• Encores EPA 11/06/2012  11:46am

    Any info on how busy this call is today, appointments/alternate list, etc?


    Appointments available. I *believe* they are seeing non-union. I also believe some EMCS have already been seen, but I wasn't paying very close attention so take that information with a grain of salt.

    FairyPerdita 11/06/2012  12:43pm

    Any word on who was/is in the room today? Thanks!

    TrixAre4Kids101 11/06/2012  3:21pm

    I would also like to know who was in the room! Thanks!

    singit 11/06/2012  7:12pm

    Who is in the room today (Wednesday)?

    J-- 11/07/2012  2:17am

    I thought they were yesterday and tomorrow. Not any today.

    Bumblebee1 11/07/2012  8:35am

    does anyone know?

    singit 11/07/2012  4:19pm

    Does anyone know whether they did indeed see non-eq yesterday? Just wondering so I'll have an idea whether it's possible they'll see non-eq tomorrow.... thanks!

    GKH 11/07/2012  7:05pm

    Yep. They saw all EMC's and non-eq.

    TuLitaPepsi 11/07/2012  7:26pm

    Thank you rmr912!

    GKH 11/07/2012  7:27pm

    Do they ever hire NON-EQ?

    I know they were seen, but do they ever give non-eqs callbacks, etc?

    Smactor 11/08/2012  12:42am

    How is it looking today/Thursday?

    HeatherNY 11/08/2012  9:56am

    Can anyone give an update on how busy, who is ITR, etc? Thanks!!

    Bumblebee1 11/08/2012  10:03am

    How's it looking today, busy? empty? are they seeing non-eq or planning to?

    GKH 11/08/2012  10:07am

    I know several non-equity (more than I know equity) who have done Encores! lots of the AEA contracts go to names but there's usually several non-union contracts.

    No one 11/08/2012  10:43am

    Equity morning slots are full. Just got an alternate in. 16 or so EMc. Less then 20 non eq. Jay Binder is in the room. On the list, it says Jason Styres too, but he isn't in there as of now apparently. Maybe they are switching later.

    Bumblebee1 11/08/2012  11:04am


    Any update on this? Busy? Empty?

    Patti Lupunt 11/08/2012  11:05am

    Busy? Can people still sign up?

    Patti Lupunt 11/08/2012  12:54pm

    Does anyone know the name of the monitor that was running the EPA today?

    loverlee 11/08/2012  8:02pm

    Daniel Stanton

    GKH 11/08/2012  8:10pm

    hey guys couldnt make it to the EPA im non-eq but can make it to the chorus call next week. you think they will see me? do the same rules apply just have to wait around? thanks for the help:-)

    Ghubb101 11/08/2012  9:47pm

    I feel like the ECC might be a bit of a madhouse, no?

    Smactor 11/09/2012  1:51am