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Dear friends and users of Audition Update,

It is time for me to say goodbye. Please go to this post on the Bitching Post for a very important announcement.



  • contempfool

    You won't know until the monitor arrives and the call starts

    littleeagle 09/30/2016  8:26am

    How does it look up there now?

    StuckonSI 09/30/2016  8:27am

    Ain't nobody there, but they just opened the building and there's a short unofficial list someone posted on the wall with like 3 people on it.

    Jourdan 09/30/2016  8:42am

    Fantastic. Thank you!

    StuckonSI 09/30/2016  8:54am

    It's dead here. I'm number 5 on the non union female list. The monitor just said that they will see non union males time permitting.

    jackieo08 09/30/2016  8:56am

    Wait...I forgot the listed times were weird, guys at 9 and ladies at 11?? That just sounds strange...

    Showbizdreamer 09/30/2016  9:21am

    Yeah, for some reason I thought men were at 2 today. Ah well.

    bwaylvsong 09/30/2016  9:24am

    I just wonder wehhyyyyyyy each one is only two hours....that usually means there's no shot for non eq, but maybe I'm wrong...

    Showbizdreamer 09/30/2016  9:26am
  • There were 10 women on the unoffical list outside at 7am

    JennieMarie 09/30/2016  7:25am

    How does it look?

    rainbowhigh$$$ 09/30/2016  8:14am

    Unofficial at 26 (including one cross-out, one that says EMC by it).

    vittoriacorombona 09/30/2016  8:27am

    Unofficial list was accepted. Non union is at 28

    JennieMarie 09/30/2016  9:03am

    18 EMC

    bumblebee13 09/30/2016  9:09am

    EMC list up to 20 as of 9:15

    Oh, and be nice to the monitor when you get in, he seems like he's having a tough day....

    mged27 09/30/2016  9:15am

    Good to know^^^

    rainbowhigh$$$ 09/30/2016  9:18am
  • Durned Queer' and 'Mourning Becomes Electra' @ other 09/30/2016  6:53am

    Building apparently doesn't open until 9 am. There a sign in the window saying to come back then for auditions

  • happyactress

    Hey! Just a quick note, this post belongs in the Callback Corner tab up top!

    WhereTheWildThingsAre 09/28/2016  8:21pm

    callbacks were given in the room

    surfsinger 09/29/2016  6:20pm
  • Short actor needed @ other 09/29/2016  2:39pm

    Posting on behalf of a friend:

    Seeking 1 actor (4’2”-5’3") with experience in Character Walkaround work (Elmo, Cookie Monster, etc.)
    Friday, September 30 (morning) to Saturday, October 1 (early evening)
    $200 pay
    Hotel and travel provided
    Health festival in Severn, Maryland
    Actor will be posing for photos, dancing, waving and other small movements with children and families
    Actor will be dressed up as 2 different characters at 2 different times for 1 hour each with breaks in between
    Please contact me ASAP as the job is for tomorrow and I would need to book AMTRAK train ticket
    Blanca Vasquez, (646) 731-3809,


    Bump. Anyone hear anything?

    IdinaMenzel 09/29/2016  5:41pm
  • Fireside B&B/Mamma Mia Non-EQ @ Nola Studios 09/28/2016  12:24pm

    Hey everyone! First time going in for Fireside, so I just wanted to check on the usual protocol for their non-Eq calls. Don't want to get my butt out of bed earlier than necessary :P


    All I know is they said on the notice that they will NOT be accepting an unofficial list and sign ups start at 8:30am. Hope that helps!

    ImEMserious 09/28/2016  12:28pm

    VERY helpful! Thanks! Does anyone know what time they cut off the list?

    dancingqueen 09/28/2016  12:29pm

    Reminder-THEY TYPE. Those listings also say that too, so SLEEP 😴

    Showbizdreamer 09/28/2016  12:42pm

    Gah! Bless you! I cherish my sleep.

    dancingqueen 09/28/2016  4:19pm

    So to clarify, sign ups begin at 8:30 and auditions begin at 10:30, but it doesn't matter what time you get there because they will be typing?

    trsapp 09/28/2016  9:47pm

    Helpful stuff above on other Fireside Post. Can we designate one the post for tomorrow so we only need to check one?

    alittlelight87 09/28/2016  10:25pm

    Looks like they want everyone to be there by 9:45 and signed up. Then they type. Is the guess.

