7:33pm

    It's gonna be a bloodbath, the non-eq list is already at 430 and it's 9:30 the night before.

    TheYoungMan 06/27/2016  9:26pm

    I can't imagine anything about what you just said is true

    CaptainAmerica 06/27/2016  9:52pm

    As far as I know pearl doesn't take a list the night before rofl.

    nrm45 06/27/2016  11:02pm
  • JPSuperstar

    Downstairs there's 7 non eq on the list but only two present. They also specified that they're only looking for Camelot and you MUST play an instrument or they aren't interested.

    ‡‡‡ 06/27/2016  9:22am

    Did they make any suggestions as to what sorts of instruments? I play piano, which I'm thinking might not exactly be what they are looking for.

    JPSuperstar 06/27/2016  9:34am

    All the info is in the breakdown.

    ‡‡‡ 06/27/2016  9:40am

    It says in the breakdown. Read it on the Equity site.

    stagelover3 06/27/2016  9:40am

    Any updates as far as open appts?

    ‡‡‡ 06/27/2016  10:15am

    Non eq's are told to come back after lunch at 2pm

    znt92 06/27/2016  11:13am

    Afternoon has open appts

    pizzaking 06/27/2016  12:30pm

    Can anyone say what it looks like upstairs? I love this non eq lounge but the lack of info is so frustrating!

    ‡‡‡ 06/27/2016  2:02pm

    They just called non-eq's

    znt92 06/27/2016  3:36pm

    All non eq were seen.

    eroseb 06/27/2016  5:56pm
  • It's relatively empty up in emc and eq/alternates, and the non eq holding room looked pretty empty too

    cmc957 06/27/2016  9:34am

    Did they call and non-eq from downstairs yet? Spanks and break legs!

    havelock 06/27/2016  10:44am

    No non-eqs called yet

    bwaylvsong 06/27/2016  1:09pm

    Hi! It's been a hot second since I've gone to an EPA....what time do they start letting people inside of the bldg to wait to sign up? Do people still stand outside at all? Thank you!

    becks 06/27/2016  2:37pm

    Not seeing non-eqs, but accepting drop-offs

    bwaylvsong 06/27/2016  3:38pm
  • Alabama Shakespeare Apprenticeship @ 06/19/2016  9:49am

    Maybe I'm just being antsy, but it's been almost a week after submitting for an audition (which would start July 5th)...just wondering if anyone has a been able to confirm a slot yet?



    13dex13park 06/19/2016  11:27pm


    ‡‡‡ 06/20/2016  11:52pm


    stephspect 06/21/2016  4:38pm

    I'm guessing y'all are in the same boat? Applied but no response?

    gingerberry 06/21/2016  4:40pm

    No response here yet

    MTC 06/21/2016  10:51pm

    I just got a Cmail today (less than an hour ago) offering me an appointment, so I'm guess they're trickling out now. :)

    OtterSW31 06/22/2016  5:01pm

    Have an appointment July 7th (from cmail)

    Mimelphie 06/22/2016  8:03pm

    anyone else hear? Any other way than cmail?

    stephspect 06/23/2016  1:58pm

    I also have an appointment on 7/7/16

    gchf 06/23/2016  6:00pm


    GrimFerret 06/23/2016  8:26pm


    GrimFerret 06/25/2016  10:52am


    GrimFerret 06/27/2016  11:03am

    Just got an appointment via cmail.

    bwaylvsong 06/27/2016  1:08pm
  • It is not long at all I'd say maybe 30 girls at the most right now.

    JoycelynB 06/27/2016  8:29am

    Does anyone know if they are closing the list? Could I come later?

    OnWeGo 06/27/2016  9:51am

    BUMP ON CLOSING THE LIST. I can't get there until 11. will it still be open? xoxo

    LITTLESINGERGIRL 06/27/2016  9:52am

    Any updates? Have they started taking people on now?

    SCB25 06/27/2016  10:05am


    SCB25 06/27/2016  10:06am

    Update on #'s called? Please!

    Monica24601 06/27/2016  10:21am

    Did they close sign in?

