• Three Trees 11/10/2012  11:08am

    Any info on how busy this call is today? Thanks.


    curious ...before I make the trek. are they seeing any non-eq? thanks!

    tvolgenau 11/10/2012  11:14am

    yeah please post any info, anyway I am going there after the lunch break and try to be seen as non equity I will keep you post guys if no one does it before

    bobo 11/10/2012  1:04pm

    Thanks bobo.

    Harlequin 11/10/2012  2:27pm

    Guys Come !! They see everyone. The sides are on a wall you have Like 15 min To read them. They are very Nice . It is pretty calm so get there!

    bobo 11/10/2012  4:54pm