    strongmover2275 09/28/2016  11:03pm

    Hey y'all. I've done 5 contracts with Fireside and every one of those contracts when I was nonunion came out of an open call day. They're super useful, and if you're typed in you'll be given a time slot so you can go about your day

    NedDonovan 09/29/2016  1:37am

    Anyone there yet?

    findingneverbook 09/29/2016  6:44am


    embemboo 09/29/2016  7:05am

    At least 60-70 standing in line on 54th

    Keeperk2 09/29/2016  7:07am

    There's probably 30 people outside the building right now.

    shmalyyy 09/29/2016  7:08am

    Do they usually type by headshot/resume? Or do they type us in person?

    Snowhite2 09/29/2016  7:19am

    65 on the list.

    snicks12 09/29/2016  7:29am

    The official list? They're already letting people in?

    embemboo 09/29/2016  7:36am

    Is there a list? I thought they specifically said not to start one and it wouldn't be honored...?

    WorkingSparkles 09/29/2016  7:36am

    Ed (artistic director) came out and had those who were there sign up on the official list. Told to come back for typing at 10am.

    Another singer another day 09/29/2016  7:39am

    Hey y'all, so just to clarify, a gentleman came around with an official list outside and had everyone sign up on a list. He said to be back in the room before 10. The building isn't open yet though.

    Anyone know when the building does open?

    MissKayleighMarie 09/29/2016  7:40am

    Perfect! Thanks!

    embemboo 09/29/2016  7:42am

    I read that as in it will be run as an EPA today, so all the normal protocol that goes with it. I think the first come, first serve is about signing up on your appropriate list, and depending on how time goes, they'll get to EMC and non-eq. The no appointments part is clear.

    EthnicallyAmbiguous9 09/29/2016  7:44am

    In EPA in which everyone can be seen regardless of type or a typed open call with priority for Equity folks? Confused...

    alittlelight87 09/29/2016  7:52am

    Everyone goes on one list. The EPA and ECC are/were different days.

    kcloetingh 09/29/2016  7:59am

    Today is not an EPA 😂😂✌🏻️

    Luluqueen19 09/29/2016  8:17am

    Head count?

    mixingisthehealthieroption 09/29/2016  8:17am

    Line is around the corner and stretching down Broadway.

    Godspeed, all!

    alittlelight87 09/29/2016  8:24am

    It's 8:30 now. The line is already out around Broadway.

    joncado 09/29/2016  8:27am

    I keep hearing there's still confusion about whether or not they're typing...WHHYYY... You guys, every posting for today said they're typing at 10.

    Showbizdreamer 09/29/2016  8:40am

    When pre-planned, typing is 99.9% of the time done at the start of the audition day so they can decide who they would like to hear and can send the rest home early. Since fireside specifically said sign up between 8:30-9:45, I would be sure to be there before the end of that window of time so they don't close the list or anything. Also be physically room ready (dressed, hair, makeup, etc) by 9:45 because fireside typically types in person meaning they march a group of people into the room so casting can make a decision based of your H/R AND seeing you in person. Once everyone is typed, those typed in will be told to stay to sing their 16 bars and it will run normally from there. Fireside is great because they give you a time to come back so you aren't waiting at Nola all day. Clear as mud? Lol Hope that helps! Welcome to audition life!

    MTmadness 09/29/2016  8:45am

    Are they collecting H/R at sign up or at typing?

    SCB25 09/29/2016  8:55am

    What floor is sign up on?

    Tompc011 09/29/2016  9:07am

    They are collected headshots at sign in and putting your sign in number on your headshot

    Whitegirlproblems 09/29/2016  9:07am

    Thanks! Does anyone know if there is a stapler/cutter for H/R at Nola?

    SCB25 09/29/2016  9:15am

    Can anyone confirm whether or not they've cut off the list

    12kk21 09/29/2016  9:42am

    They have cut the list off at 300. The list is now closed.

    CaptainRandom 09/29/2016  9:42am

    They just cut it off at 300 upstairs. Break legs, everyone!

    g0796 09/29/2016  9:43am

    Accepting drop offs?

