• Guys and Dolls 12/03/2012  10:09am

    Any idea if non-equity will be seen today? Thanks and merde!!!


    they still haven't even announced that for the men's call, and they've called all of the equity actors in already.

    winged 12/03/2012  10:15am

    does anyone know if the non-eq list for women dancers has gone up? thanks!

    tgg 12/03/2012  10:26am

    Yes, it's around 10 people now.

    winged 12/03/2012  10:27am

    They saw all non-eq men singer, it was around 15 guys or so

    TipToes 12/03/2012  11:41am

    Did they ask any guys to stay and dance?

    gorillamanpink 12/03/2012  11:42am

    It may be different in NY, but when they held auditions in Cleveland, they asked any singers they were interested in to come back to dance ITR.

    nonequityhero 12/04/2012  12:46pm