There is a very common scam that is being solicited to actors right now. If you are contacted by anyone from DeDe Photography wanting to hire you for a catalog shoot, this is 100% a scam. Do not give them your information. They are also not in any way affiliated with Backstage.

Just as a note, anytime something seems too good to be true, it probably is. If someone is trying to pay you, upfront, for a photo shoot, when they have never met you, it is scam. Every time!

Also, if you ever have any questions about the legitimacy of a photographer’s site (when they are making an offer like this) I suggest your do a reverse image search in Google of the pictures on their site. I promise they will come up credited to someone else or as stock photography. The more you know.

  • 5678AND


    scarlettbd 01/31/2015  12:38am

    There is a list posted with about two ppl on it!

    5678AND 01/31/2015  6:19am

    Hey ladies! I posted the list at the wrong pearl I think! Is it 500 or 519? Anyways it's at 500:( If anyone is so kind to move it and still respect the names that would be amazing :)

    5678AND 01/31/2015  6:24am

    Audition is at 500, 12th floor.Keep it posted at 500!

    random8 01/31/2015  6:34am

    How's it looking?

    ChrissyC 01/31/2015  6:39am

    How many on the list?

    klove9 01/31/2015  7:16am

    List is almost at 20. Pearl isn't open yet so there's no line. Bundle up y'all, its COLD this morning!!!

    sweetcsh 01/31/2015  7:19am

    25 names. I'm waiting in the side vestibule.

    ChrissyC 01/31/2015  7:27am

    Just signed in at 41

    flyinpanfan 01/31/2015  7:58am

    On the website it says for singers who dance on Saturday - 519 12th floor

    I would go off of their webpage verses wherever else it may have been posted....the list at 519 SHOULD be honored then.... Ahhh confusion

    cantthinkofacheesytheatrereference 01/31/2015  8:02am

    I see 500 8th room 1214

    jec1227 01/31/2015  8:09am

    So is it 500 or 519?...

    Amanda4061 01/31/2015  8:10am

    Hey yall it's def at 500. I know there's been much confusion about this, and I also usually go off what the theatre's website says, but today that's not the case. I called two days ago and was told 500 and us ladies are here at 500 in the holding room that says 'Tuachan' lol :)

    showbizdreamer 01/31/2015  8:11am

    Ok Tuacahn's website it says 519...if the list you're using is at 500 could someone please move the list at 519 over.....

    cantthinkofacheesytheatrereference 01/31/2015  8:12am

    Ooffffff I know this was a HUGE issue this week, who knows what the heck happened...I apologize on behalf of however this happened.

    showbizdreamer 01/31/2015  8:21am

    Someone checked and said there was no list at 519. List that was at 500 and is now in the holding room is in the 60s.

    bwaybound 01/31/2015  8:22am

    Is there a men's list going? I know they don't start guys until 2:30

    HoneyBooBoo 01/31/2015  8:26am

    there IS a men's list here already. Pearl 500, 12th fl

    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 01/31/2015  8:43am

    The men's list is up. There is only one name on it!

    Randomblackdiva 01/31/2015  8:47am

    Any update on what the women's list is to? And has anyone come by with the official list or are they accepting the unofficial? Thank you!

    greenlantern 01/31/2015  9:32am

    Women being typed by headshot between now and 10. Men will also be typed and will not be seen til the afternoon.

    IWBOB 01/31/2015  9:35am

    For the men, they said sign up was at 1:30 today. Is that still true? Or is it just come in and get typed?

    Icanseeyou 01/31/2015  10:23am

    Can anyone gather what they're typing for?

    AudraLupone 01/31/2015  10:58am

    They took headshots and typed all at once, so for guys there is no need to sign up/arrive before the designated time

    #godihopeibookit! 01/31/2015  12:04pm

    I'm sorry, I guess I'm confused.

    They have or have not finished typing men? Because I thought the men needed to be there at 1:30, not this morning.

    Sorry I'm just super confused, and I can get there till 145 lll

    Icanseeyou 01/31/2015  12:19pm

    Can anyone gather what they're typing for?

    AudraLupone 01/31/2015  1:03pm

    Are they still seeing women?

    Whitney23 01/31/2015  1:15pm
  • Ogunquit playhouse/Dance cqll @ Pearl Studios 01/30/2015  11:14pm

    Hey y'all. What do you think the dance call will be? I want to know which shoes I should bring in my bag o wonders.


