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  • Hit the Wall EPA 11/19/2012  9:43am

    Are all the appointments filled? Long alternate list? Any info would be great!


    It's up to 30 on the non union list, not sure if they're def seeing non eq tho.

    MJudsonBerry 11/19/2012  9:46am

    Any news on the Equity appointments and alternate list though?

    ritamee 11/19/2012  9:52am

    what do the equity appts look like?

    TokyoBrown 11/19/2012  10:03am

    Please let us know if they're seeing non eq. Thanks!

    Thisisme 11/19/2012  10:20am

    Any word on how crowded this is for AEA appointments?

    aprince4whatever 11/19/2012  10:48am

    I was 2nd on EMC and got seen at 10:15a. There were wide open spots at 11:15 for regular appts. I'm not sure what the situation looks like now, but they said they WOULD see Non-Equity as time permits. Break legs!

    scottrj 11/19/2012  12:06pm

    I was number 5 on the EMC list and got into the 1110am group because there were vacant spots. There was about 15-20 ppl on the EMC List when I left and they were running ahead.

    Nattalyee 11/19/2012  12:39pm

    Did they see any non-eq either day?

    juliamenn 11/25/2012  9:26pm