• Book of Mormon Appts 11/11/2012  12:57pm

    Has anyone received an appointment from the Playbill self submissions posted 11/8?



    bwaylvsong 11/11/2012  4:47pm

    What day is it for?

    Nattalyee 11/11/2012  5:35pm

    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say exactly when it is, so I'll say it's in a couple days.

    bwaylvsong 11/11/2012  7:50pm

    Thanks bwaylvsong...I just submitted a few hours ago and was hoping the audition wouldn't be tomorrow! I still may have a chance! :-)

    Nattalyee 11/11/2012  8:02pm

    can I ask what role you're going in for?

    actorprob 11/11/2012  11:07pm


    bwaylvsong 11/11/2012  11:39pm

    Thanks! any other submissions from this weekend hear today?

    actorprob 11/12/2012  2:17pm

    I submitted on Sunday and received an appt for this week.

    tellmesomething 11/12/2012  4:35pm