    Last year, they had so many girls, they did a type out. Best times step you have and a double pirouette. Then after the type out we just did a combo in our character shoes.

    tosstoss27 01/30/2015  11:36pm

    If it's the same as the other day, bring heels. Plus, it's super fun. The Choreographer is the sweetest. :-)

    divasings 01/30/2015  11:36pm

    Well, I'm a guy, so I'll have to make due with my jazz flats.

    upsetwallflower 01/30/2015  11:52pm

    Anyone there yet? How's it looking?

    HoneyBooBoo 01/31/2015  8:23am

    LAdies can't start signing up
    Until 1pm. So what time r we thinking right now girl? Getting there around 12/1230?

    Rumor_in_StPetersburg 01/31/2015  8:46am

    There were girls lined up at 7 because the monitor said they could sign up in the morning. I'm on a different floor so I don't know what's happening

    random8 01/31/2015  8:57am

    What number are they up to for the girls?

    sarah13 01/31/2015  9:38am

    They're not letting girls sign up till 1:00. They also say they will most likely type.

    RHOHK 01/31/2015  10:14am

    The room is madness. They haven't let anyone sign up yet though. Female line spiraling around the space. They're typing for sure.

    mlleminnie 01/31/2015  1:10pm
  • St. Vincent Theatre @ Pearl Studios 01/31/2015  12:23pm

    Is anyone familiar with this theater? I see they have posted an open call for a summer season.

  • A MOVER'S DANCE REEL???????? @ other 01/30/2015  7:13pm

    So when a submission is requesting a dance reel but you are a true mover/don't have any footage of yourself dancing, what are some recommendations?


    Gurl, that means they want DANCERS.

    GetsTypedOutAtWicked 01/30/2015  7:21pm


    hahahaohfanny 01/30/2015  9:13pm

    Yea it probably means they want some dancers. But! I'm a pretty intermediate dancer in all categories, but took the time to get extremely familiar with a few combinations just to put on tape just for when people ask, and it's gotten me a few jobs.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 01/31/2015  10:01am
  • Ogunquit @ Pearl Studios 01/30/2015  5:37am

    Starting a new thread since the other one was getting long. How's it looking over there this morning?


    Is anyone there online yet?

    JaQueef 01/30/2015  6:30am

    Line started inside, maybe 30 people so far

    stagelover3 01/30/2015  6:55am

    Does anyone else find the above time stamp trippy because it is only 6:44am?

    charactergirl151 01/30/2015  6:59am

    Haha that is so weird!^^

    JaQueef 01/30/2015  7:02am

    Seeing as how Ogunquit basically gave us permission to stay WARM &/or sleep a little longer (see previous post), yes. Entirely.

    Loverly83 01/30/2015  7:07am

    Can someone update the line? Also just fyi friends, E and C just stopped running uptown because they're bitches.

    Selaban 01/30/2015  7:07am

    Here and I would say there's about 50 or 60 people, but we are inside and warm:)

    ColoradoGirl303 01/30/2015  7:14am

    Awesome!!!! My heroes!

    Loverly83 01/30/2015  7:18am

    Now probs closer to 80 or 90. People are pouring in!

    ColoradoGirl303 01/30/2015  7:26am

    Too many people waiting inside so now the line is currently outside until people start going upstairs.

    grumpy_cat 01/30/2015  7:48am

    The guard at Pearl is no longer letting anyone else inside. Line is outside.

    ChrissyC 01/30/2015  7:48am

    How many peeps aprox are in line please? Thanks :)

    Kelkat44 01/30/2015  7:56am

    We are going upstairs. There around roughly 150.

    ColoradoGirl303 01/30/2015  8:00am

    I'd like to thank the MTA for taking my train out of service at 125th street. They then had the courtesy to change the following A train onto the D route at 59th. Really a huge help this morning.

    Adele Dazeem 01/30/2015  8:03am

    Line steadily flowing into holding room now

    Troodo7 01/30/2015  8:19am

    Have they started signing people up yet?

    keepitreal 01/30/2015  8:33am

    Does anyone know how long this list will be open for?

    Thatgirl_12 01/30/2015  8:35am

    people are signing up on their list. They are calling the list at 9, and you must be there in person or be put at the back. Running it like an EPA, so giving people times lots after the list is called, and letting them come back then.

    Also having an alt list. Not sure when list is closing.

    HeyHeyMG 01/30/2015  8:47am

    They're calling names at 9 to give time slots but I'm not sure if that means the list closes at 9. If you miss your name they'll put you at the end. List is getting into the 200s

    heisenberg 01/30/2015  8:49am

    I was number 160 on the list, monitor said she will be reading names at 9 and if you're not there your name will be moved to the back of the list. She said they would be running this audition similar to an EPA in that they will distribute appointment times and create an alternate list.