    Tompc011 09/29/2016  9:43am

    They closed the list at 300 and are NOT accepting drop offs

    JessicaJones 09/29/2016  9:45am

    No drop offs

    QuietRevolution 09/29/2016  9:46am

    I thought the whole point of typing out was to NOT get up at 4:30...I can't right now. Anyways carrot on with your day and break legs to the 'chosen ones'

    Showbizdreamer 09/29/2016  9:48am

    Sorry, this is fucking ridiculous. I got there 9:15 which is technically half an hour early. Cutting off the line at 9:45 is one thing, but when there's a line around the block of people who FOLLOWED YOUR INSTRUCTIONS AND ARE ON TIME and then not letting them sign in, that is unacceptable.

    bwaylvsong 09/29/2016  9:49am


    Showbizdreamer 09/29/2016  9:49am

    With you bwaylvsong...they're typing anyway so why not just sign everyone up?? Especially those who technically followed directions. Now one has to get up up stupid early just to be typed out...good lawd

    Showbizdreamer 09/29/2016  9:53am

    They are about to call in 20-40 for typing at 10:05

    JennieMarie 09/29/2016  10:00am

    Heads up: the list is closed!!

    queenashleighj 09/29/2016  10:05am

    Called up to 106 for typing

    singer13actress 09/29/2016  10:16am

    how is it that you can go to larger calls that are not typing and they can see 400+ plus people...and here they are typing and putting a limit.... :'-(

    Frankincense 09/29/2016  10:25am

    Because unfortunately open calls have no jurisdiction and they can do whatever they want. My GUESS is that if you weren't able to get on the list, check back a little bit later, toward the end of the call, because there may be an opening, seeing that they were only able to type 300 people. You could also try the ECC tomorrow.. but seeing how busy the open call is, I don't think it's likely you'll get seen there. Best of luck to you!

    Jennylou 09/29/2016  10:41am

    You guys, it wasn't Fireside's decision to cut off the list for typing. Nola called the fire marshall.

    kitchencounter 09/29/2016  11:11am

    Does anyone know if they're running on time?

    FasterThanSound 09/29/2016  12:38pm

    They're running pretty behind. I know some males have been given callbacks in the room. Have any females heard about callbacks ITR?

    shmalyyy 09/29/2016  12:50pm

    Any updates on how behind they're running would be great!

    whataboutsecondbreakfast 09/29/2016  2:25pm

    Can someone post the names of who is ITR? I forgot to take a picture before I left!

    WorkingSparkles 09/29/2016  2:38pm

    What group are they on?

    whataboutsecondbreakfast 09/29/2016  3:21pm

    Yes callbacks for ladies in the room! There was Ed Flesch, a younger guy named Herb, and at the piano Kevin I think but I don't know last names!

    Lionsandtigersandbroadway OHMY 09/29/2016  5:29pm
  • The Scarlet Letter @ Actor's Equity Center 09/29/2016  12:22am

    Hi guys, I have a newbie question. The posting for The Scarlet Letter says "No appointments necessary. Actors will be seen on a first come, first seen basis.", yet it's an EPA. What does this mean exactly? Does this mean there will be no noneq list, and it will be more like an open call? Or something else?


    Dont quote me on this, but make sure you are looking at the correct day. Yeaterday they had an EPA at the theater in Sag Harbor and it ran that way (no monitor, 1st come 1st, no appt.) Today is at AEA Center, im fairly certain it will run like a regular EPA there - with a monitor and you having to get on a non-eq list, wait to be seen, etc.

    ColCriLI 09/29/2016  7:03am

    I'm not really sure! I think it was saying that in regards to the EPA's the full thing: "SAG Harbor EPA: An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition. NYC EPA: An Equity Monitor will be provided. Actors with local housing strongly encouraged to attend. Actors will read from sides, provided at the audition. No appointments necessary. Actors will be seen on a first come, first seen basis."

    WorkingSparkles 09/29/2016  7:05am

    It's an EPA. So it has to be run that way.

    littleeagle 09/29/2016  8:12am

    Any word on how many EMC / non equity?

    mkd1993 09/29/2016  8:48am

    Bump for any info

    courtbutt 09/29/2016  9:18am


    RachelM 09/29/2016  9:18am

    I travelled up to SAG harbor yesterday. That's how the audition ran. Believe today is a normal EPA. Great group and really lovely team. Break legs everyone

    Lukedavidyoung123 09/29/2016  9:22am

    Also itr yesterday was Joe Minutillo, dir.; John Sullivan, assoc. prod. and Chloe Dirksen -Reader. Hope that helps.

