• The Last Goodbye 12/01/2012  8:42am

    Hey, anyone at this call yet today? Please post how it's looking, thanks!



    ravenclaw 12/01/2012  9:09am

    It's practically empty. There are so many equity appointments open.

    Brady's Mom 12/01/2012  11:11am

    Who's ITR?

    12/01/2012  12:15pm

    Can somebody post if it looks like they'll be closing the call early? Thanks!

    Rosie 12/01/2012  12:28pm

    yeah, any news? can they close EPAs early?

    harlequin 12/01/2012  1:39pm

    Carrie Gardner was in the room. I don't remember who was the accompanist. I don't think they can close EPAs the same way they can close ECCs.

    Brady's Mom 12/01/2012  1:44pm

    Any more news? I am EMC and thinking of going down there but not if they're closing early!

    ravenclaw 12/01/2012  3:47pm