    Fradadyl 01/30/2015  8:49am

    As of 8:41, there are 231 signed up.

    Troodo7 01/30/2015  8:55am

    Please post if anyone knows what time they are closing the list. Thx!

    greenapple 01/30/2015  9:01am

    They are currently calling people's names off the official list & are giving them times. If you haven't signed up yet, they said the list will be open again to sign up AFTER they've finished calling all the names off the list. It is very crowded up there. If you haven't signed up yet, would recommend waiting a bit before going up.

    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 01/30/2015  9:33am

    Can someone post when they are done calling names & put th list out again to sign up on?

    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 01/30/2015  9:40am


    stargazer 01/30/2015  10:20am

    Would love to hear how strict they're being with the 8-bars... :)

    bekk99 01/30/2015  10:21am

    They said they are going to be VERY STRICT with the 8 bar cut and will cut you off at 9...Dont know if that will happen though

    grumpy_cat 01/30/2015  10:26am

    Has the list been reposted? Is it even worth it to go back and sign up at the end of the list?

    courtbutt 01/30/2015  10:41am

    Just went back to see if they opened up the list again to sign up still. Was able to get into the 4:30 group. Not sure how many slots left, but list is not closed at least for now

    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 01/30/2015  10:43am

    They said they are going to be VERY STRICT with the 8 bar cut and will cut you off at 9...Dont know if that will happen though

    grumpy_cat 01/30/2015  10:43am

    11 o'clock appointments just called. They seem to be right on time!

    Troodo7 01/30/2015  11:21am

    on time still?? Thanks!

    pepsi 01/30/2015  12:31pm

    Are they still cutting off at 8 bars?

    vreddy1 01/30/2015  12:42pm

    Still a strict 8 bars and they were running on time when I just left after the 11:30 group was done. They also seem to be fitting in 2-3 alternates per group. Organized monitors and warm reception in the audition room. Go Ogunquit!

    Selaban 01/30/2015  1:00pm

    I'm assuming by now they're completely full - any use in going to sign up now?

    EBlake 01/30/2015  1:26pm

    Worth a shot. The monitor is getting alternates in like a boss.

    jiggiddyup 01/30/2015  3:51pm

    Can someone kindly post who was ITR?

    ladyrandom 01/30/2015  4:23pm

    There's still plenty of time you should try I got here at 2 and sang by 415

    smileydimples85 01/30/2015  4:35pm

    Do we know what time they're going to be done? Did the finish at 5, or is it worth heading over now?

    cheshirecat886 01/30/2015  5:22pm

    ITR - Anthony Daniel and Tiana Jones

    thesunllcomeouttomorrow 01/30/2015  6:52pm
  • leikej


    NYCActor 01/30/2015  2:33am

    Any info on this yet?

    Tibbsthecat 01/30/2015  6:50am

    Line forming outside currently looks like a mix of union and non union. Security guard is making everyone stand out in the snow. Bundle up!

    mattashley90 01/30/2015  7:37am

    how many peeps would you say?

    OhHeyy 01/30/2015  7:44am

    Less than 20 currently

    mattashley90 01/30/2015  7:48am

    Any updates? Still not crazy?

    Have2FinishTheHat 01/30/2015  8:20am

    Not crazy. 35 people or so

    Crazykid 01/30/2015  8:27am

    Line is now inside!

    Have2FinishTheHat 01/30/2015  8:56am

    How many on the EMC list?

    heisenberg 01/30/2015  8:57am

    Sorry- I forgot what time it is and that sign in hasn't even started haha

    heisenberg 01/30/2015  9:08am

    Monitor monitor, oh where is the monitor

    OhHeyy 01/30/2015  9:21am

    Non eq list is being transferred

    Have2FinishTheHat 01/30/2015  9:22am

    No monitor until about 10 min after the call

    ladyinred 01/30/2015  9:26am

    This snaking line is for Non-eq?

    k283006 01/30/2015  9:35am

    Would love to know who's ITR. Thanks.

