Today is the day.

  • Hamlet and Ophelia and We Go Together (Semicolon Theatre Company) @ Ripley Grier 520 03/06/2015  12:46pm

    Anyone get sides emailed to them from the Semicolon Theatre Company's 2015 shows? The auditions are next weekend and I have not received an email yet.

    Here's the job listing


    Yes! I did. I got one for We Could Have Danced All Night and Cosmo Diner :)

    arielthebroadwaygal1 03/06/2015  5:59pm

    How fast did they get back to you? My email sometimes doesn't send and I don't want to resend it and look like and ass but I don't want to not send and they never it got it, jafeel?

    hailmaddy666 03/06/2015  6:54pm
  • If anyone has any information on what's going on there I'd really appreciate it --

    Daisym 03/06/2015  9:42am

    Bump for Equity apts.
    Thank you!

    EeeZee 03/06/2015  10:21am

    Wide Open.

    bbm 03/06/2015  12:02pm

    When you look this up online. They have a cast already. What's up with that???

    only me 03/06/2015  5:42pm
  • There are only a few here currently

    Olive2693 03/05/2015  7:24am


    reallydudereally 03/05/2015  8:34am

    There are about 20-25 people here. The monitors are bringing in the official list and giving us time slots.

    CareBearCountdown54321 03/05/2015  9:12am

    Hey does any one know about callbacks?

    CareBearCountdown54321 03/05/2015  5:43pm

    Yeah they emailed about callbacks this afternoon

    5678AND 03/05/2015  9:10pm

    Anyone get anything from today's appointments?

    pigglywinks 03/06/2015  5:38pm
  • Weston Playhouse @ Actor's Equity Center 03/05/2015  8:02pm

    Just wondering how popular this place is, and being at AEA do we think non-eq will be seen tomorrow? Trying to decide if I wanna get up in this ice weather ;)


    I can't speak for how crowded this audition may be, but they did see non-eqs today at the ECC so they seem willing to. I did notice this on their website though:
    We maintain a company from season to season, as much as possible, with limited openings for select Equity roles and for our 7-person non-Equity Young Company (auditions at affiliated BFA musical theatre programs only)

    So it seems like they probably won't be looking for non-eqs tomorrow. But of course you never know. I'm never sure what the best move is in situations like that, but I thought I'd share the info.

    Killertofu 03/05/2015  8:22pm

    Thank you, that awesome was super thorough and very helpful!

    Baby_Groot 03/05/2015  8:39pm


    Baby_Groot 03/05/2015  8:40pm

    Has anyone on here ever booked a role (or heard of someone booking a role) with them who was EMC at the time? I'm EMC and considering if I should brave it over in the morning…Considering the tundra-like weather we've been having lol. Some info would be great :-)

    mdactor120 03/05/2015  9:35pm

    Bump! Anyone there today for EPA? Busy at all?

    Mereily 03/06/2015  7:59am

    Yes it's actually kind of busy -- already in the overflow room

    Marcy18 03/06/2015  8:13am

    Can anyone update availability/ EMC list length?


    MaxiFord 03/06/2015  9:14am

    Any appointments left? If not, how many on the alternate list? Thanks!!

    mtgirl23 03/06/2015  9:17am

    Appointments available 12:10 and after. Alternate list to like 13 or 14. Dan is monitoring so it should move quick.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 03/06/2015  9:30am

    Surprisingly not as crowded as I expected. Still lots of afternoon appointments available as of about 9am.

    sperwinator 03/06/2015  9:30am

    I was close to the front of the line and when I left the emc list was in the teens already, any info on alt list please?

    CookieButter 03/06/2015  9:31am

    First 4 alts called. About 15-20 on the list, 19 EMC.

    KindaTenor 03/06/2015  9:59am

    Bump for non-eq? How are the chances looking for before lunch?

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 03/06/2015  11:01am

    I'd say very unlikely. Still working through alts, no EMC's called yet.

    KindaTenor 03/06/2015  11:24am

    Anyone know if there are still appointments available for the afternoon?

    burritabean 03/06/2015  11:50am

    30 ish signed up EMC
    I don't think any have been seen.

    MaxiFord 03/06/2015  12:07pm

    No non-eq being seen. No drop-offs accepted.

    SansaIsMyHomegirl 03/06/2015  12:14pm

    Hello everyone! Any word on what alternate # they're on now? Thank you and break legs all!!!

    sshktrss28 03/06/2015  12:45pm

    How many alternates?

    Elphie318 03/06/2015  1:00pm

    33 as of 10 min ago.

    burritabean 03/06/2015  1:01pm

    33 out of how many alternates?


    HeatherNY 03/06/2015  1:09pm

    They called up to 36 on the alternate list out of 65

    mtgirl23 03/06/2015  1:30pm

    Any news on EMC? Or if hey are close to finished with alternates?

    MaxiFord 03/06/2015  3:05pm

    Bump emc, worth going back?

    CookieButter 03/06/2015  4:37pm

    Looks like no EMC. Still working thru ALts.

    Next time, kids.

    MaxiFord 03/06/2015  5:09pm
  • Ariadne on the Island - MTC @ other 03/06/2015  11:47am

    The open call tonight is listed from 8pm-10pm.

