• Just a question... 11/28/2012  6:31pm

    Does anyone know the general opinion in going to both an EPA and then an ECC for one production? Is that a waste of everyone's time or does it show interest?

    Sorry if that's a dumb question, I've just been wondering it for a while.


    It always good to go in for them. ECC by rule need to have an actual casting director in the room EPAs don't , sometimes they have Casting Assistants. So my advice would be, if you get a chance go in and do your thing.

    Gagainsider 11/28/2012  7:32pm

    If you feel there are roles you would be right for, you should go to the EPA. If you feel you would be right for the chorus, go to the chorus call. If you think you are right for both, go to both. Slight correction: ECC's have to have someone from the production staff with casting authority present. EPA's only need someone with "Casting Authority" present, no matter who it is.

    Harlequin 11/29/2012  11:19am