    Harlequin 01/30/2015  9:42am

    Update on appointments, alternate list?

    ireallyneedthisjob 01/30/2015  9:55am

    Some appts still available. Andrea Zee in the room

    action 01/30/2015  10:14am

    EMC list has 27 people, nonunion is at 55, there are still Equity appointments available around and after 2:30 :)

    TinyDancer53 01/30/2015  10:20am

    Noneq called to lunch, appointments filled til about 3 it looks like

    courtbutt 01/30/2015  10:36am

    Appointments booked up until 2:30,16 alternates, 30 on the EMC list, 60 on the NonEq list.

    bwydreamer 01/30/2015  10:48am

    They told Non-eq to go home for now and the monitor will post an update here for any non-eq later in the day.

    DakJames 01/30/2015  11:01am

    This monitor, though very nice, is very inexperienced and is severely hurting the chances for alts and EMCs from getting seen at what is a fairly average/calm EPA. She also has sent non eq home without consulting ITR.....just be aware ya'll and patient with her. She will hopefully catch on :)

    Bookit4567 01/30/2015  11:07am

    Any updates?

    action 01/30/2015  11:43am

    Will someone please update when EMC start getting seen please!

    Jones5678! 01/30/2015  11:58am

    Bump on EMC updates!

    Bwaygalforlyfe 01/30/2015  12:00pm

    No appts, alt list up to 28, called through 18.

    Glokeroo 01/30/2015  12:04pm

    Any EMC?

    action 01/30/2015  1:10pm

    Have been consistently fitting in 3 alts per group and have seen 34/41 on the alternate list, no emcs seen yet, but 48 on the list. Hopefully will get to some after lunch.

    swim26 01/30/2015  1:20pm

    Bumpity bumpbump!

    SomethingsComing 01/30/2015  1:21pm

    All appointments booked, Called up to 35 out of the 46 alternates, 48 on the EMC list and 66 on NonEq.

    And by the way, I think that the girl who monitored for the first half of the day was super sweet and managed to get through 35 alternates before lunch. Maybe she's new but she did a great job. Nothing to worry about unless you walk in here with your nose already in the air looking for a reason to complain.

    bwydreamer 01/30/2015  1:52pm

    Wait, "called" as in if ur on the list and werent there when they called those numbers you are not on the list anymore?

    SomethingsComing 01/30/2015  2:02pm

    Monitor said they'll see some EMC after lunch and won't see non-eq until they've seen all EMCs there (60 on list, who knows how many will show). Basically she said without saying they won't see non-eq but they're taking headshots.

    StartingNow 01/30/2015  2:18pm

    Have called up to 40 on the alternate list. In reply to above, yes it means if you are 40 or above on the alternate list and weren't here they moved past your name. You will have to sign up at the bottom of the alt list now.

    bwydreamer 01/30/2015  2:25pm

    Any idea how many alts are signed up? What number they are at? Thanks:)

    emily t 01/30/2015  2:54pm

    What number EMC are they on?

    Kitty 01/30/2015  2:59pm

    No EMCs yet. Theyre on like, 47 of the alternates

    SomethingsComing 01/30/2015  3:01pm

    Thanks! How many Alts are signed up??

    emily t 01/30/2015  3:06pm

    I heard her say 58.

    SomethingsComing 01/30/2015  3:13pm

    They have called up to 57 out of the 64 alternates.

    bwydreamer 01/30/2015  3:36pm

    Any EMC or non-eq yet?

    Kitty 01/30/2015  5:04pm

    She did call a few EMCs throughout the final hour. Only a handful though.

    action 01/30/2015  6:02pm

    ITR- Anthony Daniel and Tiana Jones

    thesunllcomeouttomorrow 01/30/2015  6:51pm

    Sorry- wrong thread.

    thesunllcomeouttomorrow 01/30/2015  6:52pm
  • A Gentleman's Guide @ Actor's Equity Center 01/29/2015  7:26pm

    How likely is it that they'll see non-eq ladies at tomorrow's ECC?



    scarlettbd 01/29/2015  10:00pm

    There's no way of knowing in advance. A lot will depend on how many people show up. They often make that decision at the time of the call.

    Harlequin 01/30/2015  4:12am

    Just confirming - this IS at the Equity building, right? The website is still down. Thanks!

    NapTime 01/30/2015  8:19am

    Yes, it is! ^

    scarlettbd 01/30/2015  8:38am

    Anyone know how many are on the Equity list? I'm sure lots of people are running back & forth today so it could help to gauge time. Thanks!

    24/7nyc 01/30/2015  9:10am

    35 on the list!

    scarlettbd 01/30/2015  9:18am

    Any word in whether they aré seeing non-eq girls today?

    Tmaks5 01/30/2015  9:40am

    Who is in the room?!

    ladyinred 01/30/2015  9:40am

    Any word on non-eq?

