• ArtsPower Tours 11/12/2012  1:38am

    Does anyone know what time the ArtsPower auditions are on Tuesday and Wednesday? And I just want to double check that they are at Nola, correct? And does anyone know if there is a difference between going on Tuesday or Wednesday? Thanks! :)


    It's from 10-2 on Both days I'm pretty sure and idk what the difference is. I'm assuming its just to get a lot of people since its a farely broad call. And yes it is at Nola.

    Ghubb101 11/12/2012  2:52am

    also does anyone have any insight to what they mean by "brief full song"?? may seem like a stupid question but i'll throw it out there anyway

    tryintomakeit 11/12/2012  8:39am

    They want you to tell a story. Something with an arc that shows your acting ability. They don't care about money notes in 16 bar cut, they want to see who you are. Kind of refreshing, right? :)

    MissJulie 11/12/2012  10:11am

    Great...thank you so much!

    For "brief full song," I know in the past, I've usually sang about a full verse and chorus for them. They're pretty lax about how much you sing so I'd just sing whatever it is that you want. If its too much, they'll just cut you off. Hope that helps :)

    Auditioner 11/12/2012  10:11am

    thanks guys! and yep super refreshing which is why i was in such shock haha

    tryintomakeit 11/12/2012  2:17pm