• Royal Caribbean 11/15/2012  2:09am

    Hey guys is tomorrow an open singer call at noon? Are they casting other shows beside Chicago? Any info on what their auditions are like? Thanks!


    Yes it is now at pearl. They have an open list while people are coming with appointments. They are here till 5 pm and the monitor is incredibly Nice. You can Come in. I am waiting to go they had a break. They told me ONe song but have other choices. Break a leg!

    bobo 11/15/2012  1:55pm

    Are they giving callbacks in the room?

    Xtinasings 11/15/2012  3:38pm

    No one get info in the room, but the people who had appointments came with sides and song.. the open call we just sing one song. I will be checking email tonight because I think there have callback tomorrow.

    bobo 11/15/2012  3:52pm

    just FYI - callbacks were given in the room. there is always the possibility of emails or phone calls later this evening.

    nyc12345 11/15/2012  5:48pm

    Callbacks are always given in the room for this project and are usually same day/the next day.

    iPoop 11/17/2012  9:25pm