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Dear friends and users of Audition Update,

It is time for me to say goodbye. Please go to this post on the Bitching Post for a very important announcement.



  • Disneyland Frozen @ other 12/01/2016  7:28pm

    Has anyone gotten a callback for Frozen at Disneyland?!?



    rappydog13 12/06/2016  11:17am

    I'm assuming y'all must be in Cali? I know there was around there recently, but there hasn't been an NYC round since the first one here in January.

    Showbizdreamer 12/06/2016  11:37am

    Bump. Thought it went well and usually get a CB with them, but nada... Anyone??

    GlitterBoots6 12/06/2016  9:15pm

    Yes Cali! Still haven't heard anything...

    TheatrePerson101 12/07/2016  4:00am

    Just out of my sheer curiosity...that round was almost a month ago right? Are they still letting y'all know if you're called back after the initial audition rather than ITR like a normal Mouse call?

    Showbizdreamer 12/07/2016  9:31am

    Because of the timing of thanksgiving and the audition, they decided to hold callbacks at a later date.

    TheatrePerson101 12/07/2016  11:32am

    They had said they'd get CBs out by the end of the first week of December. I figured that meant last week, but who knows.

    GlitterBoots6 12/07/2016  5:19pm
  • Mean Girls EPA @ Ripley Grier 520 12/07/2016  4:01pm

    I know this is late to the party but how crazy was the first EPA today? Were any nonequity seen? Super surprised there weren't any posts about it on here.


    That would be because it's on Friday :)

    LetTheSunshineIn 12/07/2016  4:09pm
  • Fishmen @ other 12/07/2016  11:30am

    Any info on this call, appointments/alternate list? Also, who's ITR?


    Wide open. ITR-Lou Moreno director and artistic director and Gilbert Cruz salon director of Intar. Hope this helps. Break legs!

    Daventry 12/07/2016  2:01pm

    It does indeed. Thank you. Break legs yourself.

    Harlequin 12/07/2016  2:19pm
  • The Antipodes EPA - Signature @ other 12/06/2016  9:13am

    Hey guys,

    Any updates on how this call is looking? EMC and non equity lists?



    tlbnyc 12/06/2016  9:52am

    plenty of spots available. EMC list is up to five or so. EMC is already being seen

    weekofauditions 12/06/2016  9:56am

    I just got here and am the only one on the non-eq list. Couldn't see the EMC list but it looks like there are quite a few empty appt slots.

    GreenEyes 12/06/2016  9:57am

    Bump for EMC/non-Eq updates.

    RaconteurDuJour 12/06/2016  10:31am

    ITR - Molly Murphy - Casting Associate for Signature Theatre

    Lovely Woman, so kind and welcoming!
    Break legs all!

    Lukedavidyoung123 12/06/2016  1:11pm

    How is it looking? is it crowded?

    itchyitchyitchy 12/06/2016  2:15pm

    Any equity slots remaining for this?

    coschott 12/06/2016  2:16pm

    Not busy at all. Molly is really chill

    charlie 12/06/2016  2:29pm

    Still appointments. Wide open. 7

    ZeeDubs 12/06/2016  2:34pm

    Wasn't this audition supposed to be tomorrow (12/7)??? What happened! I was planning on going...tomorrow...

    Randomgirl2242 12/07/2016  1:20am

    Is it possible to email Ms. Murphy about auditioning at a later date?

    Jdef115 12/07/2016  2:21am

    I also saw this audition listed as today (Wed 7th), and wrote it down in my calendar as such, only to arrive today and be told it was yesterday. Anyone know where it was posted as 12/7? (Maybe possible to notify Signature and see if they'd reschedule something?)

    inspiredactor 12/07/2016  12:47pm
  • @ 12/06/2016  1:19pm

    Are they still accepting drop offs?



    Fatniss_Neverlean 12/07/2016  2:05am
  • Mean Girls ECC @ Pearl Studios 12/05/2016  1:43pm

    Any predictions for what tomorrow's call will look like? Bloodbath or what? Thanks fam


    well there are 367 equity females signed up (so far), if that tells you anything!

    rainey 12/05/2016  2:18pm

    How many equity males?

    Freekout05 12/05/2016  2:49pm

    225 equity males signed up

    drthtr23 12/05/2016  3:25pm

    That's gonna be interesting

    DontSpeak 12/05/2016  4:20pm

    Fuck. They're probably not going to see EMC at all. Ahh!

    Violetta 12/05/2016  7:17pm

    Sooo any shot of non eq getting seen?

    Sassycat7 12/05/2016  7:17pm
    Duane Reade 12/05/2016  8:55pm

    Violetta-you mean non-eq. There's no such thing as EMC at ECC's only EPA's...

    Showbizdreamer 12/05/2016  9:13pm

    So that's a no... I just gonna sit in this corner and contemplate going to med school whilst singing gospel renditions of sondheim showtunes.

