• Disney Hong Kong 11/05/2012  12:31pm

    This is still going today correct? The vocal call.


    Yes, at 2pm. Line is about 15 people long now.

    New2NewYork 11/05/2012  12:51pm

    Oh, noes!! I thought the Princess vocal call was tomorrow??

    J1 11/05/2012  1:49pm

    Is this call still open?

    Bpnyc 11/05/2012  2:08pm

    anyone at this call that can say how quickly it is moving? I am stuck at a callback and am trying to figure everything out.

    heartandmusic 11/05/2012  3:03pm

    I signed up at Disney (#60) but had to run somewhere else. Are they still going through people? Thanks for your help!

    ChickenLittle 11/05/2012  3:45pm