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  • Kinky Boots Non Eq National Tour @ 09/19/2018  11:16am

    Hey all,

    I just got official word that no unofficial list will be honored tomorrow, FYI.


    From whom, Dustyd?

    StaringAtTheWaterOnASunday 09/19/2018  1:53pm

    Unless someone from casting posts this... I don't trust it lol

    TerraRyan11 09/19/2018  1:54pm

    For what it's worth, the last round of Kinky calls were typed by headshot...

    Rain On my Parade 09/19/2018  2:49pm

    It's W/S... if I'm not mistaken, I don't believe they ever accept an unofficial list for their calls. So, OP is most likely correct.

    Rose4386 09/19/2018  3:20pm

    I emailed the address posted in the call on backstage to ask this morning.

    “No unofficial lists will be honored. Sign-ins begin at 9am.
    Kevin Metzger-Timson
    Casting Associate

    Wojcik | Seay Casting
    247 West 38th Street 10th Floor
    NY NY 10018
    212-929-2339 ph”

    Dustyd 09/19/2018  5:08pm

    W/S never takes an unofficial List.

    3threat 09/19/2018  9:08pm

    Isn’t this October 4th and 5th? Not tomorrow?

    Bluesky 09/19/2018  9:39pm

    Sorry. Wrong thread! Ignore that message

    Bluesky 09/19/2018  9:40pm
  • Waitress ECC Female Singers @ Pearl Studios 09/19/2018  9:17pm

    Is there a plan tomorrow? I know with the whole list thing, people have been starting lines outside the building til they open. Is that goin down tomorrow because there’s also a School Of Rock ECC at 519, so dunno how lines are gonna work if you’re trying to get seen at both.

    Any ideas, friends?
    It’s not even the brunt of audition season yet so I feel like lines are silly but I will hustle and grind if I have to so. What’s errybody planning/hoping for?



    Waitress is at 519 and school of rock is at 500

    Ijustwanttosing 09/19/2018  9:22pm

    Oops. I meant this is at 519, SOR is at 500

    Biminibabe93 09/19/2018  9:22pm

    Beat me to it! Thanks iwanttosing

    Biminibabe93 09/19/2018  9:23pm

    Ijustwanttosing* gotdammit I cant get my shit together tonight!

    Biminibabe93 09/19/2018  9:25pm
  • A Party Worth Crashing @ 09/19/2018  12:06pm

    Has anyone received an appointment for this audition?


    Nope, would love to know if someone does!

    madelinepurr 09/19/2018  12:39pm

    Yep, got one this afternoon

    allsmiles11 09/19/2018  9:19pm
  • White Devil @ Actor's Equity Center 09/17/2018  9:46pm

    Is this still happening? I can’t find it on Playbill anymore...


    Still happening - currently 8 non eqs

    BChristopher 09/18/2018  6:41am

    Bump for updates on EMC or really just how this call is going! Thanks!

    rayc1 09/18/2018  9:04am

    Bump for updates!

    Shosh 09/18/2018  9:17am

    Non eq released until after lunch

    noneqkween 09/18/2018  9:39am

    Non eq come back after 2 no dropoffs

    HiC 09/18/2018  9:40am

    Any word on EMC this?

    rayc1 09/18/2018  9:42am

    Will they still see non EQ tomorrow? I saw on Broadway world the director will be there tomorrow 9/19

    Twhitney 09/18/2018  9:44am

    When EMC/Non eq's come back after 2 does everyone take their same spot when u return?

    Twhitney 09/18/2018  9:46am

    I'm a bit new to EPAs, when non eq are released until after lunch, is that usually a good sign that they won't be able to see us or are trying to see us, or do we just not know? I know it must vary per production and company. Also, does anyone know approx what the non eq numbers were? Thanks and break legs!!

    Wakeupontime 09/18/2018  10:41am


    NeverWantedToPost 09/18/2018  11:48am

    To answer the lunch dismissal question. I have experienced a variety of results: come back from lunch to hear immediately 'Not seeing Non-eq today'; getting put in the first group after lunch; being seen around 3-4pm; waiting all day and being told at 5:30 'Sorry we won't be able to fit any non-eq in'; being the next to last person in the very last group. There are too many variables to predict the outcome: how many Equity Alternates come in after lunch, how many EMCs were seen/are left to be seen, how fast people are auditioning, even who the monitor is seems to make a difference. Best of luck getting seen!

    TheWaitingGame 09/18/2018  12:09pm

    Thank you!!

    Wakeupontime 09/18/2018  1:47pm

    How's this looking this afternoon?
    And who's In the Room?

    Bento Tinderbox 09/18/2018  3:15pm

    bump on emc?

    heartandmusic588 09/18/2018  3:15pm

    Oh is this a two day one? I was thinking to be honest come back after two meant no way, but they went through 31 on non union ( a lot of people weren’t there when she called them though). She actually sent up maybe 10 total. Anyone upstairs - are the non equity being seen or did they get a lot last minute equity alternates? Thanks !