    I'm presuming that since it's being held on a friday night, the call might not be too crazy. But you never know! ...How early are people planning to show up for this?

    Thanks guys!


    bump for ideas about how early for tomorrow's call...

    Margie22 03/06/2015  12:31pm

    Bump! Anyone?

    ineedahaircut 03/06/2015  2:29pm

    Where is it?

    Jynqb28 03/06/2015  2:55pm

    I'm seeing conflicting info.. is this truly open or is it by apt?

    winterwhat 03/06/2015  4:14pm

    The breakdown says by appointment.

    WoundedWarsong 03/06/2015  4:22pm

    This casting calls says it's open:

    Where did you see the appts only?

    edhildy 03/06/2015  4:36pm

    Found it -

    so uhh... which is it? Guess we'll find out.

    edhildy 03/06/2015  4:55pm
  • Bump

    lengthyvisitor 03/06/2015  8:41am

    It's wide open over here, friends!

    Kmawiggy 03/06/2015  9:40am

    Who's in the room kiddies ? Do we know ?

    Proudofyourboy 03/06/2015  10:05am

    Are they seeing noneq?

    sweetcsh 03/06/2015  10:53am

    ITR? Appts open?

    Glokeroo 03/06/2015  11:11am

    Appts still open? Anyone still there?

    longhairdontcare 03/06/2015  12:02pm

    I'm non eq and was seen before 11! It was just Craig Burns ITR.

    Kmawiggy 03/06/2015  12:20pm

    Were they still seeing nonunion before lunch? How do afternoon appointments look? And who is playing piano?

    greenlantern 03/06/2015  1:51pm

    Bump to if still there

    Elphie318 03/06/2015  4:34pm
  • Annie baker play @ Actor's Equity Center 03/06/2015  9:41am

    Are they seeing non-eqs? Is it very full?
    Are a lot of people from Weston just popping over? Any info to help out


    No-Union list is up to 29. No announcement yet...

    ZachNYC 03/06/2015  10:00am


    kriscendo 03/06/2015  10:10am

    How's it look for non eq before lunch?

    Et 03/06/2015  11:05am

    It's not looking good. There's still no official announcement on if they will see non-Union, but a guy came by to say that they are accepting headshot drop-offs.

    ZachNYC 03/06/2015  11:50am

    Non equity is released.

    TBS Casting 03/06/2015  12:38pm

    They've pretty much cleared the EMC list. Moving quickly.

    LeBronJames 03/06/2015  12:47pm

    The first 3 non-equity actors have been called in. It looks like that's it before lunch.

    ZachNYC 03/06/2015  12:50pm

    33 as of 10 min ago.

    burritabean 03/06/2015  12:59pm

    So did they release no equ? One person says they called three and "TBS Casting says they were sent home. ?!?!

    Marcou 03/06/2015  1:28pm

    They weren't released. I'm here now and they just called more names. They are now up to 18.

    ZachNYC 03/06/2015  2:24pm

    Who's in the room? thanks!

    ritamee 03/06/2015  2:45pm

    Joe Ward - who I am pretty sure is a freelancer for Telsey

    actor1 03/06/2015  3:01pm

    What number are they on?

    Jynqb28 03/06/2015  3:11pm

    48 was just called- they have called a lot of people's names who aren't here so if your number was called you can sign up again and they should get to you somewhat quickly.

    Cedar 03/06/2015  3:42pm

    Did they go through the non eq list??

    Fajitapita 03/06/2015  4:16pm
  • Legally Blonde 3/6 @ Ripley Grier 520 03/06/2015  10:48am

    Does anyone know how many people have been seen on the alternate list and how quickly that's going?



    Shhhh 03/06/2015  10:55am

    Yes, any update on alternates would be greatly appreciated! Bump!

    babaroost 03/06/2015  2:09pm
  • Greater Philadelphia Alliance Auditions @ other 02/26/2015  2:26pm

    Has anyone heard back about appointments for these auditions yet? Specifically for the non-eq day?


    They won't be sending out appointments until next week.

    Cart52 02/26/2015  2:42pm

    Cart, do you know if they send you an email either way? Or just if you get a slot?

    eatthefish! 02/26/2015  5:36pm


    BellaDrama88 03/02/2015  12:47pm

    I received a phone call today with my assigned time slot. I'm an EMC, auditioning on the noneq day.

    lolothewhite 03/03/2015  9:08pm

    Bump for any other appointments given?

    cabriniqueenie 03/03/2015  9:26pm

    My roommate got a slot today.

    Amanda4061 03/03/2015  9:39pm

    They do send an e-mail either way. They usually contact those who receive appointments first and then send a mass e-mail to those who didn't.

    If they've started contacting people about appointments it won't be long until we know one way or the other.

    liz lemon 03/03/2015  10:30pm

    has anyone received any more appointments or received any rejections? still in the dark... thanks!

    dogs 03/05/2015  4:42pm

    Does anyone know how long this process takes? Should I assume no appointment at this point, Anyone get a no thank you email yet?

    BellaDrama88 03/06/2015  12:43pm
  • Non-Eq list is up to 15. Didn't get a count of EMCs

    RaconteurDuJour 03/06/2015  8:37am

    Non equity is released.

    TBS Casting 03/06/2015  12:36pm