• In the Heights 11/06/2012  10:56pm

    So....what's this gonna be like tomorrow? If I get there at 7, will I get completely blown out? #hasn'tdonethisin3years #howdoyoudothiseverydaywithoutwantingtokillyourself #madpropsfornonEq


    Lol! In my opinion, and I share this opinion with a couple of my amigas going tomorrow...it's frickin COLD. I called Pearl 519 and they open at 8, so I'm planning on being there around then because I REFUSE to stand in the freezing cold on the eve of flu season. If anyone does go earlier than that, bring a blankie! ;)
    See y'all tomorrow!

    J1 11/06/2012  11:50pm

    Same for me. I plan on getting there at 8...too cold to be there earlier

    Nattalyee 11/07/2012  1:17am

    Nineteen people here. Yes, that's 1-9, not 9-0.

    thejollyraja 11/07/2012  8:13am

    hi friends, any update on how long the list looks at this point?

    thanks :)

    nikki113 11/07/2012  9:44am

    Please post non eq status. Thanks

    funnyhunny 11/07/2012  10:59am

    What theater is this for? I never saw a listing

    EilisFiorello 11/07/2012  11:25am

    FunnyHunny- It's an open call so everyone gets to sign up.

    Toby- It's for the Family Theatre and will be using the Westchester Broadway facilities. Don't know much about them otherwise.

    J1 11/07/2012  11:32am

    has anyone gotten a callback in the room?

    11/07/2012  11:34am

    Hey lovelies, are there a lot of people? Can I still go and get seen?

    Kari 11/07/2012  11:45am

    singalongsong- They were giving callbacks in the room to come back to dance at the open dance call. No callbacks were given in the room at the dance call.

    nyc_etoile 11/07/2012  6:22pm