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  • Hamilton ECC @ other 07/27/2016  5:39pm

    How have these dance ECCs been working? men and women have separate times but when should each arrive?


    Where do they usually post the unofficial at CAP21?

    LegallyBrooonet 07/27/2016  6:05pm

    Also when are other non-equity planning to arrive?

    nik813 07/27/2016  8:48pm
  • SetItAndForgetIt

    4 on non-eq list. 2 emc/eq in line that I see. Building opens at 8:30, so I doubt there will be any info before then. There is an open call tomorrow, also.

    Brakes 07/27/2016  8:02am

    Non eq list has been transferred. Non-eq list up to 11.

    Brakes 07/27/2016  9:02am

    Are they allowing people to sing things besides a Christmas song or are they being strict on that???

    Georgie 07/27/2016  10:01am

    Just walked in and am the first person in the 10:30 group. It's wide open!

    littleeagle 07/27/2016  10:06am

    Bump on the Christmas song question ^^

    BroadwayKiwi 07/27/2016  10:18am

    I meannnnn everyone here has a Christmas song it seems and it was in the breakdown. So it can't help your audition to come in without one.

    littleeagle 07/27/2016  10:23am

    Does anyone know if at the open call a Christmas song is expected? I looked at the open call info and it says two 16 bar cuts and doesn't specify anything about being a Christmas song (I do see on the EPA it specifying) Not sure if anyone knows the answer on this. thanks!

    oyevey 07/27/2016  10:46am

    i did not sing a christmas song and booked the show a few years ago!

    sing_happy 07/27/2016  11:05am

    How's it going? Have all non eqs been seen?

    iwasadancingbandaid 07/27/2016  11:49am

    At this momen, all non-eq have been seen. But no more non-eq (including emc) will be seen after lunch. Which begins at 1:30.

    Brakes 07/27/2016  12:57pm

    Crap, that was for something rotten.

    Non-eq still being seen at fireside, as far as I know.

    Brakes 07/27/2016  12:58pm

    That's right, non-eq list is still open at Fireside as of 1.15

    BroadwayKiwi 07/27/2016  1:13pm

    Do we know for sure if the non equity audition tomorrow is for the Christmas revue? The Playbill post for the EPA that was today and the non-equity audition tomorrow have the same contract dates and same directors, but the non-equity one says nothing about Christmas, so I originally thought it was a different show but now I'm not sure

    MaryWarren 07/27/2016  4:37pm

    ^^^ I'm also very confused by their postings. If anyone can clarify that would be amazing!!

    Meow@_@ 07/27/2016  4:42pm

    Found the answer to my own question - the Backstage posting says the open call tomorrow is for "A Fireside Christmas," although it is odd that the open call says legit Broadway songs, while the EPA and ECC ask for Christmas songs

    MaryWarren 07/27/2016  4:45pm
  • I'll Be Home For Christmas @ Actor's Equity Center 07/27/2016  2:03pm

    Call is very slow. They are seeing non-equity and Women at the men's call. 9 week contract, $861wk. Get over here immediately!!!

    The Doctor

    Must tap and play instruments... So yeah that's why

    Smactor 07/27/2016  3:10pm

    As of 3:25, they're not

    PointesNtaps 07/27/2016  3:23pm
  • Update on the EMC/non eq list?

    KmZ123 07/27/2016  7:19am

    10 people on the non-eq list!

    nyc3 07/27/2016  7:38am

    How many people are now on the unofficial list?

    mkd1993 07/27/2016  8:15am

    There are only 14 of us here as of 8:15

    BLinberg 07/27/2016  8:15am

    Non-eq list had been transferred.

    GoldenGirl 07/27/2016  9:02am


    GoldenGirl 07/27/2016  9:02am

    How are AEA appointments looking?

