• Encores! 11/16/2012  12:09pm

    Does anyone if agent breakdown/appointments are out yet for any of the Encores! shows?



    fiorello is out! just today!

    blahblahblahblah 11/16/2012  2:17pm

    Thanks MakeBelieve! Do you mind clarifying whether that means appointments started going out today or that the breakdown for the agents went out today?

    Thanks again!

    TrixAre4Kids101 11/16/2012  10:09pm

    the breakdown went out to agents today--- so as of today, they can make submissions from their client lists. It can take anywhere from a business day or two to a few weeks before appointments are given out!

    blahblahblahblah 11/16/2012  10:25pm

    Did anyone from the Dancer call friday get contacted about the invited call/back

    danamdkny 11/18/2012  6:35pm