    Violetta 12/05/2016  11:16pm

    *singing "god help the outcasts" but replacing outcasts with non equs* ... And on a half day too??? Jesus... #sos

    BlackJacket44 12/06/2016  12:09am

    yall. just sleep in. we will most likely not be seen. and if non eqs are, it will be a very small number.

    Hard sumbit or try to be seen at the EPAs.

    musicalwarrior 12/06/2016  12:32am

    for some people... a small number is enough

    Baby_Groot 12/06/2016  2:30am

    Unofficial list is up to 2-at 5:30. It's taped at the desk of the very nice security man right inside 500

    dd45666 12/06/2016  5:30am

    If you arrive early, I believe the security guard has unlocked the door on the far right to get into the building (500 Pearl).

    2 on the non-eq unofficial list as of 5:30

    Kinky&Wicked 12/06/2016  5:33am

    ^for signing in at the desk, I mean

    Kinky&Wicked 12/06/2016  5:34am

    How many on the non eq list now?

    Liveandgive 12/06/2016  6:25am

    Non eq women's list is up to 15 as of 6:30am. A few more girls just came and signed in so about 17-18 now.

    taykay91 12/06/2016  6:30am

    Has a list gone up for non-eq men?

    Ski123 12/06/2016  9:18am

    What time so they start reading the Equity sign-up list again, if the call starts at 10? It's been a it a half hour before?

    Bohemian_Er 12/06/2016  9:19am

    It's 30 min before I believe

    Kinky&Wicked 12/06/2016  9:20am

    How many eq. Members are online??

    Charliesmom 12/06/2016  9:24am

    Please post when the monitor starts reading the list?...running from my bus!

    Bohemian_Er 12/06/2016  9:25am

    Thank you to whoever transferred the Unofficial!

    Kinky&Wicked 12/06/2016  9:27am

    Please post when the monitor starts reading the list?...running from my bus!

    Bohemian_Er 12/06/2016  9:33am

    Can someone PLEASE post an update when they start at 10 about the situation of eq/non-eq? Thank you :)

    colorandlight16 12/06/2016  9:41am

    Anyone have any idea what number they are at eq signup wise

    Charliesmom 12/06/2016  9:43am

    They will not be seeing non-eq today. They are taking drop-offs.

    Good luck next time everyone! 😘

    Kinky&Wicked 12/06/2016  9:51am

    ^Do youvknow if that's for all, or just women?

    Ski123 12/06/2016  9:59am

    Can someone please post Who's ITR today? thanks!

    lm212 12/06/2016  10:11am

    Do you think they will see non eq men?

    ActorM7 12/06/2016  10:23am

    Do you think they will see non eq men?

    ActorM7 12/06/2016  10:47am

    Do you think they will see non eq men?

    ActorM7 12/06/2016  10:47am

    ^^ I just checked in. They are currently taking names for non-eq men (I was #15). But they said not to be too be optimistic.

    Ski123 12/06/2016  11:02am

    Who's in the room today?

    dancergirl33 12/06/2016  11:04am

    How many bars did they have the girls sing?

    lobjic10 12/06/2016  11:06am

    In the room today ??

    dancergirl33 12/06/2016  12:06pm

    they are announcing whether they are seeing any non-eq males at 2pm

    mwmw 12/06/2016  1:25pm

    Does anyone know if they have made the male non-eq announcement?

    mwmw 12/06/2016  1:59pm

    At 2:15, on the dot, they are taking non eq men's resumes, and the casting team is typing out.

    Ski123 12/06/2016  2:09pm


    Catbug826 12/06/2016  2:21pm

    Did that already happen then?

    mwmw 12/06/2016  2:27pm

    Yes. They took the headshots already.

    Ski123 12/06/2016  2:29pm

    ^^ I just checked in. They are currently taking names for non-eq men (I was #15). But they said not to be too be optimistic.

    Ski123 12/06/2016  2:54pm

    Were any EMC seen/will they be?

    themixingminx 12/06/2016  3:25pm

    Apologies! I read this as EPA

    themixingminx 12/06/2016  3:29pm

    ^as posted above, there is no distinction between EMCs and non-eqs at ECCs

    bwaylvsong 12/06/2016  3:30pm

    Can anyone post who's in the room today? thanks!

    lm212 12/06/2016  4:13pm
  • Colorado @ other 12/06/2016  6:15am

    Has anyone ever done an EPA at CAP21? Can an unofficial list be left at the downstairs desk, since the studio doesn't actually open til 10am?



    Caitlin1234 12/06/2016  10:43am

    Really? (Less doubting you, more just annoyed that I was about to trek down there and I can't find anything about it being cancelled anywhere else)

    Coops 12/06/2016  10:58am

    Can anyone confirm this was cancelled?