    Virgo825 01/30/2015  10:30am

    Does anyone know where on the list they are? How many people have gone in?

    Larmel 01/30/2015  10:39am

    Non-eq bump

    Al1991 01/30/2015  11:07am

    They JUST told noneq women they will prob not have time to see them at end of women's call, BUT they did say they MIGHT have time after all the eq & noneq men have gone.

    YouKnowYouKindaLoveAndrewLloydWebber--Don'tHate 01/30/2015  11:29am

    Who is in the room today?

    dancergirl33 01/30/2015  11:48am

    Does anyone how many equity guys are signed up?

    Jendlite 01/30/2015  11:52am

    So should non Eq woman not come back till around 3? Thanks guys :)

    Falala 01/30/2015  11:57am

    35 on the list!

    scarlettbd 01/30/2015  11:58am

    Bump on non eq list when anyone gets a chance thank you! Trying to gage how insane the EPAs will be...

    TheRedShoes 01/30/2015  2:05pm

    Non-eq is at 25. 84 cards handed out. Just lined up through 60. Monitor was hopeful for non-eq getting seen.

    Al1991 01/30/2015  3:17pm

    Wait, last time I looked at the non eq list it was at 52... Did they do something with the original list? Can someone confirm this?

    DakJames 01/30/2015  3:22pm

    So, is it looking like non eq women will get to be seen??

    scarlettbd 01/30/2015  4:00pm

    So far they have called all the non eq guys that are here. I'm thinking there is a chance some non eq women will be seen today

    Jwal0226 01/30/2015  4:17pm
  • Bump

    littleeagle 01/30/2015  8:30am

    9 on the non-eq list

    324jb 01/30/2015  8:33am

    Updates? Is it crowded?

    random8 01/30/2015  8:54am

    Any appts left?

    Poster.Girl 01/30/2015  9:27am

    What's the EMC/alt situation?

    littleeagle 01/30/2015  9:46am

    As of 9:20am, there are still appointment slot available from 3:30pm on!

    megnblue 01/30/2015  9:47am

    I'll add a BUMP for no-eq situation.

    bekk99 01/30/2015  9:48am

    What does "bump" mean?

    Letsdothis 01/30/2015  9:48am

    What does "bump" mean?

    Letsdothis 01/30/2015  9:52am

    Can anyone post when they call any EMC? Thanks!

    peaceful 01/30/2015  9:56am

    32 alternates, 1 called, 10 on emc

    rachelg17 01/30/2015  10:11am


    bwaybound 01/30/2015  10:53am

    Bump = Update

    All apts full.
    43 on the alternate lists.
    9 called as of 10:55am.
    24 EMC.
    5 people in the room are taking their time with each person, but it's making the call run slowly...

    LizzyB5093 01/30/2015  11:08am

    Bump for updates?

    bekk99 01/30/2015  11:08am


    ladyrandom 01/30/2015  12:17pm

    Called through 30 alternates, I think 50-something on list

    IWBOB 01/30/2015  12:18pm

    Lunch time update?

    stagelover3 01/30/2015  1:16pm

    Called 38 alternate, next available 57

    rachelg17 01/30/2015  1:31pm

    Any updates for alts/emc post-lunch?

    stargazer 01/30/2015  2:30pm

    Updates for emc?

    stargazer 01/30/2015  3:10pm

    Up to alt 63

    Krystalklear 01/30/2015  3:16pm

    How many alternates are on the list now?

    booyah2014 01/30/2015  3:19pm

    Bumping for alts and emc updates

    stargazer 01/30/2015  4:01pm

    any idea if they will be seeing non eq? Thank you!

    Emzies88 01/30/2015  4:10pm
  • Can someone update the EMC Thanks.

    kebnyc 01/30/2015  11:41am

    Bump in EMC/alt numbers called so far. Thanks!

    booyah2014 01/30/2015  12:16pm

    Non EQ will not be seen. Taking H/R drop-offs. Still may get to EMC

    Harrypotter 01/30/2015  1:08pm

    Thank you Harry Potter for the update!

    VAM13 01/30/2015  1:11pm

    AEA member just checking on alternate list?? Thanks!

    @amradf 01/30/2015  3:26pm

    A75 is next out of A85.

    kebnyc 01/30/2015  3:49pm
  • ladyinred

    Anyone know if they've gotten to EMCs or are they still on alternates?

    Jrpfender 01/29/2015  2:29pm

    on alternate #89

    janky 01/29/2015  3:28pm

    What company is this for?

    Stopbelivin 01/30/2015  3:37pm