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  • Ragtime National Tour @ Ripley Grier 520 03/29/2015  7:26pm

    Hey gentleman, anyone ever been to a Phoenix open call? Do they accept unofficial lists, or are we all lining up until 9:30?


    I believe they DO accept unofficial lists, but my butt will be in line, anyway.

    PS: Some of y'all must be preparing by watching my videos from my HS production...

    bwaylvsong 03/29/2015  7:34pm
  • Joseph-National Tour @ 03/29/2015  6:42pm

    What time can we start signing up for the alternate list?

  • yes, it is. but they said they will be doing a waitlist, and seeing people when they can.

    tateh44 03/29/2015  4:56pm

    ^Thanks, I just noticed that discrepancy on Backstage, myself, and realized it said "appointments" if I'd just scrolled down...

    Lesson learned: Read the entire posting. Well, we'll see what the wait list looks like in the morning :-)

    performativity 03/29/2015  6:25pm
  • Priscilla Queen of the Desert @ Ripley Grier 520 03/29/2015  7:14am

    Just showed up to the building- they aren't letting me upstairs until someone from Ripley shows up... Anyone have any idea if I should wait or start a list? Do they typically take lists?


    Update: we are waiting inside, and there is an unofficial list.

    OhShatnermyShatner 03/29/2015  7:43am

    How many on the list so far? And does RCL typically accept unofficial lists?

    HoneyBooBoo 03/29/2015  7:48am

    There's about 8 of us in line. Idk if the usually take the list...

    OhShatnermyShatner 03/29/2015  8:15am

    how many peeps there? monitor say when they're closing the list?

    also, is 16 bars of whatever fine, or does it have to be the audition song they posted? i was a bit confused w that

    writteninthestars 03/29/2015  9:36am

    uh, I'm definitely going off the email from DECasting saying 16 bars of pop/rock in the style of 70's/80's..What song are you talking about??

    Rain On my Parade 03/29/2015  9:48am

    Maybe it was callback material? Nevermind me :) it was on the DE website but it was 32 bars so I figured that can't be it

    writteninthestars 03/29/2015  10:19am

    Ohhh I JUST saw this on the website as well!

    WELP, it's too late Imma go in with what I prepared.

    Break platforms y'all!

    Rain On my Parade 03/29/2015  10:21am

    Hello beauties! The list is still open as of right now! There is material on the website- but they are not requiring that you sing it. Bring what you are comfortable with, and sing your heart out!

    OhShatnermyShatner 03/29/2015  10:42am

    Did she do callbacks ITR?

    Uh5678 03/29/2015  11:57am

    Yall- it's DEEEAAAD... I was done in like 5 mins! They are gonna finish up at 1:30 at the latest so boogie on down if you want to get seen!

    Happy Sunday!

    Rain On my Parade 03/29/2015  1:01pm

    Is it over already?

    boobookitty 03/29/2015  2:28pm
  • not today!

    lalaladuca 03/29/2015  12:35pm
  • Non eq at 10

    Crash 03/27/2015  7:39am

    11 on non-eq list as of 7:30

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 03/27/2015  7:46am

    How about equity? Crowded?

    Have2FinishTheHat 03/27/2015  7:52am

    How's it looking? Any EMC?

    performativity 03/27/2015  8:28am

    It's not too crowded. Only about 40 in line. No way to tell yet how many emc

    Have2FinishTheHat 03/27/2015  8:29am

    Haha, thanks! Of course, I keep forgetting how early it still is :-)

    performativity 03/27/2015  8:31am

    I saw maybe 8 emc on the list? Wide open

    Have2FinishTheHat 03/27/2015  8:55am

    Now that this call has started, how's it looking? Appointments and such?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 03/27/2015  9:50am

    Merrily, a bump! What news? How goes't?

    performativity 03/27/2015  10:35am

    How's this going?

    jaylady 03/27/2015  10:57am

    Noneq dismissed until after lunch (1-2).

    Ocelot 03/27/2015  11:14am

    Noneq dismissed until after lunch (1-2).

    Ocelot 03/27/2015  11:27am

    Any info on Equity appointments/alts?

    teafortwo 03/27/2015  11:56am

    How are appointments/EMC numbers looking?

    Ocelot 03/27/2015  11:57am

    At 11:45, I was 14 on the EMC list, and told to come back at 2!

    performativity 03/27/2015  12:23pm

    How many on the non eq list.

    Jynqb28 03/27/2015  12:41pm

    I signed up at 43 on non eq list about an hour ago

    LLYNN 03/27/2015  12:46pm

    How is the Emc list looking?

    actoractress 03/27/2015  2:22pm

    Post-lunch appointment/EMC update? Any info much appreciated.

