• Bump

    coffeequeen 02/24/2017  6:53am


    greenbean 02/24/2017  7:22am

    Female non eq list at 7. No men's list yet at 7:50. Way to be chill guys! Happy Friday!

    flan 02/24/2017  7:44am

    List is outside the building. Up to 6 at 7:45am.

    inpursuitofmagic 02/24/2017  7:47am

    Bump on non-eq/emc list for men

    Lcd903 02/24/2017  8:48am

    This is an ecc ^

    greenbean 02/24/2017  9:00am

    There was some discrepancy yesterday about whether or not they would seen non-eq since they have an open call in March. Did they end up taking any?

    Hello1111 02/24/2017  9:04am

    Bump. Are they seeing non-equity?

    Lass31 02/24/2017  10:07am

    When is the open call?

    Shylah Dancer 02/24/2017  10:22am

    Bump update

    Fizzy14 02/24/2017  10:45am


    ktdancergurl 02/24/2017  10:54am

    Bump for any news on noneq

    TipsyTarp 02/24/2017  11:24am

    Bump on non eq being seen

    coffeequeen 02/24/2017  11:53am
  • Theater Barn day 2 @ 02/24/2017  5:38am

    I know a lot of people had negative comments yesterday, but is anyone there already for today? Is there a list up?


    List is up at 6! On the second door.

    HeatherSB 02/24/2017  5:59am

    List at 21 as of 6:28

    beutifullifels 02/24/2017  6:21am

    What's the list at?

    girl123 02/24/2017  6:56am

    List at 45 as of 7:15

    nyclivingfree 02/24/2017  7:07am

    What time does the studio open?

    beutifullifels 02/24/2017  7:14am

    Up to #55 as of 7:30

    saymeow 02/24/2017  7:19am

    List at 65 as of 7:50.

    girl123 02/24/2017  7:45am

    List moved upstairs on the third floor

    asots 02/24/2017  7:49am

    List is up to 80

    abeltface 02/24/2017  8:07am

    77 at 8:10

    Aprildiamond48 02/24/2017  8:09am

    List up to 86 at 8:45am
    Holding room is open, but no monitor yet

    JennieMarie 02/24/2017  8:39am

    List is in the 90s now

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 02/24/2017  8:47am

    920am, list is at 103 :-)

    BroadwayKiwi 02/24/2017  9:25am

    Anyone know based on yesterday if they're taking all HS/R at the start of the call or as they call you in list order??

    asprgs456 02/24/2017  9:35am

    @CharacterActor234 just because he knows them doesn't mean he is liked or respected by them. I have a friend in the industry (equity by the way) who has worked with him before and told me he's an old grouch.

    JoanWick 02/24/2017  9:50am

    What number have they called thru?

    saymeow 02/24/2017  10:14am

    Bump on numbers called

    JennieMarie 02/24/2017  10:23am

    Called through 25

    cl1181 02/24/2017  10:27am

    Called through 30

    taybay 02/24/2017  10:28am

    I heard there are callbacks for this today too, how is that possible. Anyone get a callback for today.

    LegitBroadway 02/24/2017  10:32am

    Bump on #s

    asprgs456 02/24/2017  10:39am

    I am publicly expressing my admiration and thanks to yesterday's ITR folks and the monitor. There were about 175 on the "list" and they saw them all!
    Thank you.

    fjg 02/24/2017  10:46am

    Anyone get a Godspell callback ITR?

    beutifullifels 02/24/2017  10:57am

    Called through #40

    taybay 02/24/2017  10:58am

    Bump so people can see info about today's call

    taybay 02/24/2017  11:04am

    I got a CB ITR for Godspell and Nunsense yesterday to come back today.

    musicalwarrior 02/24/2017  11:04am

    Bump on numbers

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 02/24/2017  11:07am

    Called through #50

    taybay 02/24/2017  11:21am

    I got a call back ITR. For 4:20. I play instruments.... they want to hear that.

    OperaCowgirl 02/24/2017  11:38am

    Called through 60

    taybay 02/24/2017  11:45am
  • Williamstown Theatre Festival 2017 @ Actor's Equity Center 02/23/2017  10:40pm

    Could anyone share their experience trying to be seen by Williamstown as Non-equity? Do they only see non-eq if we submit to the separate Non-Equity Company that supplements MainStage? Is it worth trying to attend the EPA? Thank you in advance!!



    glitterandbegay212 02/23/2017  11:29pm

    I couldn't make it out last year so not sure what happened then, but two years ago I was seen at their EPA as non-equity.

