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    TokyoBrown 11/29/2012  9:20am

    Plenty of open slots and 6 on EMC list

    Intolerabletolerability 11/29/2012  9:27am

    What's the non eq list looking like so far?

    Peanut27 11/29/2012  9:46am

    I signed in as #12 on non-eq list at approx. 9:15

    lazer6eam 11/29/2012  10:18am

    Still plenty of appointments left and Emc up to 17

    dudeactor 11/29/2012  10:31am

    Any updates for non-equity?

    lazer6eam 11/29/2012  11:27am

    Who's in the room?

    retrograde 11/29/2012  11:37am

    They've called up to 9 on the non eq list

    YeahYeahFine 11/29/2012  12:13pm

    Just about back from lunch and the next on the non eq list to be called is 24

    Pnut27 11/29/2012  2:19pm

    Any callbacks?

    Intolerabletolerability 11/29/2012  4:18pm

    Anyone know who was in the room today?

    rchowder 11/29/2012  6:15pm

    ITR was Rebecca Scholl, casting associate for Carrie Gardner

    dudeactor 11/29/2012  7:09pm