• Parade 11/07/2012  10:42am

    Please post if you get an appointment, kthnxbai!


    Do you know if this company rehearses in the day or night?

    Nattalyee 11/07/2012  7:26pm

    Nights and weekends

    Thisisme 11/07/2012  10:28pm


    KingJoffrey 11/08/2012  4:08pm

    Bumpity bump?

    TheaterGirl62 11/08/2012  5:53pm

    Got an email with an appointment late-ish tonight!

    loverlee 11/11/2012  2:07am

    I got an appt as well, late last night!

    rawrcat 11/11/2012  1:00pm

    Got an appointment too!

    bowe123 11/11/2012  3:03pm

    were these from email submissions or actors access?

    actors55 11/11/2012  3:54pm

    Mine was from an email submission that I sent in about 5 days ago.

    loverlee 11/11/2012  5:27pm

    I just got an appointment this morning from actors access. They are still sending them out! :)

    Enterlaughing 11/12/2012  9:57am

    Has anyone else gotten appointments or should I just count on going to one of the open calls at this point?

    TheaterGirl62 11/13/2012  5:39pm