• Encores ECC at Actors Equity 11/05/2012  9:14am

    I know it's too early, but will someone please post if they make an announcement about non eq later please?

    ThAnk you!


    Also, can you post who is in the room? Thanks!

    theatreguy120 11/05/2012  9:21am

    how many equity ladies are there?
    im running late and need to know if they are cutting the list off. Could I still sign up at 11?

    Oscar 11/05/2012  9:54am

    They just asked non-eq to hang around. They are going to try and see as many non-eqs as possible. They are not typing. Everyone is singing.

    QK 11/05/2012  10:08am

    Who is in the room?

    theatreguy120 11/05/2012  10:12am

    who's ITR?

    blahblahblahblah 11/05/2012  12:16pm

    Jay Binder, the MD, and an accompanist were in there this morning

    Bwayplscall 11/05/2012  1:57pm

    Did they see any non eq this morning?

    Bumblebee1 11/05/2012  2:04pm

    They didn't see non-eq this morning--- I checked back at 2pm and she said it was looking grim. Check back around 4pm.

    eheitz 11/05/2012  2:32pm

    they are prob mainly looking for Fiorello! ? or will they do more later? I am mostly interested in On Your Toes, and I don't think the lead dancers in that sing much anyway right?

    danamdkny 11/05/2012  3:11pm

    Does Encores usually have a dance ECC at some point?

    Bwayplscall 11/05/2012  4:59pm

    they do, but they have already solicited NYCB dancers for auditions

    danamdkny 11/06/2012  9:41am