• Last Goodbye ECC 11/30/2012  12:07am

    Can anyone post whether they're seeing non-equity at the ECC today? Thanks!



    erp236 11/30/2012  9:12am

    Did they start calling the Equity list yet?

    TokyoBrown 11/30/2012  9:33am

    They started with the Equity list right at 10am. There are 47 girls on the Eq list, and 20 on the non-eq list. The monitor says he "thinks yes" they are seeing non-eq, and will probably see people up until about 1pm.

    The boys list for the 2pm call had 3 non-eq signed in.

    New2NewYork 11/30/2012  10:29am

    They told you they won't see non-eq after 1? Or are they just breaking for lunch?

    erp236 11/30/2012  10:43am

    Anyone know who is ITR?

    dmaggs 11/30/2012  11:17am

    Any word on non-eq?

    unofficiallister 11/30/2012  11:39am

    They saw everyone that went today, eq and non-eq, and were done with all girls before 1pm. In the room was Casting Director, Casting Associate, and the Musical Director

    New2NewYork 11/30/2012  3:01pm