    ZaraDreams 06/27/2016  10:35am

    Bump for an update on the number they are up to please 😊

    SCB25 06/27/2016  10:36am

    At 10:45, the list was at 120 and still open

    dancingcountrygirl 06/27/2016  10:41am

    Does anyone know if they'll see any women during the men's call in the afternoon?

    tall 06/27/2016  10:44am

    Just kidding the list is closed, and women will not be seen with men

    dancingcountrygirl 06/27/2016  10:47am

    Anyone know what number they are up to?

    SCB25 06/27/2016  10:47am

    They are probably up to 50. I just finished when they called up to 40

    znt92 06/27/2016  11:01am

    Thanks for the info!

    tall 06/27/2016  11:04am

    Guys are signing in now (obvi). Just wanted to point out that guys' numbers start on the same list as the girls. The first guy is technically #120-something.

    VorpalDormouse 06/27/2016  1:02pm
  • shyen
  • Bump on how long non eq list is

    ag47 06/22/2016  8:04am


    bluehair88 06/22/2016  9:32am

    As of 9:40

    EMC to 8

    Non-eq to 10.

    Pookyduke 06/22/2016  9:38am

    Bump. Are equity appointments full?

    Tadimurner 06/22/2016  10:37am

    Any EMC seen?

    bluehair88 06/22/2016  10:59am

    They seeing everybody, don't you worry.

    Lebron James 06/22/2016  11:21am

    Have non eq been seen?

    Zedoj18 06/22/2016  11:26am

    How many emcs have they called?

    effyes 06/22/2016  11:27am

    Non equ being seen before lunch?

    MissCantrice 06/22/2016  12:26pm

    Non eq have been seen.

    Lebron James 06/22/2016  12:49pm

    I was there this morning and I'm pretty sure all EMC were seen within the first hour and they called non eq. It's probably still pretty dead!

    JessicaJones 06/22/2016  1:26pm

    Walked right in as a non-eq!

    bwaylvsong 06/22/2016  2:57pm

    Has anyone received word on callbacks or casting for this?

    Ilovethisisht 06/27/2016  10:54am
  • Asking age at auditions @ 06/26/2016  1:55am

    Not a "bitch post", just a question:

    What if you're asked your age at an audition? It's not the strangest thing in the world, but how would you feel/react/respond?

    I've had a friend tell me that it's illegal to ask at a "regular" job interview. Does that kinda apply here?


    That would never be asked in a professional audition situation. If it is, "I'd rather not say" is a more than appropriate answer. Actors have nothing to gain by revealing their real age; it just gives anyone behind the table a bias about castability they wouldn't otherwise have. There's a huge push by SAG to get ages removed from IMDB Pro, so it's certainly not accepted to ask in an audition room.

    Lazersareexpensive 06/26/2016  4:01am

    Legally they can only ask you if you're over 18 (or 21 for some cruise ships, or 25 for alcohol commercials). If they ask anything more specific, you don't have to answer.

    timeuponaonce 06/26/2016  7:39am

    You can say:

    "My age range is ______" (love this one)

    "However old you view me." (Nothing but truth)

    "I am not comfortable answering this, thank you."

    Coffee Coffee Coffee 06/27/2016  9:04am
  • Something Rotten @ Pearl Studios 06/26/2016  12:24pm

    Did anyone go to the call on the 25th? I'm nonunion and have never gone to a SETA call before. Does it work the same way an equity call would? Thanks!!


    Yep, it'll work the same as an equity call!

    kcd14 06/26/2016  1:16pm

    SETA isn't a type of audition, just the contract that this production is operating under.

    littleeagle 06/26/2016  1:22pm

    Okay cool thanks!!

    Idk 06/26/2016  2:40pm

    I hope I did this right and that its honored/ I'll come back when they re-sign everyone in, (I've never been first on a list before) but I made an unofficial non-eq for something rotten, hanging on the wall of the 12th floor.

    Mynameiswha 06/27/2016  6:48am

    Isn't this in July? Not today?

    stagelover3 06/27/2016  7:17am

    Welp. That would explain why I was first. Curse whoever put two months with similar first three letters back to back....

    Mynameiswha 06/27/2016  8:33am