• Lend me a Tenor EPA at Telsey 11/30/2012  8:05am

    How is it looking so far this morning? Are there any non-eq or equity lines or lists going around yet?



    Eq sign up has started and there is an official non-eq list going. They won't know until at least 10 if non-Eq will be seen.

    peaches 11/30/2012  9:09am

    Are there a lot of eq slots open?

    BeNice 11/30/2012  9:41am

    Yes there are slots open before and after lunch

    ritamee 11/30/2012  9:49am

    Anyone know how long the non-eq list is?

    lazer6eam 11/30/2012  11:04am

    What is the non eq list up to?

    Pnut27 11/30/2012  11:05am

    They were up to about 25 on the non-eq list when I signed up at approximately 11:05!

    emdubbs 11/30/2012  11:21am

    Can anyone pretty please post who is ITR?


    brdwybby 11/30/2012  12:26pm

    Non Eq come back after lunch.

    MJudsonBerry 11/30/2012  12:50pm

    Updates on tenor? Did they see any Noneq before lunch? How's the afternoon looking?

    Marcy18 11/30/2012  12:54pm

    When I left at at 12:45, there were still 13 EMC to get through and they hadn't seen any non-eq

    adina12 11/30/2012  1:12pm

    Are they seeing any non-eq?

    emdubbs 11/30/2012  4:01pm

    No non eq so far. I just heard there is 1 alternate and 8 EMC in front of non eq and all the slots are filled for the rest of the day.

    peaches 11/30/2012  4:09pm