• In The Heights-Family Theatre 11/07/2012  8:57pm

    Is this still happening tomorrow with the Blizzard? And is it at Pearl?



    lovernotafighter 11/07/2012  9:45pm

    ack... bump I want to know if i should go down there or not

    TokyoBrown 11/07/2012  10:56pm

    I havent heard that its not

    Youareenough 11/08/2012  7:10am

    and ya its at 519

    Youareenough 11/08/2012  7:25am

    Is anyone there? Is this still happening?

    PMVatNYC 11/08/2012  7:37am

    also is anybody there who can give some information on how busy it is if it is happening?

    sks347 11/08/2012  7:51am

    bump? I know it stars at 10 but is it open?

    TokyoBrown 11/08/2012  8:03am

    The unofficial list is at 7.

    lovernotafighter 11/08/2012  8:11am

    Will someone post if they take the unofficial list? I forgot my work clothes and headed home and will be back around 930.

    librasinger 11/08/2012  8:52am

    Update on the list? Thanks!

    cL1 11/08/2012  9:37am

    Unofficial list is at 62

    Youareenough 11/08/2012  9:44am

    they accepted the unofficial list yesterday.

    11/08/2012  9:46am

    Honoring the unofficial list!

    TokyoBrown 11/08/2012  10:09am

    Please post when they close the list! Thanks

    Cak 11/08/2012  11:11am

    They are not giving callbacks in the room as frequently and not because people aren't called back its just because theirs no time. We were told callbacks will go out up until very late this evening

    TokyoBrown 11/08/2012  12:38pm

    Thanks for the update, TokyoBrown! If anyone receives an email, please let us know! :)

    J1 11/08/2012  2:26pm

    Did anyone get a callback from today's audition.

    musicaltheatre89 11/08/2012  4:00pm

    I had gotten a dance callback but couldn't make it. Was told I should hear by email late tonight about coming back tmr.

    Youareenough 11/08/2012  4:26pm

    Thanks for the feedback.

    musicaltheatre89 11/08/2012  6:08pm

    Hey guys im non-eq and couldnt make it to the EPA but i can make it to the eq-chorus on the 16th you think they will still see me?

    Ghubb101 11/08/2012  9:44pm

    nevermind forget that post lol

    Ghubb101 11/08/2012  9:45pm