• Death For Five Voices 11/14/2012  7:43am

    Can someone update how busy this call is today? Are there many appointments available? Thanks a lot.


    Any updates here? Appointments left?

    ritamee 11/14/2012  10:03am

    usually when no one replies that means they are wide open. I would just head down there. They were wide open on Monday too

    dRock27 11/14/2012  10:20am

    Good point. Thank you!

    ritamee 11/14/2012  10:25am

    Wide open! Already seen 5 EMCs!

    16bars 11/14/2012  10:44am

    Just started calling non-eq in. 5 in, 30 on the list.

    QK 11/14/2012  11:14am