• MJudsonBerry

    Anyone there? What's the day look like for non eq??

    Davesicle 11/26/2012  11:06am

    They've called up to 8 on the EMC list. Lots of non-eqs

    RealEChristine 11/26/2012  11:41am

    Lots of non-eqs waiting. Up to 50+ I think. No ones been seen though.

    RealEChristine 11/26/2012  11:42am

    Anything new? I'm EMC, but I can't get there until after lunch. Are appt filling up??

    Whatshappenin' 11/26/2012  12:49pm

    @whambs if you don't get there before lunch you will have to sign up as non equity. EMC's have to be signed up by the halfway point in the audition...and when it is an all day audition, it usually falls around the lunch time, if not easrlier.

    Nattalyee 11/26/2012  1:25pm

    how is it looking over there?

    msinger 11/26/2012  2:48pm