    MTC 02/24/2017  12:33am

    Non eq list at 11.

    Cool.cat.8911 02/24/2017  7:14am

    There are NOT a lot of people here. Many equity members may waltz in and sign up anytime, but I imagine non-eq could be seen today.

    Alison 02/24/2017  8:18am

    Non equity list is up to 18. Monitor said EMC isn't too bad, just depends if they want to see non-eq or not. Please keep the thread updated!!!

    ambrosepike 02/24/2017  8:42am

    Bump-- how's EMC looking?

    Actorinprogress 02/24/2017  9:39am

    Bump on EMC

    JDM8808 02/24/2017  9:57am

    Not sure about EMC, but non-Equity list up to 23. NE may be seen, time permitting. Drop-offs accepted.

    bizatron09 02/24/2017  9:58am

    Bump for EMC and who's ITR?

    Clairita21 02/24/2017  10:24am

    Do we know who's in the room? Thanks!

    A23 02/24/2017  10:27am

    It looks like about 12-15 on EMC list, non called yet. Still working on alternate list

    MTC 02/24/2017  10:34am

    Noneq released until after lunch. Lunch is 1-2.

    Cool.cat.8911 02/24/2017  10:43am

    Any info on alt list nos?

    emuhe 02/24/2017  11:05am

    Can we get a double confirmation on no non-eq's til after lunch? Please and thank you.

    ambrosepike 02/24/2017  11:07am

    Bump for equity and alt pleaseeee

    wontsingbeforenoon 02/24/2017  11:08am

    Any news on EMC?

    Actorinprogress 02/24/2017  11:09am

    Hi! Anyone know who is in the room?

    inspiredactor 02/24/2017  11:38am

    Yep can double confirm non eq asked to come back after lunch. Any news on EMC??

    JDM8808 02/24/2017  11:44am
  • Bump

    shaws_hypatia 02/24/2017  8:17am

    This is at Ripley 929, right? Not 520?

    timeuponaonce 02/24/2017  8:33am


    ione1234 02/24/2017  9:03am

    Yes Ripley 939, not 520. 2nd floor.

    Non eq list about 23 ten minutes ago.

    MTC 02/24/2017  9:18am

    How is this call looking??

    godimamixer 02/24/2017  9:45am

    How many EMCs called? Thanks!

    inspiredactor 02/24/2017  9:45am

    Bump - non-Eq numbers, please!

    bizatron09 02/24/2017  10:08am

    Bump on EMC and equity alternate updates please!

    foryourglory 02/24/2017  10:19am

    Two emcs called about 30 minutes ago. Anyone have more recent update?

    SpeaksWordsGood 02/24/2017  10:25am

    16 EMC on list, called through 3. No alts currently...

    Canadianactor 02/24/2017  10:31am

    Any updates on how this is looking?

    JDM8808 02/24/2017  11:13am


    openspace14 02/24/2017  11:23am

    Last I heard: 5/17 EMC

    foryourglory 02/24/2017  11:30am

    11/17 EMC

    SpeaksWordsGood 02/24/2017  11:39am
  • Theatre barn @ other 02/22/2017  7:15pm

    Anyone know any other details about this call?
    It's at 8th Ave studios? And the call is at 11:00 which seems odd, but I could be overthinking!


    I am wondering the same thing! Are people starting a list super early? They may not honor it if it does not start till 11 but only goes till 4:30, thoughts?

    Nevergiveup 02/22/2017  7:27pm

    I'm not going to start an unofficial list super early, I doubt they will take it! I'm getting there around 9am
    Let's all be civil here lol

    Arielle12 02/22/2017  7:39pm

    I think that sounds reasonable!

    Nevergiveup 02/22/2017  7:41pm

    11am is right. This call and company are really relaxed and easy going so I'd say sleep in.

    funnyhoney 02/22/2017  7:58pm

    5 years ago... nobody showed up... literally it was so empty.

    CharacterActor234 02/22/2017  8:06pm

    Yeah this is usually pretty chill and from what I can recall they do usually take a list! :)

    Jessika 02/22/2017  8:09pm

    Hey y'all, yeah I'm super confused by this? The 8th ave studios thing is kinda weird ... has anyone ever been there?

    Lad1995 02/22/2017  10:26pm

    Does anyone know if this is a singing only call or dancing/singing? Also which one may be first?

