• Fireside South Pacific ECC 01/11 @ Nola Studios 01/10/2017  8:15pm

    What are the chances that non-eq will be seen tomorrow, especially if they were dismissed today?



    newface 01/10/2017  8:52pm


    soulsaypeace19 01/11/2017  7:16am

    Is anyone standing outside yet? How is it looking?

    IneedajobZach 01/11/2017  7:56am

    24 on non-e.g., they're closing the list at 35

    Enchantedemma 01/11/2017  8:40am

    Any word on how many people on the EMC list? Thanks!

    Mickey5 01/11/2017  8:58am

    ^^^Once again...there is no EMC list at ECC's. It's Union or Non. EMC are lumped with Non-Union so they use the same list at ECC's.

    Showbizdreamer 01/11/2017  9:29am

    Still accepting non-eq sign ups?

    glitterandbegay212 01/11/2017  11:23am