    Rosecat 09/18/2018  3:27pm

    For the new person that’s the bummer with equity location calls, most places you can see the list of how many alternates and emc to gauge what kind of chance you have. But not at AEA sadly.

    Rosecat 09/18/2018  3:33pm

    How many on the non eq list left? My name got skipped so wondering if I should come back

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 09/18/2018  4:08pm

    Thanks everyone I'll be @ the one tomorrow bright and early! :)

    Twhitney 09/18/2018  4:09pm

    are they looking for an adult to play a 10 year old boy? I can’t find the listing anymore, just wanted to double check. Thanks!

    Chickenmonkey 09/18/2018  9:05pm

    I think the listing has expired. I only see the Broadway world posting.

    Twhitney 09/19/2018  7:04am

    WHITE DEVIL 9/19, Only 8 EMC here that I see. Looks like official EMC sign up list will be open until 930AM.

    Twhitney 09/19/2018  8:11am

    How’s the non-eq list looking today?

    OffBook 09/19/2018  9:51am


    OffBook 09/19/2018  10:14am

    24 on non-eq list.

    jjbroadwaystar 09/19/2018  10:16am

    Any non eqs seen yet?

    BChristopher 09/19/2018  10:19am


    OffBook 09/19/2018  10:26am


    Damesarah 09/19/2018  11:14am

    No non eq seen

    HiC 09/19/2018  11:18am

    Non-equity told to check back after lunch. No drop-offs

    waiter 09/19/2018  11:39am

    Non eq dismissed

    waiter 09/19/2018  2:36pm

    Anyone know who was in room? Curious if it’s a casting director I’ve seen already. Thanks

    Rosecat 09/19/2018  8:33pm
  • Benny and Joon @ 09/19/2018  2:13pm

    does paper mill usually try to see non eq? i know that no matter what it could go either way but some theaters/cds are sometimes pretty predictable when time allows



    Lacroixlover 09/19/2018  5:52pm

    bumpity bump

    muphasa 09/19/2018  7:44pm
  • Legally Blonde Open Dance Call @ Pearl Studios 09/19/2018  4:10pm


    Just wondering if anyone has any info on the open dance call for this friday? I don't have backstage and can't seem to find location or times??


    Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 8th Ave. , 16th fl.; check in studio 16D, Manhattan, NY 10018
    Open Casting Call
    Sep 21, 2018: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM
    Womens open dancer call
    Open Casting Call
    Sep 21, 2018: 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
    Men's open dancer call

    lmmm25 09/19/2018  7:03pm
  • Beef & Boards Callbacks @ Pearl Studios 09/19/2018  5:11pm

    Does anyone know how quickly Beef & Boards typically sends out offers?



    TheBitchOfMadisonCounty 09/19/2018  5:13pm

    huge bump

    Idk 09/19/2018  5:49pm

    Beef and bumps

    BW12345 09/19/2018  5:56pm
  • Kelsey

    Non equity list is at 23

    Kelsey 09/19/2018  8:47am

    Non equity list is at 23

    Kelsey 09/19/2018  8:59am

    Any updates?

    Dorememe 09/19/2018  9:50am


    Rt688 09/19/2018  9:53am


    princessbala 09/19/2018  10:09am

    no alternates. I think they’ve pretty much called all emc. They’re definitely gonna get through all non-eq signed up which is at 30.

    lynchmm 09/19/2018  10:42am

    Noneq list at 38!

    Dorememe 09/19/2018  11:34am

    Have thy started calling non eq yet?

    princessbala 09/19/2018  11:37am

    Yes they have!

    Dorememe 09/19/2018  11:43am

    Yes they have!

    Dorememe 09/19/2018  11:43am

    Do you know what number they are through?

    princessbala 09/19/2018  11:50am

    Like 30

    kittycat222 09/19/2018  12:39pm

    Just clarifying- they will hang around till 6 even if it's slow, yes? Trying to swing by after work!

    madelinepurr 09/19/2018  12:47pm

    They should

    kittycat222 09/19/2018  12:59pm

    Yes it’s an EPA so they must stay until the end of the call.

    littleeagle 09/19/2018  1:00pm

    They’ve called through 36 on the non-eq list. I think the list is to 47 or 48 total. They said they’re going to squeeze in another group of 37-40 and then break for lunch.

    Dorememe 09/19/2018  1:14pm

    Hi hi--anyone know how long the alternates list is currently?

    Heywhatsuphello 09/19/2018  3:24pm
  • On Your Feet Tour ECC @ Pearl Studios 09/19/2018  5:04am

    I know Pearl is doing that thing where they don’t let people in until seven but is anyone already waiting in line for this? Trying to decide how early I need to get to Pearl.


    there's around 10 on the female list - will someone please post if/when they start seeing non-eq? :)

    vbookworm 09/19/2018  7:48am

    did anyone get who was in the room? :)

    vbookworm 09/19/2018  3:10pm
  • tinydancer1234

    did anyone get who was in the room? :)

    vbookworm 09/19/2018  3:10pm