    Lukedavidyoung123 09/29/2016  9:32am

    Soooo as fun as this line outside ... can someone update us outsiders what's gonna be happening?

    Tompc011 09/29/2016  9:33am

    Soooo as fun as this line outside ... can someone update us outsiders what's gonna be happening?

    Tompc011 09/29/2016  9:33am

    Bump for appointment availability? EMC/nonunion count? Anything?

    courtbutt 09/29/2016  9:43am

    No drop offs

    znt92 09/29/2016  9:45am

    Sorry... Wrong thread

    znt92 09/29/2016  10:00am

    Bump for any information?

    WorkingSparkles 09/29/2016  10:03am

    This is running like a regular EPA. 11 on the EMC list, next available appointment is 10:50

    theRedBedwinek 09/29/2016  10:05am

    12 EMCs signed up, zero called

    inspiredactor 09/29/2016  10:09am

    Any updates?

    pseudonym 09/29/2016  10:40am

    Any updates?

    pseudonym 09/29/2016  10:42am

    23 on Non Eq list. Sides just posted for all roles

    KAO731 09/29/2016  10:53am

    Bump! Any EMC called?

    courtbutt 09/29/2016  11:16am

    Lots of appointments available. No EMC called yet. Everyone in the room was really lovely.

    Bunnygirl 09/29/2016  11:26am

    Noneq sent away til after lunch, check back in at 2

    courtbutt 09/29/2016  11:58am

    Non-eq released for lunch. Come back at 2!

    RachelM 09/29/2016  12:00pm

    We're any EMC seen before lunch?

    courtbutt 09/29/2016  12:57pm

    No EMCs seen yet today. List is at 18 (though I don't know how many came back after lunch)

    theRedBedwinek 09/29/2016  2:10pm

    All EMC's were sent to lunch around 12:30pm. None were seen before lunch.

    elnestle 09/29/2016  2:10pm

    2 EMCs called

    inspiredactor 09/29/2016  2:29pm

    Two more EMCs were called - that's four in total, so far.

    EthnicallyAmbiguous9 09/29/2016  2:41pm

    thank you! definitely appreciating the updates.

    ElemenoPea 09/29/2016  2:45pm

    any more updates on additional EMCs being seen? getting anywhere near the non-eq list?

    ElemenoPea 09/29/2016  3:29pm

    It's 16 bars right? My friend and I were talking and she mentioned it being the whole song...

    As_the_gayz_go_bi 09/29/2016  4:12pm

    Sorry, wrong thread.

    As_the_gayz_go_bi 09/29/2016  4:13pm

    Did they ever get to the noneq list?

    courtbutt 09/29/2016  5:14pm
  • Did they see non eq men?

    danceallday 09/29/2016  11:21am

    Female list at 50

    123slay 09/29/2016  11:38am

    Could someone tell me where red house auditions are? Backstage website isn't working. Thanks!

    Adele-dazeem 09/29/2016  11:47am


    Adele-dazeem 09/29/2016  11:49am

    Update on the female non equity list?

    mexilady 09/29/2016  12:26pm

    They saw noneq men, yes!

    123slay 09/29/2016  12:33pm

    Any updates?

    Shylah Dancer 09/29/2016  1:00pm
  • Any news on non equity yet???

    sallyb 09/29/2016  8:42am


    dancinthroughlife 09/29/2016  8:50am

    Bump on non-eq info!

    gottadance 09/29/2016  8:56am

    70+ people on the female non eq list

    dancinthroughlife 09/29/2016  9:39am

    Any word if they're seeing non eq? And how many equity cards were given out?

    ihopeigetit 09/29/2016  10:03am

    Typing non eq by headshot

    dancechic 09/29/2016  10:03am


    Jtd92 09/29/2016  11:58am
  • Red House v Fireside @ other 09/29/2016  7:45am


    The Fireside listing on Backstage for B and the B (yet Mamma Mia is still there...) is gone but I see the one for Red House when I swear it wasn't there before, what??? now I understand why people were asking about it.
    Is today the the appts for Red House??

    Good lord was I just not paying attention or is backstage once again a total mess...


    Red house IS doing appointments today...the notice went up only on monday, I think. So you aren't crazy - just last minute posting.

    Not sure what the deal with Fireside is...

    EthnicallyAmbiguous9 09/29/2016  10:36am

    Does anyone know if they're taking walk-ins or drop-offs?

    znt92 09/29/2016  11:34am