• Book of Mormon 11/19/2012  10:06pm

    Did anyone receive any type of callback from the Book of Mormon call at Actorfest?


    Is it busy? Are they getting through the EMC's?

    jules1 11/20/2012  11:07am

    I haven't heard anything yet. I actually think they're still working through the agent calls.

    zmannella 11/21/2012  5:21pm

    They've been having agent calls for te past few weeks which they pretty much finished last week. But I know that they are having more callbacks and appointments this week with people from Actorfest and other submissions. They're doing a big building of their files for future replacements in all their companies.

    TryToRemember 11/21/2012  7:35pm

    @musikdude do you know anyone who got a callback for BOM from Actorfest? Since it is the holidays, I thought they might be on hold for calling ppl to come back in til next week.

    Nattalyee 11/22/2012  1:07am

    Someone in callback corner posted saying that they were called in this week to read/sing. I'm sure they are definitely taking a pause due to the holidays. It doesn't seem like they're looking for any immediate replacements, so they've been taking their time and spreading things out a bit.

    TryToRemember 11/22/2012  4:36pm