Here is what I am thankful for

1. An amazing and dedicated arts community that I get to be a part of every day.

2. The BOOMING TV schedule that is happening in NYC right now.

3. Having the chance to hep actors follow their dreams.

4. Theatre.

5. The crappy audition I went to in 2009 that lit the spark for this site.

6. The awful boss I worked for at my former survival job, whose terrible attitude forced me to work as hard as possible to get the hell out of there and who inspired me to treat my employees as well as I am able

7. All the great people I work with at Backstage.

8. My kick-ass crew of monitors and my assistant at Backstage University that make my life managable and make your classes and events awesome.

9. Mrs. Audition Update. Seriously, she rocks.

  • West Side Story Riverside @ other 11/25/2014  6:07pm

    Anyone know if they are having an invited dance call for this and if so if invites have gone out already? Thanks!

  • Hair @ other 11/24/2014  9:55am

    Does anyone know what time these auditions are? There's no time listed on the playbill post...


    I emailed this morning asking for details and never got a response... I'd say don't waste your time with this one.

    And.on.I.must 11/24/2014  10:32pm

    Why would you be naked for free?

    AudraLupone 11/25/2014  1:19am

    The Secret Theater usually does appointments. But it's tomorrow... So hmmmmm....

    MaxiFord 11/25/2014  6:05am

    They're certainly earning their name, they're keeping it pretty secretive

    ParknBark 11/25/2014  6:39am

    Has anyone tried to go over there? Are they daytime auditions or evening?

    OnWeGo 11/25/2014  10:35am

    I JUST received an appointment for this for tonight. Can't go.

    ShantiShakti 11/25/2014  4:57pm
  • I'm wondering the same- bump! but I'm guessing it's not busy. Non eq were seen at the EPA and the ECC dance yesterday!

    Readytogogirl 11/25/2014  10:29am

    If we got seen at the EPA should we try and go today? Who is in the room?

    bey207 11/25/2014  11:39am

    Never hurts to get seen a few times within a short span - more likelihood Lindsey Levine from Tara Rubin will remember us! I'm gonna head over and check it out

    Readytogogirl 11/25/2014  11:45am

    yes, i heard Lindsey Levine is definitely in the room, and maybe one other. they already closed the female call but said there's a chance they'll see some in the guy's call - but to get there close to 2 in case that call closes early too!

    ElemenoPea 11/25/2014  11:56am

    Closing soon- come over now!

    bwaylvsong 11/25/2014  2:13pm

    First group of equity called. Only 14 were here. They said they'll probably add Non-EQ to the second group.

    wspinnato 11/25/2014  2:15pm

    Anyone got any updated info on females and who is in the room? Wondering if I should head over

    bey207 11/25/2014  2:19pm

    Please post if they'll see non eq ladies with the men!!

    Readytogogirl 11/25/2014  2:21pm

    Yes, non-eq ladies will be seen. Lindsay Levine and Ben Cohn are ITR. Come here now if you want to get seen!

    bwaylvsong 11/25/2014  2:44pm
  • West Side Story @ Riverside @ Actor's Equity Center 11/25/2014  10:42am

    Hey guys.. just wanted to check in and see if they said anything about seeing non-eq today? Thanks! :)


    The men's call was dead...

    bblumber 11/25/2014  10:56am

    Who is in the room?

    J-- 11/25/2014  11:04am

    JD Salisbury (director) and Wojcik

    bblumber 11/25/2014  12:28pm

    Only about 10 non eq ladies on the list and waiting

    Readytogogirl 11/25/2014  1:36pm
  • a month in the country @ Pearl Studios 11/20/2014  11:57am

    Post if any offers go out or if anyone has heard anything from agent appointments!


    bump…. anyone? anything?

    Sailorripley 11/25/2014  12:45pm
  • Encores! Paint Your Wagon @ other 11/24/2014  11:15am

    Are appointments for the invited dance call out for this yet?



    vickynipples 11/25/2014  8:41am
  • Abundance and NJ Rep @ Actor's Equity Center 11/24/2014  9:57am

    Hey there - any word on these, both at AEA? Any info appreciated - especially ITR, available slots, EMC/non. Thanks all!



    orzosoup 11/24/2014  10:03am

    Both VERY empty. ABUNDANCE Generals start signup at an hour before afternoon hours start so you can't sign up now for those time slots

    Ianatom 11/24/2014  10:43am

    Please update on info for both calls. Appointments/alternate list/ Thanks.

    Harlequin 11/24/2014  12:54pm

    Jeffrey Hawkins a.m.
    Scott Alan Evans p.m.(open EPA.). Alt #'s in the 30's. called like 10. 4:45pm.

    Actr17 11/24/2014  4:57pm
  • Untitled PPL Project Dancers @ Pearl Studios 11/24/2014  9:40am

    How's it looking at the ECC dancers for non-Equity? Please post once list is read from advanced sign up! Thanks!


    Who was ITR? Thanks.

    jaynoh 11/24/2014  3:10pm
  • West Side Dance ECC @ Pearl Studios 11/24/2014  12:18pm

    Any info on how the women's list is or if they're seeing non/eq? Thanks!

  • gottadancegottasing