    Theatrechic23 02/22/2017  10:57pm

    The Barn has held their auditions at the the other Ripley for several years now. I remember it running very slowly, so even if you get there super early, it does not mean you'll be in and out, and yes it is a pretty chill call..The studios themselves are also kinda janky- the holding room is a tight squeeze and there weren't a lot of outlets, but maybe that has changed? Just as a heads up....

    break legs.

    Rain On my Parade 02/22/2017  11:33pm

    This call is always incredibly chill and low pressure! I would say sleep in; 9 AM is a great idea.

    Theater Barn always holds their auditions at 939 8th Ave, and people usually keep everyone posted on how it's moving here on AU.

    nyfilly 02/22/2017  11:37pm

    Do they usually take a list?

    mahmaymeemohmoo 02/22/2017  11:46pm

    Unofficial list is up to 6 as of 6am

    trash 02/23/2017  6:13am

    Yes, they've always taken a list in the past. List is posted inside the vestibule. About 10 names on it as of 6:20 am.

    Jessika 02/23/2017  6:15am

    Does anyone know if they pass your name if they'll let you go into the next group? My work schedule is super wonky today and trying to figure out where on the list to put myself.

    CantBreakMyWings 02/23/2017  6:30am

    List at 23 at 7:15

    bumblebee 02/23/2017  7:10am

    Why ya'll gotta be like this ugh

    Carinauditioning5 02/23/2017  7:22am

    8th ave studios is a thing! Been there quite a bit for auditions. It's an offshoot of Ripley Grier.

    And it will be singing first.

    funnyhoney 02/23/2017  7:44am

    How many of those names are in the same handwriting?

    elphie 02/23/2017  7:44am

    There was a girl signing in at least 10 people when I was there

    Beltbox 02/23/2017  7:46am

    Ugh come on guys...just take the advice of everyone saying that 9 Am is plenty early. That's when I was planning to get there...what's the list up to now? I don't have anywhere to be so it's not like I have to go super early...just wondering

    mercurialasaka 02/23/2017  7:46am

    Agreed with above. What's the list at now?

    nmv 02/23/2017  7:54am

    The audition is at 11 and the building opens at 10 whyyyy are people signing up earlier than 9??

    IHaveADumbQuestion 02/23/2017  8:00am

    64 at 8:05

    Cuddlykiwi 02/23/2017  8:00am

    62 as of 8:05am

    12kk21 02/23/2017  8:00am

    List is at 64 at 8:05

    caffeinated_queen 02/23/2017  8:00am

    70 people at 8:20

    Marcy18 02/23/2017  8:14am

    79 @ 8:30

    crwnhghtsactr 02/23/2017  8:27am

    This traditional of an unofficial list needs to stop, especially people signing up their friends. If you want a chance to be seen then get there early and wait with the rest of us!

    QueenofDenile 02/23/2017  8:31am

    Agreed. And I'm happy to hear that a LOT of theaters are refusing to take it. So I'm hoping that it stops. There's 85? People on the list and literally 8 people here. 8. These 8 should be first in line because we are actually present and here waiting!!

    mercurialasaka 02/23/2017  8:39am

    Agreed. I'd love for theatres to stop accepting unofficial lists. But until they do, I wish people would be a little more respectful.

    I don't mind someone signing up one friend if you're tag teaming auditions for the day, or maybe even two. But to put down 10 names is just unfair.

    Bwayluver 02/23/2017  8:50am

    If anyone is wondering how to get to/where this is.

    3rd floor, list on the holding room's door. Buzz 202 to get in.

    List around 115 at 9:15am.

    JessicaJones 02/23/2017  9:06am

    Thank you @JessicaJones!

    No. 02/23/2017  9:07am

    Its at 150 already. Not worth it.

    HocusPocus 02/23/2017  9:25am

    The reason there are so few people waiting in line is because there's a list .... unofficial lists are a priveledge and I hope you will learn to use them to your advantage. It stinks that non eqs are starting to losethat priveledge at more and more theatres because of bad choices, but a list started at 6am is completely reasonable.

    Emseeme 02/23/2017  9:28am

    Just to play devil's advocate here,
    Some people can't afford to take work off every single time they have an audition, so they do what they can to fit it all in. Some will get up extra early to sign up and then run to work. It doesn't mean that people care less if they aren't sitting in the holding room hours before the audition even starts. I know this isn't the story for all people, and hopefully people will start being more respectful (not signing 10 of their friends up) to fellow auditioners. We all have different situations and are trying our best to book a job performing, while also making enough money for food and rent. It's a tough business, so be kind to each other!

