• Breakfast 11/29/2012  9:06am

    Are they seeing any Non-Eq at this call? If so, how long is the list so far?



    any news on this?

    caliact 11/29/2012  9:47am

    Second that. Any updates?

    QK 11/29/2012  10:00am

    The non-eq list was up to about 22 at 9am this morning. No idea if they are seeing non-eq or not.

    New2NewYork 11/29/2012  10:32am

    Does anyone else wish they served breakfast at AEA after seeing this post? Mmmmmmm....bagels.

    AuditionUpdate 11/29/2012  10:41am

    Hahaha, @AuditionUpdate! I kind of do!

    QK 11/29/2012  10:43am

    Any info on how busy this call is for Equity, appointments/alternate list?

    Harlequin 11/29/2012  11:04am

    Any info. on non-equity?

    Doggy 11/29/2012  11:21am

    Non-eq told to check back after lunch.

    QK 11/29/2012  11:49am

    They're telling the 20ish EMC folk that it's unclear if they're going to be seen. Non-equity list is up to at least 60

    adina12 11/29/2012  12:23pm

    Any appointments left for this afternoon?

    Harlequin 11/29/2012  1:12pm

    All appointments are full with an equity alternate list up to between 5 and 10. It's highly unlikelye any non-eq will be seen and probably only the first few on the EMC list if that. :-/

    musicboi85 11/29/2012  1:31pm