• Angels in America @ 10/16/2017  7:00pm

    Is anyone going to this audition on 10/22? Do you have puppetry experience? Trying to figure out what they will ask us to do...

  • A BROOKLYN BOY @ other 10/16/2017  4:56pm

    does anyone know the correct email address to submit to for A Brooklyn Boy? the email isn't correctly listed on Playbill - it's in an unreadable format

  • 18 people in the unofficial non eq list as of 6:50

    UNnhhhhhh 10/16/2017  6:38am

    18 people in the unofficial non eq list as of 6:50

    UNnhhhhhh 10/16/2017  6:44am

    male non eq list?

    JS92 10/16/2017  6:44am

    21 as of 7am

    pizzalover 10/16/2017  6:55am

    Bump! Will someone please post when they have decided if they will be seeing non-eq men?

    Puck.Rose 10/16/2017  9:41am

    There are two female non-eq lists (one upstairs and one outside) not sure which will be transferred but I’d recommend getting there early if your name is only one of them

    mgillott 10/16/2017  9:47am

    How many on the women's list?

    mags2892 10/16/2017  10:01am

    Bump on if they're seeing men?

    lululemming 10/16/2017  10:13am

    How many names are on the inside list? There were 40 on the outside list at 8 am. It sounds like someone may have started a second list inside instead of taking the outside one up.

    Puck.Rose 10/16/2017  10:16am

    For those who are new to non-eq auditioning in NY. Generally someone starts a list outside or on the check in desk counter. Then whoever comes by the building first after they have opened the studio brings it to the holding room. I think Ripley opens at 8 am.

    This way there is no confusion and it is respectful to everyone's time. Especially those who have pulled it together to get to midtown before the sun has risen.

    Puck.Rose 10/16/2017  10:21am

    Would anyone be willing to take the outside one inside, considering I was up at 5 am to post it and there’s already 45 names on it?

    Mleigh 10/16/2017  10:27am

    Not sure who you PuckRose but you are my hero. Thank you for saying everything I wanted and more.

    Mleigh 10/16/2017  10:35am

    @Mleigh <3

    Puck.Rose 10/16/2017  11:11am

    Bump on boys???

    Little Seal Girl 10/16/2017  11:25am

    So did anyone get the female list from downstairs and does anyone know if they're honoring it?

    Ngtydfg11 10/16/2017  11:50am

    Does anyone remember the name of the guy who taught the audition?

    Mananayaw 10/16/2017  4:48pm
  • lolitacubanita

    Sky lobby has a list that opens in the non-union holding room. Opens at 6 am i do believe

    SomethingsComing 10/15/2017  6:48pm

    No unofficial non-Eq lists are accepted at the AEA Audition Center. There will be an AEA Non-Members' sign up sheet in the 4th floor Sky Lobby. Whether it will be used by the production team is decided once they reach the Audition Center, depending on how many Equity members, alternates and EMCS sign up.

    SusanCD 10/15/2017  10:03pm

    Bump for emc update :)

    singdanceact 10/16/2017  9:01am

    Post whos in the room please

    JSL32 10/16/2017  10:44am

    Bump for emc update :)

    singdanceact 10/16/2017  10:58am

    Anyone know if they're going to use the Non-eq list? Too early to tell since it's at 2:30?

    CarmenSandiego 10/16/2017  11:57am

    They are seeing non-eq. List is super short, so I would come now because I'm not sure how long they will stay

    chosenmelody 10/16/2017  2:47pm
  • Yep. I signed with someone who called me in the next day.

    TheChance00 10/16/2017  2:41am
  • UNnhhhhhh

    Bump!! Wondering what time non-eq should get there.

    yesauditionslol 10/15/2017  8:43pm

    Bump for female noneq

    Ngtydfg11 10/15/2017  9:00pm
  • Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma 2018 Season- EPA @ Pearl Studios 09/29/2017  8:00pm

    This is an EPA on a Sunday...anyone have an idea of what that might look like? Chances of EMC being seen? Never been to an EPA on a Sunday.


    I guess I should have said it's on Sunday the 15th, just trying to plan.

    ab2336 09/29/2017  8:01pm

    I know they cast some non eq at their local call, but not sure about the New York one

    Darth Plagueis the Wise 09/30/2017  10:48am

    They're a URTA contract, so they def tend to cast a lot of local students from the 3-4 prominent universities in that area.

    Showbizdreamer 09/30/2017  12:05pm

    does anyone know which roles have already been cast?

    pursefirst 10/01/2017  5:34pm

    Also curious if anyone knows what roles have been cast. (Wish everyone were as transparent as Bob Cline.)

    GrimFerret 10/14/2017  6:33pm

    Chances on noneq being seen?

    ToffeeJPieces 10/14/2017  8:20pm

    It very clearly lists which roles are already cast in the breakdown on Backstage.

    texicalyorker 10/14/2017  10:44pm

    Bump what does non eq list look like now

    YourObediantservant 10/15/2017  5:52am

    Non-Eq at 18 and 1 EMC in line

    BurgundyWitch 10/15/2017  6:35am

    Bump on non eq list

    mathematical 10/15/2017  6:46am

    Line for eq?