    Happy Audition season! Let's kill it!

    dancingqueen 02/23/2017  9:30am

    No, unofficial lists are not a privilege. They are a pain in the ass.

    Equity have to stand outside in a line, people want this business to be more "fair"? That's what everyone should do. I for one commend the theaters and casting offices who refuse the unofficial list.

    We should be running open calls like equity runs their calls, not with this unofficial crap.

    Icanseeyou 02/23/2017  9:37am

    Emseeme The problem is when someone signs up 20 of their friends who aren't even there - sorry but that IS NOT right. You may see it as a privilege if your friend signed you up and you didn't have to be there and could sleep in or go to work. For the ones like me that got up early, got ready and got down here to wait in like - that is NOT a privilege to me when there were already 85 on the list and only 8 people actually present - sorry it's not right. If you put your name on the list then you should wait. The only way I could agree to a list is if they used some sort of on line sign-up sheet so that every has the same "privilege" as you call it. Don't forget just like some of you have jobs, some of us don't live in NYC - maybe I should start a business that charges people and me and my crew will go around to all the audition lists at 5am and sign in 40 people at a time...I mean if you think it's ok for your friend to sign you up then why shouldn't some entrepreneur capitalize on this....hmmmm it's a thought.

    QueenofDenile 02/23/2017  9:42am

    "A list started at 6am is completely reasonable"
    HA. Apply that to any other job situation and tell me that doesn't sound ridiculous.

    hjj7 02/23/2017  9:43am

    List is up to 140 now, no word on typing or 16 bars yet.

    Nevergiveup 02/23/2017  9:47am

    Any monitors present? Word on when they're collecting headshots?

    dance10looks3 02/23/2017  9:53am

    Alright let's stop complaining y'all.

    What's up with the lists? Are there monitors there yet?

    sheusedtobemine 02/23/2017  9:58am

    List at 147.
    No monitor yet.

    NickBottom 02/23/2017  10:08am

    Hey guys. I overslept is there any point of me coming in?

    Heygirlhey89 02/23/2017  10:19am


    List is being honored. 16 bars of your best. May ask for a contrasting selection so keep that in mind.

    Break legs everyone and remember to keep it down in the hallways.

    hufflepoof 02/23/2017  10:26am

    Someone who looked official took the lists...as in physically took them but no word if they are transferring it, seeing what's going on and making decisions on what to sing, not taking it....

    mercurialasaka 02/23/2017  10:27am

    Is there another open call tomorrow?

    Heygirlhey89 02/23/2017  10:42am

    Theres another call tomorrow but it will be shorter. Only until 1 30

    musicalwarrior 02/23/2017  10:52am

    So yes to transferring the list?

    mil7230 02/23/2017  11:00am

    Yes, they transferred the list. The first 10 names have been called.

    caffeinated_queen 02/23/2017  11:05am

    Can anyone update if they'll fit you in if you miss your number?

    CantBreakMyWings 02/23/2017  11:23am

    Up to 23 or so called. Have to resign at the end of the list if you miss

    Trynaball 02/23/2017  11:26am

    how far on the list are they?

    raq 02/23/2017  11:27am

    Bump on list progress.

    Bwayluver 02/23/2017  11:58am

    Which room/floor is the holding room ?

    #imlistening 02/23/2017  11:58am


    Trynaball 02/23/2017  11:59am

    Are they keeping the list open all day?

    bway145 02/23/2017  12:03pm

    Called to 48/49.

    mercurialasaka 02/23/2017  12:13pm

    Any callbacks ITR?

    Jessika 02/23/2017  12:15pm

    Through 63

    Trynaball 02/23/2017  12:37pm

    FYI the AD just made an announcement to stop singing contemporary musical theatre, pop/rock, or overly emotional songs. They want something traditional and showy (belt or legit is fine)

    musicalwarrior 02/23/2017  1:04pm

    That was such a rude speech by the accompanist (MD?). I get it that contemp doesn't fit the season of course but there are nicer ways to say it then calling it crap. This call is a joke.

