• TUTS - Open Call @ Ripley Grier 520 11/13/2012  5:10am

    So everyone's favorite question!!! What time are you arriving?? What is early?? Hahaha

    Patti Lupunt

    Is anyone there yet? Is there a list? And how many? :)

    greenlantern 11/13/2012  6:03am

    10 ppl on list

    tired123 11/13/2012  6:19am

    About 50 on the list

    auditionz 11/13/2012  7:16am

    how many are there now?

    Popsoplc77 11/13/2012  8:02am

    Just over 100

    JMHero05 11/13/2012  8:11am

    Is this for the singer call or dancer?

    LadyLuck 11/13/2012  8:35am

    Started calling groups.. Up to 20

    bearatone11 11/13/2012  9:13am

    Is there a dance call list?

    LadyLuck 11/13/2012  9:40am

    I'm way down on the list so ran back home to get ready. Please keep us posted on the progress.

    Smactor 11/13/2012  10:05am

    Should someone who isn't planning on getting there til like noon even bother? Thanks!!

    countonme123 11/13/2012  10:07am

    I think the list is closed but monitor is still taking headshot/resume

    bearatone11 11/13/2012  10:21am

    Anyone know if any singers are being asked to stay and dance later? Or if they're doing any kind of callback offers in the audition room?

    BassoBuffo 11/13/2012  12:04pm

    What time is the dance call list going out? Have they started an unofficial?

    Megmo347 11/13/2012  12:19pm

    Some (very few I think) were asked to stay to dance today.

    LFC 11/13/2012  1:08pm

    What number are they up to for singers??

    Marcy18 11/13/2012  1:55pm

    Singers are done. Dancers got cards and were just waiting around for some answers. No list.

    LadyLuck 11/13/2012  2:34pm

    were any boys asked to stay and dance? It seemed like only girls were, but maybe after I left some boys were asked as well. Thanks!

    bearatone11 11/13/2012  7:06pm

    I felt the same. I don't think any men were asked to stay. Atleast, myself and my other two friends auditioned weren't. But who knows...

    dRock27 11/13/2012  9:00pm

    I know of like two boys that were asked to dance

    dancedown3 11/13/2012  9:41pm

    does anyone know if offers have gone out?

    Paul 11/16/2012  7:40pm