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  • BATB Tours 5/26 @ Pearl Studios 05/23/2015  9:39pm

    Anyone else called in again on 12/26 for callbacks for certain roles? Any information appreciated. Have offers already gone out?


    i know someone called back for Belle to dance that day. what are you called back for?

    sloan 05/24/2015  8:07am

    coming in to dance tomorrow for belle

    renard9 05/25/2015  11:42am

    Going in for beast/gaston

    Actorkev 05/26/2015  1:41am
  • The Church television series @ other 05/25/2015  8:30pm

    Hi! This is for any actor who's considering auditioning for "The Church" television series, which is being taped by RCCM/Color Studios in Rochester, NY.

    Though the auditions are listed under "paid acting gigs" on Craigslist, if you want to get paid in a timely fashion, you'll need to revise the contract or else the producer, Steven Galvano, won't issue a check to any performer until the episode you've performed in is, to quote him, "edited." A caveat: If you try to revise the contract, Galvano's not likely to hire you.

    More specifically, it took months after taping the first episode for my child actor to receive a check. Currently, it's been more than 70 days since my child performed for the third episode and when I insisted that my child be paid, Steve terminated him from the series. Hence, I will be filing a formal claim with the NYS Department of Labor so that my child receives a check.

  • any news?

    bwydreamer 05/25/2015  10:10am


    fiyerooo 05/25/2015  10:22am

    Completely empty. Stephen Kopel in the room.

    DressedinyourPyjamas 05/25/2015  10:33am

    Thanks! Does anyone know who's accopanying?

    fiyerooo 05/25/2015  12:03pm
  • Any word on the women's list?

    Chizzledee13 05/20/2015  8:49am

    Very few Equity Men here, we will most likely all go in the same group.
    I'm thinking the Women call will be similar.

    fiyerooo 05/20/2015  9:59am

    were any of the men asked to sing? it doesn't say anything in the breakdown.

    dancegrl21 05/20/2015  1:19pm

    Nope, we just danced. They'll let us know further steps later.

    fiyerooo 05/20/2015  1:34pm

    How was the combination?

    5678Bookit! 05/23/2015  2:31pm
  • Bush Garden Virginia @ Pearl Studios 05/22/2015  9:23pm

    Any Offer's Out yet after the Callback / Dancer's Call today? Anything heard from them yet?

    Let's keep updated here.


    Didn't mean to post it here, already started another one in the Callback Corner

    Nivea 05/22/2015  9:24pm
  • NearBroadway
  • Aladdin @ 05/22/2015  9:02am

    Any updates if they are going to see non-eq today?


    What's the non Eq list up to?

    CantaloupeOak 05/22/2015  9:03am

    List was in the 20s a little after 9am. Can someone keep this updated as to what's going on over there? Thank you, lovelies :)

    dancechic 05/22/2015  9:43am
  • Bump

    aschneps 05/21/2015  8:11am

    non-eq list is at 14.

    dej118 05/21/2015  8:26am


    aschneps 05/21/2015  9:09am

    How are appointments looking?

    cba321 05/21/2015  9:57am

    Appointments are still available. EMC list is at 5, none seen yet. Non-eq list is at 25.

    dej118 05/21/2015  10:03am

    How are appointments looking?

    cba321 05/21/2015  10:13am


    HuggybruhNYC 05/21/2015  10:37am

    Could someone please post who is ITR? Thanks!

    insomniac 05/21/2015  10:37am

    Appointments left?

    7s 05/21/2015  11:09am


    insomniac 05/21/2015  11:34am

    Can someone update on what the afternoon is looking like? Any appointments left? How high is the Equity alt list and where are they on it? Thanks!

    CheetahRivera 05/21/2015  12:20pm

    Elizabeth Colwell ITR
    appts available and short alternative list

    lobsteronline 05/21/2015  12:20pm

    Elizabeth Colwell the actress? Thanks so much for updating!!

    insomniac 05/21/2015  12:38pm

    Wait a second - earlier I heard CD Paul Davis was in the room. He's left? What is her title?

    Actingismylife 05/21/2015  12:38pm

    Any updates? Especially about non eqs?

    ganymede 05/21/2015  1:49pm


    conjohn18 05/21/2015  3:31pm

    Any EMC? Non-eq?

    HuggybruhNYC 05/21/2015  3:36pm

    No updates y'all?

    ganymede 05/21/2015  5:14pm
  • Broadwaymini

    Are all equity appts out?

    kbrose 05/21/2015  9:38am

    Totally empty. No one. Every time slot open and only like 4 emc

    tylerdurden 05/21/2015  9:40am

    Thank you!

    Broadwaymini 05/21/2015  9:53am

    Who is ITR?

    CHP 05/21/2015  10:26am

    Are non-eq being seen?

    Daisym 05/21/2015  11:25am

    Bump on ITR?

    random8 05/21/2015  11:58am

    What's the non eq update?

    ebm2014 05/21/2015  12:02pm

    Have they mentioned any intentions of closing the audition early? Plz lemme know!

    ElemenoPea 05/21/2015  1:52pm

    Still empty! Dale Brown (CD) in the room. So sweet and his mom is there too (but has no casting authority!) Go get seen!

    bwaybound 05/21/2015  3:04pm

    Still open?

    LadyNugget20 05/21/2015  4:13pm