    JessicaJones 02/23/2017  1:25pm

    Overly emotional songs? Lol

    #imlistening 02/23/2017  1:26pm

    I'm cold as shit. Also he said like no new age stuff like pasek and Paul, drew gasparini etc

    Trynaball 02/23/2017  1:32pm

    What number are they at

    HeddaDabler 02/23/2017  1:32pm

    When I walked into the room they were kinda talking smack about the song choice of the person who went before me :/

    hufflepoof 02/23/2017  1:34pm

    Could not agree more with the above posts. When I gave my song he said out loud "what is this shit"? I get it he doesn't like it, but please don't comment on my book. This call will certainly not be a highlight of this audition season. :/

    singingguy123 02/23/2017  1:38pm

    Bump on numbers called?

    julieandrews95 02/23/2017  1:39pm

    The last post in Gig & Tell is quite telling....

    bisouu 02/23/2017  1:47pm

    I know they're doing Nunsense and Guys and Dolls but aren't they doing Godspell too tho? Lol of course people are gonna come in with pop/rock/contemp./"overly emotional" songs

    heydudes 02/23/2017  1:51pm

    Idk about y'all but I don't wanna work with people like that hahaha

    Lad1995 02/23/2017  1:55pm

    BUMP. how many numbers have they called out of how many?

    also, anyone have the link to the posting for tomorrow's call?

    glitterandbegay212 02/23/2017  1:57pm

    Yeah wtf I was there specifically for Godspell because I'm not right for anything else they're doing. So why wouldn't I have sung a belly rock ballad...? If they're not casting that they should've said that in the listing so some of us didn't have to get up so early and waste our whole morning. Sounds like they really value our time and energy

    Jessika 02/23/2017  2:09pm

    I'm happy to know I'm not the only one that felt this way about this audition. This was a rough one.

    JoycelynB 02/23/2017  2:20pm

    They are not casting Godspell from this call. The director has posted he is casting privately looking for actors who play instruments.

    Scarlette@cleanwaterz.com 02/23/2017  2:21pm

    ^^^ that information was not anywhere on the audition notice, nor on the information posted at the call

    hufflepoof 02/23/2017  2:25pm

    They are casting Godspell at this call. The director isn't here, but will be at the callbacks on Saturday.

    trash 02/23/2017  2:29pm

    Don't think that's 100% true.

    I went in with a legit and they specifically asked me for a pop/rock for Godspell for a 2nd. Which caught me off guard since they had specified that they don't want that. And all of a sudden I couldn't think of a single pop/rock song in my book.

    Looking back I think their thinking is: Ask for a legit since it's a Summer stock and most of the season sways that way. Then go from there for Godspell.

    But they also said early Stephen Schwartz would be good. So they're definitely considering for Godspell

    Bwayluver 02/23/2017  2:36pm

    Does anyone know what number they are up to?

    ThePineapplePrincess 02/23/2017  2:39pm

    They were nice to me but they certainly seemed stand offish before I started just talking with them a bit. The accompanist played very well but that speech really did seem a bit harsh. I've never had or heard of someone doing that in that manner. I didn't hear him call the auditions crap but I did hear him yelling. And he slammed the door. It was a bit how you'd talk to students or kids. What really upsets me is the talking shit about auditioners as others are walking into the room and actually going 'what is this shit' when someone presents the song they are going to sing. That's beyond disrespectful. Most community theaters, hell most high school theaters know better than that. Now I feel like I wasted a day and my energy if this is how they behave, as they are not showing that WE the actors would want to work with them.

    mercurialasaka 02/23/2017  2:54pm

    After witnessing some terrible behavior from the creative team and reading the Gig and Tell page I'm wondering...do I want to waste my time attending a callback for this company? If this is how they act during auditions, what's that rehearsal and production process like? Anybody else conflicted?

    whatthewhat!? 02/23/2017  4:04pm

    Hey All: I'm the pianist who made the dreaded speech you all found so offensive. Let me clue you in: auditions are not about your feelings. It's about the directors', producers' and MDs needs? Want to be jerked off? Take a class where they do that. Auditions are not for that. With a season like Numsense, Guys And Dolls and Godspell, why would you sing Adam Gwon? It shows people you didn't read the call or have no idea what's appropriate and just want to sing something "you like". Sorry, if all this bent you out of shape, this is the wrong business for you.

    thatpianist 02/23/2017  4:10pm


    CharacterActor234 02/23/2017  4:16pm

    Yes. Nunsense. I'm on my phone.

    thatpianist 02/23/2017  4:20pm

    I didn't actually hear the speech. Just heard through the grapevine what they wanted initially which is always good to know... what made it so offensive?

    Didn't personally witness anything rude and they were all pleasant and positive in the room. Definitely trying to push things along to get through everyone, which I understand. But that's just me.

