• tuts 11/04/2012  7:45pm

    I've been checking the backstage rescheduled auditions page and still haven't seen one for TUTS. Any word yet on when those auditions will be held?



    I will see what I can find out tomorrow.

    AuditionUpdate 11/04/2012  8:57pm

    Thank you! That would be amazing!

    HolidaeIn 11/04/2012  11:01pm

    I just got off the phone with TUTS. They said that the audition is rescheduled for the week of Nov. 12th (next week) but that they are unsure of the exact day. I am calling them back later this week for the day/time/location.

    AuditionUpdate 11/05/2012  11:28am

    Do the rescheduled times include the open call?

    BassoBuffo 11/05/2012  3:36pm

    thanks a lot! i'll check back tonight!

    HolidaeIn 11/05/2012  4:31pm