    Ocelot 03/27/2015  2:37pm

    Equity appointments pretty open from 3:10 on. EMC called through #4

    teafortwo 03/27/2015  2:40pm

    They basically dismissed 10+

    Chris Morriss 03/27/2015  3:19pm

    Monitor just said she might be able to see the first 10 non-eqs, but that everyone else should go and leave a drop-off.
    Please note there are still 20 people sitting in the hallway.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 03/27/2015  3:21pm

    How far have they gotten on the EMC list? Anyone know?

    performativity 03/27/2015  3:21pm

    Just to clarify - did they dismiss EMCs or just non-eq after 10? Thanks!!

    performativity 03/27/2015  3:43pm

    The hall monitor with red hair is being a pain in the ass.

    Jynqb28 03/27/2015  3:46pm

    What's going on over there?

    performativity 03/27/2015  4:10pm

    So did non-eq actually get seen or?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 03/27/2015  7:11pm

    They actually saw every non-Eq who was present at the end of the call.

    Lesson: Don't listen to people who are trying to kill your dreams. I think everyone at this call knows who I'm talking about! You just never know what's going to happen at these calls. Glad I listened to my gut and I felt bad for those who left because of aforementioned inconvenience.

    nicnac 03/29/2015  6:05am

    @nicnac, did the monitor say something to non eq to make them leave?

    jaylady 03/29/2015  10:12am
  • Did they accept the unofficial list?

    Barkles 03/26/2015  9:23am

    The monitor just told me that casting wanted to make it clear that they would only cast actors under 18 in the teen roles.

    bwaylvsong 03/26/2015  11:09am

    ^ But when I asked if that meant able to play 18, or legitamately 18, she said that's up to me. So if people ask you all the time what college you're going to like they do to me, I'd come out to this audition! Pretty empty & taking Non-Eqs steadily.

    nicnac 03/26/2015  11:40am

    Good to know! People ask me what HS I go to all the time, so I'm definitely going back lol :-)

    bwaylvsong 03/26/2015  11:41am

    Are they seeing non eq?

    jaylady 03/26/2015  12:41pm

    Whoops, sorry. Didn't see you post nicnac. Thanks for the update!

    jaylady 03/26/2015  12:41pm

    I know there is the 18 year old male part.. but is there any point for females over 20 to go to this call? All of the roles are 12-14...I may be short, but those who are there, you are saying they are definitely casting true to age?

    anoneqmous 03/26/2015  12:47pm

    I'm a short male and got a positive reception (aka no "why the hell are you here?" glare) in the room, if that helps. It's super empty- I was literally my own group.

    bwaylvsong 03/26/2015  12:53pm

    So if it is this empty today it is likely tomorrow will be empty as well? (I can't make it today but have a half-day at school tomorrow, so I'm going then.)

    peacelovetheater 03/26/2015  1:07pm

    bump on if girls should go down?

    jaylady 03/26/2015  1:22pm

    I would guess that it'll be empty tomorrow, too.
    jaylady- if you legitimately read young, just go. What's the worst that could happen?

    bwaylvsong 03/26/2015  1:33pm

    @bwaylvsong, thanks boo! off i goooo

    jaylady 03/26/2015  1:36pm

    I would not recommend going if you are older than 18. They are truly casting children in these roles, unless otherwise noted.

    Beebee 03/26/2015  1:52pm

    Who was in the room please?

    TobyRagg 03/26/2015  2:03pm

    Beebee, I guess I just don't see the harm in going, especially since it's so empty. I mean... if you can stand next to a real 12-14 year old and look/feel the same age, why wouldn't you get cast? And furthermore, how would casting even know your age beyond "this guy has a Master's, so he must be well over 18"?

    John Ambrosino, Producer
    Merri Sugarman, CD
    Aaron Jodoin, Accompanist

    bwaylvsong 03/26/2015  2:34pm

    Just repeating exactly what was said to me in the room.

    Beebee 03/26/2015  7:56pm

    @bwaylvsong - you were probably in my line! :) i gotta know- what did you sing ITR?!

    nicnac 03/29/2015  6:09am

    @bwaylvsong - you were probably in my line! :) i gotta know- what did you sing ITR?!

    nicnac 03/29/2015  6:09am

    There was nobody else in my line, as far as I know! I sang "Watch Me Soar."

    bwaylvsong 03/29/2015  8:40am
  • ROA/ Oklahoma Midtown Arts @ Pearl Studios 03/26/2015  9:15pm

    Did anyone that came today at noon for open dance call get any other information after they sang?


    No they pretty much let everyone leave.They asked asked girls who brought pointe shoes to do the ballet combination on pointe. Besides that nothing that I know of.

    attheballet93 03/29/2015  8:20am
  • @ 03/28/2015  5:58pm

    Where do you guys film your audition videos for submissions? I feel like there is an art to this. Is a room at Ripley, an accompanist and an iphone good enough? Thanks


    ooops- sorry. wrong thread. Reposting to Bitching Post.

    Actortime 03/28/2015  5:59pm
  • The Sock who lost his mate @ other 03/27/2015  4:49pm

    Just starting this early. I know the deadline is at 5. Post if you hear anything



    BellaDrama88 03/27/2015  10:47pm

    Already a thread for this in callback corner

    Have2FinishTheHat 03/28/2015  12:32pm