    The door though... I think it just slams. Seemed to slam every time someone closed it.

    Just seemed like an ordinary audition to me.

    Bwayluver 02/23/2017  4:28pm

    So...who was in the room? I'm gonna make sure to never go to a call he plays. No professional says something like "want to be jerked off?".

    crashtheparty 02/23/2017  5:29pm

    I mostly play Equity calls, so, thankfully, you won't run into me much.

    thatpianist 02/23/2017  5:33pm

    idk, maybe some people need their feelings coddled, but I guess I'm coming at it from the angle that this is my profession, this is a business, and I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a modicum of professionalism. Yes, even in the non-eq world.

    Wasn't there for the speech, can't verify, but I 100% heard shit-talking about the person before me when I came into the room.

    hufflepoof 02/23/2017  5:35pm

    His name is John, didn't get the last name. Best of luck to those going tomorrow... also the call says "best 16" but make sure it's golden age or else you'll be bullied

    singingguy123 02/23/2017  5:45pm

    There is a huge difference between being "coddled" and being treated kindly and decently. The fact that this theatre company doesn't know the difference would certainly make me think twice about working for them.

    bisouu 02/23/2017  5:47pm

    Y'all need to calm down lmao I'm going to this call tomorrow for the sole reason of meeting this pianist and shaking his hand. BRAVO

    baecon 02/23/2017  6:22pm

    I was going to this call tomorrow, but am going to pass. No way would I want to work with a company who acts so unprofessional. A simple mention of "hey, we are looking for legit songs, please keep that in mind" would have been sufficient.

    blondiesop 02/23/2017  7:52pm

    Bye, Felicia.

    thatpianist 02/23/2017  9:27pm

    While the delivery may not have been my fave, I definitely appreciated the announcement. Because of that i changed my audition song and my new song got me the callback. Why wouldnt you want extra insight to what the team wants?
    Irrelevant, but in terms of skill, this accomp. played my piece better than any other audition accomp. I have sang with.

    Further, I couldnt find gig and tells for this theatre. There are bad reviews for The Barn Theatre and other "barn" related theatres, but I could not find this specific one. I have a friend who worked there last summer as a "jobber" and loved his experience. This was also the warmest room Ive been in in a long time.

    Dont be discouraged guys.

    musicalwarrior 02/23/2017  9:42pm

    Woof. Heard all this earlier and literally turned around on 51st to avoid the nonsense. But "pianist that responded?" That may be the most ridiculous post I've seen in a WHILE. Maybe you are real. I struggle to believe that post is legit.

    For everyone who IS real and WAS there: don't stress about your song selection! You picked (and rocked) a song based on what you knew at the time! Also YOU showed up. And that's all you can do at any of these. Show up, get seen, rock it out. So be proud.

    ANYWAY, just painting some positive vibes over this blood-spatter of a thread. Sleep tight all!!

    sahlers00 02/23/2017  9:42pm

    My b, I found the gig and tells.
    But honestly, it sounds like one person is being a drama queen and other people had very positive things to say.

    musicalwarrior 02/23/2017  9:49pm

    By drama queen, you mean @thepianist right? lol

    blondiesop 02/23/2017  9:52pm

    I understand how frustrating it must be to hear person after person sing songs that the team felt was inappropriate to the show choice and feeling that the breakdown hadn't been clearly read. Totally valid feeling and I understand you felt something had to be said. However, there is a way to state things, in a professional and courteous manner that does not include profanity or rudeness. It's not about coddling, it's simple courtesy and professionalism. You can state things strongly yet with some amount of decency without 'coddling' . And again, my issue isn't even with that, it really isn't, sometimes people react in frustration and this may have been one of those times. However, as it has been written above, talking about and/or laughing about other auditioners as someone else is coming into the room? Saying 'what is this shit' when someone places music in front of you? That's unprofessional and very disheartening. It's actually borderline insulting to the 150+ who gave up their days and put effort into their audition because it shows how little we are respected. Look we all know everyone talks about everyone but at least have the decency to do it not as another person is walking in. We can't do our best work for you if we feel uncomfortable already, like we're going to be made fun of. It's never a good thing when actors are doubting auditioning/working for your company. Like everything else, theater relies on word of mouth, professionalism and how you treat your employees works on word of mouth and you can lose AMAZING people this way and it hurts both parties.

    mercurialasaka 02/23/2017  9:53pm

    (and you were an AWESOME accompanist by the way...I just think a couple of things could have been handled better over all)

    mercurialasaka 02/23/2017  9:55pm

    I was referring to the negative gig and tells, but I agree the way the accomp handled things was a little off putting but I did appreciate the info that was given.

    musicalwarrior 02/23/2017  10:16pm


    Okay, you came out and told everyone not to sing contemporary anymore. Fine. Whatever. If you had just left it at that no one would be upset. However, shit-talking actors while their in the room? Saying "what is this shit" when people put their music in front of you? Where is it written that that's okay? NO ONE DOES THAT. It's not professional AT ALL.

