• @ 01/06/2017  3:23pm

    Has anyone worked at Myers Dinner Theatre in Indiana? Would love some input on experiences there.


    I emailed their casting email yesterday to find out any info (presumably they have a new Artistic Director and he is making major changes), but I haven't heard back. i inquired about actors doubling as servers (some dinner theatres do not do this), EMC points (doubting it), and whether they cast the ensemble for the season or by show. We shall see.

    alwaysabridesmaid 01/06/2017  3:24pm

    Would love to know if you hear back from them! I have very similar questions.

    doublepullback 01/06/2017  3:27pm

    Update: there is no update. Have not gotten a response back. :-/

    alwaysabridesmaid 01/09/2017  4:06pm

    I submitted to them and haven't heard back yet either!

    youngscrelter 01/09/2017  4:28pm

    Anyone hear anything yet?

    broadway9999 01/10/2017  10:58am

    Hello all! I am the new marketing personnel for the dinner theatre. There have been some major changes to the staffing here at MDT, even since January, and the artistic director then has now left the theatre, taking with him the passwords to the casting accounts, so we have no access to those to give any sort of responses. Please send any questions you have to myersdt@myersdt.com and ask that they be forwarded to Preston. I can take them from there.

    pdildine 09/01/2017  1:22pm