    ImMrsIglesias 10/15/2017  6:56am

    Guys it’s a Sunday let’s not get crazy here.... this list shouldn’t have been started so early. Let’s just have a chill day!

    godimamixer 10/15/2017  7:06am

    Exactly, it’s a Sunday. More people are off of work. Considering that, the list was started at a totally reasonable hour and everyone is being chill. How about you do you and if an early Sunday morning isn’t in your audition plan, that’s your problem and not ours.

    eroseb 10/15/2017  7:24am

    42 non eq and there is literally a line of emc/equity down the street

    YourObediantservant 10/15/2017  7:40am

    Can someone give an idea of how many EMC / equity there are?

    Lovey128 10/15/2017  7:51am

    45ish in line, 52 on non eq

    GoodGolly 10/15/2017  8:04am

    They're honoring the unofficial non-eq list so anyone who was on it can come back at 10

    ImMrsIglesias 10/15/2017  8:43am

    Can someone give an equity sign up update?

    JSL32 10/15/2017  8:47am

    Can someone give an equity sign up update?

    JSL32 10/15/2017  8:51am

    bump for EMC numbers

    pursefirst 10/15/2017  8:52am

    35-ish on EMC list

    Darth Plagueis the Wise 10/15/2017  9:02am

    The line was mostly EMC it seems. Tons of appts still available and 35 on the EMC list with maybe 15 people still in line?

    ImMrsIglesias 10/15/2017  9:02am

    5 on the alt list trying to get early appt. earliest available is 11:20

    ImMrsIglesias 10/15/2017  9:03am

    Any updates on non eq list?

    ach315 10/15/2017  9:11am

    I was 56 on non-eq and she just told us to come back after lunch

    Tim204 10/15/2017  9:53am

    All non-eq come back after lunch? Or just those past a certain number?

    princessanna 10/15/2017  10:07am

    Who is in the room?

    bumpitout 10/15/2017  10:13am

    How many EMC?

    ab123 10/15/2017  10:30am

    Is the non-eq list closed?? How many are on it? Thanks!

    newyorkchic 10/15/2017  11:02am

    Can non-end still sign up?

    Anon2020 10/15/2017  11:07am

    Non eq can still sign up. Won’t be seen till after lunch
    A lot of equity is getting on the alternate list.
    2 emcs were seen total- both were in first group.

    Suiteofjacks 10/15/2017  11:14am

    Can anyone update on the alt list? Thanks!

    Ballchange 10/15/2017  11:14am

    bump - how many alts/EMC seen and how many total?

    pursefirst 10/15/2017  11:38am

    Bump on numbers?

    Catbug826 10/15/2017  12:07pm

    Anyone know how many EMC have been called?

    AlohaBitches 10/15/2017  12:10pm

    Bump on the alt list update. Thx!

    ShimmerLights 10/15/2017  12:18pm

    Bump on how many EMC they’ve seen

    Vikingprincess 10/15/2017  12:22pm

    Bump plz desperate

    Alyssa's Secret 10/15/2017  12:41pm

    As of noon, they called up to 5 on EMC, no alts left to go. It seemed like more were going to be called before lunch so the EMC number is hopefully higher now.

    bwaybound 10/15/2017  12:46pm

    9 emc called before lunch

    AlohaBitches 10/15/2017  12:52pm

    How does the afternoon look? Any openings available?

    actress9315 10/15/2017  1:34pm

    3 alternates, 50+ EMC as of right now

    MeAndTheSky 10/15/2017  2:28pm


    Anon2020 10/15/2017  3:09pm

    Any update on how many EMC left?

    ialwaysforgetmypassword 10/15/2017  3:25pm

    Non-eq probably not gonna be seen today?

    muffmasterflash 10/15/2017  3:39pm

    Non-Equity released / 50+ on EMC list / still those left to go on Alternate A and Alternate B lists

    Tango 10/15/2017  3:54pm

    did they provide a contact address for submissions?

    pursefirst 10/15/2017  4:27pm

    They gave a contact address, but their website explicitly states that they aren’t accepting video/email submissions at this time.

    sosayethi 10/15/2017  4:38pm

    @sosayethi what about hard copy?

    pursefirst 10/15/2017  6:07pm
  • ThatHorribleCat
  • Oklahoma Oregon Shakes Male ECC @ Actor's Equity Center 10/15/2017  2:09pm

    Does anybody know if Oregon Shakespeare Festival is looking only for one latinx actor for Fred, or if they are additionally looking for male AEA Dancers besides that one character?

  • Oklahoma lyroc theatre epa @ 10/13/2017  8:42pm

    Is this epa still happening this Sunday? Seems a little odd....


    It's on AEA

    littleeagle 10/14/2017  8:12am

    It's on at Pearl right? Anyone there?

    GKH 10/15/2017  1:07pm