    Also, the call said "16 bars of YOUR BEST" which is a VERY broad statement. If you want legit songs, you should've specified LIKE OTHER CALLS DO (including Equity calls).

    And on top of all this you come on here to respond? Seriously? And it's not like it made anything better. You just created more drama because you got butthurt over what was said about you.

    As people before me have said, there's a difference between coddling and showing courtesy, respect, and professionalism. You have clearly shown us none.

    For the record, this is coming from someone who actually had a good audition with you and had no problem with you until all of this happened. The final nail in the coffin was "bye, Felicia."

    JoanWick 02/23/2017  10:28pm

    LOL omg the RUDENESS of this accompanist

    someone's high and mighty

    literally took no time for Theatre Barn to live up to the gossip this year: they've been treatin' actors like dispensable pieces of shit since that nonunion hell hole was founded

    skippin 02/23/2017  10:56pm

    Sooooo who's going tomorrow??? Hahahahaha but seriously..

    MissManhattan 02/23/2017  11:17pm

    HEAR Ye, HEAR Ye- this theatre is NOT professional! I went to see a friend in a show there this past season, and though some of the talent was great, there was an ensemble of about 6 12-15 year-olds in starter character heels with dead eyes and tambourines- playing "adults??"- one of them being the granddaughter of the owners of the theatre. Sound and lighting terrible- they were well into the run of the show- set out of badly painted ply-wood. You CAN be creative and artistic on a budget, but it seemed like the administration just didn't care. There were actors coming to show calls inebriated, and when the stage manager tried to write them up/ etc. she was shot down by people in charge, so she had to quit. My friend stayed in an upper story, in air-conditioned room with no window. STAY AWAY!!!! For your own safety and sanity!

    Lionsandtigersandbroadway OHMY 02/23/2017  11:36pm

    I don't mean to enjoy the misery of others, but I loved every second of reading this. I was there last summer, and I would give this a hard pass. The bad mouthing that was happening between your auditions also happened during the previous season, mostly the producers talking badly of actors to other actors. Everything there is almost good, almost ok, until it's so bad it's offensive. And I recognize that not all of the Gig and Tell reviews reflect that. That may be because last season, a lot of actors who had done multiple seasons there all agreed that it was the worst it had been, and that it was out of character for them. So maybe it was just that season. Or maybe it's the beginning of a trend. But from someone who just worked there, none of what was said here surprised me.

    missstarlight 02/24/2017  12:08am

    Is this thread even real? Is this pianist really talking shit on an AU thread? I understand the frustration of innapropriate song selections, if you want to make a nasty announcement, FINE. I wasn't there, if he was nasty about it that is unfortunate, but at the end of the day it's beneficial for us to know that information. But to talk shit about actors in the room, and type out these snarky, petty replies? I can think of a thousand other more productive things I could do with my morning tomorrow than attend this audition. I suggest others do the same. We need to respect ourselves enough to not deal with this bullshit.

    #imlistening 02/24/2017  12:43am

    Lol, yeah, I'm sure you play lots of Equity calls. 😂😚

    crashtheparty 02/24/2017  1:32am

    @thatpianist if an internet conversation consisting of actors warning their fellow actors that the accompanist at an audition is disrespectful and rude has bothered you to the point that you had to create an AU account to respond, maybe YOU are in the wrong business. Also, from what I'm reading, it doesn't sound like those auditioning today suffered from hurt feelings, I think they just expected the standard amount of respect and professionalism that most auditions grant actors. If anyone reading this is planning on attending this audition Friday morning, why? They've made it blatantly clear how they treat their actors.

    #imlistening 02/24/2017  1:40am

    Does anyone know the last name of the pianist? John who? Gotta make some notes in my audition diary

    funsized 02/24/2017  3:13am

    The unofficial list is probably already up to 150 LOL

    Aprildiamond48 02/24/2017  5:31am

    Accompanist John McMahon

    Buzzer 02/24/2017  6:34am

    John is friends with Christopher Siber, Harvey Firestein, Lea Delaria, Dave Clemmons, Marti Cummings and Jim middleton.