    Officerlockstock16 12/06/2016  11:01am


    sdfghj 12/06/2016  11:06am

    Yep, AEA says it's cancelled but they're accepting drop-offs for future appts.

    hangonmyyarnistangled 12/06/2016  11:30am

    Confirmed. It's cancelled. There's a lovely lady sitting at a table right when you get off the elevator taking headshot drop offs and explaining the situation.

    GreenEyes 12/06/2016  11:31am

    Are they still accepting drop offs?

    Nak803 12/06/2016  1:20pm

    How late can we drop off headshots? 5:30pm?

    onthatgrind 12/06/2016  3:33pm
  • Roman Holiday Dancer ECC @ Pearl Studios 12/05/2016  10:16pm

    Any predictions for this call? Chances of EMC (noneq) being seen?


    Any update on this?

    HookemTx 12/06/2016  5:36am


    willdanceforsnacks 12/06/2016  6:51am

    As of about 6:40, 2 females signed up. No male list yet.

    mishi3 12/06/2016  6:51am

    At 7:55. 16 women. 2 men.

    willdanceforsnacks 12/06/2016  7:48am

    isn't the woman's call at 2?

    rainey 12/06/2016  8:01am

    Women's non-we list is at 24 and the audition is at 2pm, yes.

    Jojobean 12/06/2016  8:25am

    Are non eq boys being seen now?

    Kmm728 12/06/2016  10:15am

    Are non eq boys being seen now?

    Kmm728 12/06/2016  10:19am

    Are non eq boys being seen now?

    Kmm728 12/06/2016  10:22am

    Are non eq boys being seen now?

    Kmm728 12/06/2016  10:23am

    Bump for non eq men updates

    ddreamer14 12/06/2016  10:34am

    Bump for non eq please

    rappydog13 12/06/2016  11:06am

    Bump for non eq please

    rappydog13 12/06/2016  11:06am

    Were non-eq boys seen?

    gottadance 12/06/2016  11:08am

    bump for noneq!

    kyhupstage 12/06/2016  11:56am


    gottadance 12/06/2016  12:22pm

    All boys were seen! Non-eq included-there were about 10-15

    fossefanatic 12/06/2016  12:27pm

    Not seeing Non Eq females

    rainey 12/06/2016  1:57pm
  • Audition Open for Female Host in upcoming TV and You Tube Series @ other 12/02/2016  4:36am

    Requirement: A young female host for upcoming Television / YouTube Series.


    The female artist should be in between age group of 22-25 years, height-5.4’ to 5.6’, slim figure and long hair with fluent communication skill. The nature should be talkative with the good presence of mind at the same point. The grooming sense should be litil casual and according to the environment. Must have skill of generating questions that need sharpness of mind.

    It will be a talk show with interview based theme, so the Actoress (Host Female) should have good knowledge about artists of 60’s in hindi film industry, about their journey, their acheivements etc. She should also have interest in talking with people and enjoy having quality conversation with them.
    For further information go to this link:


    If you were whom you say you are, you would know that this is not a site where actors (NO models) seek jobs.
    It is a site to help actors who are already attending auditions.
    So you must be a fraud. You and your colleagues have posted three fraudulent notices on Audition Update -- and no one will be stupid enough to respond to them.
    Go away!

    SusanCD 12/06/2016  6:49am

    I have even better questions....why does she HAVE to be that specific height? Why does she HAVE to be that slim? Why does she HAVE to be long haired? Why does she HAVE to fulfill every societal cookie cutter ideal of appearance?

    Oh oh Oh I know...Because people still insist on hiring cookie cutter pretty people! Because it's listings like this that show that in 20-fucking-16, we STILL haven't come far enough to see that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes.

    We're finally getting past this in the theater but it seems in the camera world of hosting, news anchors, morning shows, we still have a problem.
    Seriously doh...when was the last time you saw a non traditionally pretty female anchor??

    So bbyyyyeeeeeeee.

    And yes this site is not for job listings. I've seen quite a few the past few weeks...WHHHYYYY

    Showbizdreamer 12/06/2016  9:17am

    I don't mean to bump this up, but omg. Actoress?! AMAZING.

    crashtheparty 12/06/2016  10:45am

    y'all...not to be that B but I think this person just may not speak English as a first language. Put the pitchforks down...

    Rain On my Parade 12/06/2016  1:22pm
  • bump

    elmotheelephant 12/06/2016  10:02am


    foryourglory 12/06/2016  10:02am

    It's been cancelled. Monitor is waiting there for info from Equity

    Justgottasay 12/06/2016  10:07am

    Update: The EPA is cancelled but Liz Lewis is sending over someone to collect headshots and resumes. Should be here in the next 10-15min

    foryourglory 12/06/2016  10:32am

    Whoa crazy plot twist! Thanks guys!

    EMCLost 12/06/2016  10:36am