• Any updates from how today is going, seeing emc or non Union etc?

    TheRedShoes 01/11/2017  1:36pm

    How would anyone know this info?

    popples 01/11/2017  5:10pm


    bruiserwhereiselle 01/11/2017  7:54pm

    Does anyone know if it's actually an EPA for 2 days (Thursday and Friday) or if Friday is the ECC? Or is it both the ECC and EPA on Friday? The audition listings on Broadway World are very confusing. :)

    Morningcoffee 01/11/2017  10:57pm

    It is a two day EPA^

    BwayBroad 01/11/2017  11:32pm

    Is there a list yet?

    bruiserwhereiselle 01/12/2017  4:58am

    List is started! At 5:50am it was up 9 people.

    WalkIntoTheRoomPurseFirst 01/12/2017  5:56am

    List at 25 as of 7:05

    jeaniebean 01/12/2017  7:03am

    Any EMC started a line yet?

    TinyDancer 01/12/2017  7:27am

    There is no EMC line. There is no "unofficial" EMC list. There is no such thing as either at any EPA ever. There is only the Equity line (which EMC should be in so they may then sign up on the official EMC list with the monitor.) And then there is an unofficial non-equity list.

    That's it for an EPA.

    Keeperk2 01/12/2017  7:55am

    What's the line looking like?

    JessicaJones 01/12/2017  8:01am

    About 40 people in line right now. Not bad but it's a very small holding room.

    ladyinwaiting 01/12/2017  8:19am

    Backstage has fridays call as an ecc, it's for equity ensemble. Today is the EPA.

    taykay91 01/12/2017  8:54am

    Also broadway world says it's an ecc as well for Friday. Today is the EPA! :)

    taykay91 01/12/2017  8:56am

    How does it look??

    dadadadadum 01/12/2017  9:26am

    You guys know the show is cast right? The cast had wig fittings this week.

    Gagainsider 01/12/2017  9:32am


    BwayBroad 01/12/2017  9:33am

    Who's ITR?

    PrettyPelican 01/12/2017  9:59am

    3 EMC's were just called into a mini group.

    coexist2014 01/12/2017  10:13am

    how many EMCs?

    winkandwiggle 01/12/2017  10:18am

    Any kids there auditioning?

    Meog 01/12/2017  10:19am

    Updates? How many EMCs and how many have been seen ?

    winkandwiggle 01/12/2017  10:38am

    About 13 EMC have been called into groups. And yes, there are kids auditioning!

    ChocolateFreckles 01/12/2017  10:42am

    Any idea how long EMC list is?

    BwayBroad 01/12/2017  10:43am

    How many emc are left to be seen?

    dadadadadum 01/12/2017  10:43am

    Who is In The Room?

    thirstygirls 01/12/2017  10:56am

    Bump for how long the emc list is!

    bananabread 01/12/2017  11:12am

    Who is In The Room?

    thirstygirls 01/12/2017  11:12am

    Bump on EMCs?

    winkandwiggle 01/12/2017  11:13am

    26 of 39 called

    dadadadadum 01/12/2017  11:18am

    Curious from the sidelines--

    Have they seen or made any announcements on whether or not they'll be seeing non-equity?


    MuppetBeltress 01/12/2017  11:26am

    Bump on EMC List

    I'm the first girl in the second row. 01/12/2017  11:30am

    Hi friends! Can someone ask the monitor if the EPA is also tomorrow? Or is it just ECC or both? I wish I could come today to sort it out myself. :)

    Morningcoffee 01/12/2017  11:46am

    bump on non eq??

    bahahah 01/12/2017  11:58am

    Bump on what EMC is up to?

    Vivavoce 01/12/2017  12:12pm

    Non eq called up to 8

    202493 01/12/2017  12:24pm

    Wait I thought they said non eq come back at 2:20!!! After the lunch break!

    corgiwithadream 01/12/2017  12:31pm

    Have they talked about if the non Union list will be closed? Would I be able to sign up as a non eq after lunch? Thanks!

    TheRedShoes 01/12/2017  12:36pm

    who is in the room?

    muffin 01/12/2017  12:40pm

    Is there an EPA and an ECC tomorrow?

    Newbie65 01/12/2017  12:45pm

    Hi friends! Can someone ask the monitor if the EPA is also tomorrow? Or is it just ECC or both? I wish I could come today to sort it out myself. :)

    Morningcoffee 01/12/2017  12:54pm

    Bump for non-eq update!

    briankzzz 01/12/2017  1:11pm

    BroadwayWorld lists the call for tomorrow as an ECC

    popples 01/12/2017  1:16pm

    They're starting non eq at 2:20 still. It looks like they had about 8 non eq go before lunch. But they didn't cross anyone off for not being there because she did say to leave and come back at 2:20!

    corgiwithadream 01/12/2017  1:33pm

    Who is IN THE ROOM? Please? And YES, tomorrow (Friday) has BOTH an EPA AND an ECC. Why? No idea.

    MyNewFakeName 01/12/2017  1:54pm

    Bump on non eq

    pink24 01/12/2017  2:40pm

    Hey what number are they up to on the non-eq?

    CarmenSandiego 01/12/2017  3:10pm

    They are up to 49 on the noneq list.

    Icanseeyou 01/12/2017  3:43pm


    BwayBroad 01/12/2017  3:48pm

    Up to 49 of how many on the non-eq list?

    briankzzz 01/12/2017  3:56pm

    ITR Claire Gengine associated
    Drew wutke accomp

    Tbone 01/12/2017  4:29pm

    Claire Gengine? Who is that?..

    BwayBroad 01/12/2017  4:49pm

    In the room was Claire Gerig. She was listed as an associate. When I looked her up, I found her actor website. Could not find anything about her as a casting person. I did see that Stephen Kopel directed her in a show a couple of years ago. So I'm curious...

    MB25 01/12/2017  10:46pm

    Guys the show is cast. These calls are useless. Hence no casting in the room LOL

    grizabella 01/12/2017  11:56pm

    Sorry, I meant Claire Geng assoc. Cd

    Tbone 01/13/2017  8:51am

    I'm so confused by this feed LOL! The call starts at 10am yeah? So why are they already seeing or calling Non-Eq names? I'm on the non-eq list from very early this AM but haven't gone back yet.. so wondering if I should even come back now? #confused

    meowmeow21 01/13/2017  9:01am

    Male ECC starts at 2pm, I don't know with the others. Hope that helps

    What Is Insurance? 01/13/2017  9:03am

    This is the feed from yesterday's EPA - down below is the new feed for today's ECC and EPA calls.

    Newbie65 01/13/2017  9:06am