    He knows people... be careful what you say about him.

    CharacterActor234 02/24/2017  7:46am

    characteractor234, while I understand you have good intentions:
    1) I will not be intimidated into silence by some asshole because he knows people
    2) we're anonymous, he isn't.

    PS. My bed is so comfortable right now. Glad I'm not wasting my time being belittled by a casting team for a song choice. 👍🏻

    crashtheparty 02/24/2017  8:38am


    The day John McMahon decided it was worth it to end his career by being an internet troll.

    carrieunderwire 02/24/2017  8:47am

    @CharacterActor234 just because he knows them doesn't mean he is liked or respected by them. I have a friend in the industry (equity by the way) who has worked with him before and told me he's an old grouch

    JoanWick 02/24/2017  9:52am

    Just so you know: we're all in the room laughing at this thread. HIGH-sterical.

    thatpianist 02/24/2017  10:40am

    don't worry about who he knows. we all know people lol. look at how much he won't hurt your career:


    galliegirl 02/24/2017  10:41am

    @thatpianist just so YOU know, saying things like "bye, Felicia" and "high-sterical" make you sound like a dorky parent trying to impress your child in high school. Grow up.

    JoanWick 02/24/2017  10:46am


    Ouch! BURN! HURTS!! How will I ever survive??!

    thatpianist 02/24/2017  10:56am

    Come on guys, despite my vocal protestations against all that happened, I'm not a fan of posting anyone's real identity (esp including last name) on this site, no matter what's been said or done. that skeeves me out...no one should feel intimidated to be silenced but we also shouldn't feel we can drag people's names/career(s) out there just because we're anonymous (though fun fact you can be found easily through google). Just saying.

    mercurialasaka 02/24/2017  11:02am

    Agreed. This whole thread is painful and needs to die. I'm kind of convinced "thatpianist" is a troll at this point, or at least I hope so.

    #imlistening 02/24/2017  11:11am

    Had no problem with accompanist. Gave him the tempo, steeped back and did it. As I retrieved my book, he complimented my performance.

    fjg 02/24/2017  11:18am
  • Barn theatre hell @ other 02/24/2017  12:01am

    From all the negative comments... should I even bother going to the Actor call on Sunday? I rather not get made fun for my monologue choice...


    If you want to go, go :). Don't let other people on the internet decide for you ❤️

    Aprildiamond48 02/24/2017  8:11am

    I did a couple plays with them. One of the actors directed the next year and asked me to come back and work. Really good people working there. This is about 10 years ago and maybe things have changed but I had a great time. Joan and Abe treat you like family.The housing is like a hostel but it was an adventure. I am grateful for my time at theater barn. I'm equity now and it was helpful to my growth as an actor to rehearse and mount a play in a week.

    DailyBailey 02/24/2017  8:17am

    P.S. a lot can change in 10 years tho... it is community theater but everyone acted professionally behind and in front of the scenes.

    DailyBailey 02/24/2017  8:25am

    I gotta back Daily up on this one. The one thing I've always known Theater Barn to be is respectful. This whole thing seems way out of character for them.

    KickIt 02/24/2017  8:46am

    This place is fine.
    I worked there a few years ago.
    Standard Non-Eq stock, low-standard pay, housing was poor (that upstairs kitchen sink tho!
    ) :( and average theatricality.
    Only issue I had was if someone rats on you, you are immediately trouble. They don't ask for your side in the story. Despite the circumstance and never really being the one to blame, the show carried on. Won't be going back, that's for sure.

    CuriousParadox 02/24/2017  9:42am
  • 19 so far. Why's this one so quiet? Do you need to play an instrument for Murder For Two as well?

    KickIt 02/24/2017  8:41am
  • Case Western, uci, nyu, etc @ other 02/23/2017  8:05pm

    Anyone get any answers on grad schools? Callbacks? Offers?

    Crimson Crusader

    Ah damn. Meant to throw this under callbacks.

    Crimson Crusader 02/23/2017  8:08pm

    NYU callback offers are out.

    I received a "we're still interested / keep us updated" email from Case Western, but no official offer yet.

    Hank22 02/24/2017  12:41am
  • Yes and accepted

    eml320 02/23/2017  10:14pm