    SecondHandRose 07/27/2016  9:25am

    did they dismiss non equity? i know that they dismissed non equity women dancers yesterday so if anyone could please update that would be awesome thanks! :)

    taykay91 07/27/2016  10:11am

    Non-eq m/f joint list is at 30 at one dismissed yet, no non-eq called in yet :-)

    BroadwayKiwi 07/27/2016  10:17am

    How's EMC looking?

    ev9194 07/27/2016  10:32am

    How is appointments for AEA looking?

    bmg111 07/27/2016  10:54am

    First non-eq called.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 07/27/2016  11:01am

    who is ITR today?

    gorgeous 07/27/2016  11:22am

    Guys it's really open all morning of anyone wants to get seen.

    Icanseeyou 07/27/2016  11:26am

    EMC is still able to walk in...(is that the right way to put it?)
    ITR is Lauren Harris (casting assoc) and Sharon Kenny (accom)
    About half the non-eq list has been called. The list is still open.
    Jami (sp?) the monitor is the nicest! So jolly.

    BroadwayKiwi 07/27/2016  11:40am

    Any update on non-eqs?

    les87 07/27/2016  12:14pm

    They are not seeing any more noneq.

    Icanseeyou 07/27/2016  12:57pm

    Did they see all non equity?

    taykay91 07/27/2016  1:50pm

    I was pretty low on the list so I'm pretty sure all who signed up before they closed it would have been seen :-)

    BroadwayKiwi 07/27/2016  1:55pm
  • loverofthelight

    Telsey & Co.
    1501 Broadway
    Suite 510
    New York, NY 1003

    Don't Worry Your Ozness! 07/26/2016  12:21am
    Fatniss_Neverlean 07/26/2016  4:27pm

    Wooiaaaaahhh did the move offices?? Somehow missed that...

    Showbizdreamer 07/27/2016  1:47pm
  • Characters for Hire @ Ripley Grier 520 07/27/2016  11:25am

    Characters for Hire is holding auditions today by appt. Has anyone ever worked for them?


    They are AWFUL AND SHADY. My checks bounced multiple times until I just gave up.

    littleeagle 07/27/2016  11:41am
  • Swing! NCL @ 07/27/2016  10:00am

    Has anyone received anything?? Email, final callback? How are they making they're decisions.


    Please post callback questions on the callback corner tab. You will see there is already a convo regarding your question for those of us who did any of the Norwegian auditions over the past week: Swing, After Midnight, etc

    chosenmelody 07/27/2016  10:35am
  • Something Rotten @ Pearl Studios 07/27/2016  5:48am

    Hi! This is my first EPA in the city. Does the EMC line begin outside 519, or do we go upstairs?


    EMC wait in the Equity line to sign up when the monitor arrives. So you can count on going straight to the holding room pretty much every time unless you're lining up before the actual building opens.

    ladyinwaiting 07/27/2016  7:43am
  • Something Rotten (SETA) EPA 7/27 @ Pearl Studios 07/26/2016  9:38pm

    Hey! Does anyone out there know if this audition was officially cancelled? I know it's not on Backstage anymore but wanted to check if they said anything about it on Monday. Thanks!


    I was there Monday and it was really slow. They got through the non eq list by 11:30am. However, no one said anything about canceling the other two days while I was there.

    Dscurtis 07/26/2016  9:49pm

    I went to check on the Equity website (where I first got the info for the audition), but as a future member, I can't see it anymore. :-/ When googled, it still comes up on Playbill, but I have no idea if it's still viable. If a Union person wouldn't mind checking Casting Call for those of us who no longer have access, that'd be amazing… xo

    Brakes 07/26/2016  10:03pm

    It's still on Stagedoorconnections, but I'm not equity either so I can't see. Anyone out there who can check?

    bkbway 07/26/2016  10:05pm

    It's still listed on the AEA site for Wed and Fri.

    bwaybound 07/26/2016  10:43pm

    Thanks so much everyone!

    LC4Lyfe 07/26/2016  10:48pm
  • Boomersing1234