• Les Mis 12/03/2012  7:08am

    About 90 women signed up and line extends beyond elevators at the moment. Men around 20


    Hows the line now?

    tryintomakeit 12/03/2012  7:56am

    Updates on list numbers, men and women?

    mactor 12/03/2012  7:56am

    140 @ 8:00

    byallmeans 12/03/2012  8:04am

    Guys are somewhere in the 20s

    mactor 12/03/2012  8:22am

    Ya think if i get there 10-15 mins past 9:00 they'll still let me on the list? Thoughts?

    Bohemian_Er 12/03/2012  8:28am

    The posting said the list would be pulled at 11am, so I think you're okay.

    cclpiglet 12/03/2012  8:57am

    Thank you! :) break a leg everyone

    Bohemian_Er 12/03/2012  9:04am

    Hey gals! They ARE typing. Monitor says they're going to call some names and hand out numbers starting at 9:30. They DID transfer the unofficial list (praise Jesus!) break legs!

    moonfall 12/03/2012  9:04am

    Does anyone know what time the Mens call at 1pm is going till?

    Harlem1988 12/03/2012  10:39am

    Wait... So, the list is closed? Even for the men's call at 1?

    PaperMilk 12/03/2012  11:39am

    They have handed out numbers to the men and have begun typing

    TipToes 12/03/2012  2:26pm