• Pump Boy and the Dinettes 11/07/2012  9:06am

    This call is EXTREMELY empty! Come down and get yourself a job! I won't know if they are seeing nonunion until 9:59-ish, but as of now we have 4 equity signed up, 1 non-equity, and 0 EMC. I'll do my best to keep you updated on non-union status as soon as information comes in!:-)


    can u pls post who is in the room when u know? thx!

    dopplegang 11/07/2012  9:17am

    Yup. Won't know until 10 though, and it's possible it will change throughout the day.

    FairyPerdita 11/07/2012  9:20am

    As of right now - in the room is Karen Casl (casting director) and Mark Fifer (accompanist.)

    They are seeing non-union/EMC. ALL non-union and EMC have been seen or currently on line.

    FairyPerdita 11/07/2012  10:15am

    Still empty. Non-union can walk in. Still Karyn Casl in the room,

    FairyPerdita 11/07/2012  2:07pm

    Did they say anything about accompanying yourself for this audition?

    rchowder 11/07/2012  9:38pm

    No need to bring an instrument.

    Ruby 11/08/2012  2:31pm

    Thanks - I know it's not necessary, I'm just wondering if they were open to people accompanying themselves... guessing they didn't mention it at all?

    rchowder 11/08/2012  3:33pm

    You can. They has people accompanying themselves and playing multiple instruments yesterday.

    FairyPerdita 11/08/2012  3:59pm