• Backstage AND showfax.com 12/03/2012  3:28pm

    Am I the only one experiencing consistent problems with my online subscriptions to these websites?

    Example #1: I feel like I renewed my Backstage subscription around September, but I just got notified that it's expired... I thought that was weird, went to go check my bank statement, and couldn't figure out what Backstage is labeled as on a bank statement (they use a name like Hearst or Billboard, correct?). So since that wasn't helping me, I called them, was put on hold for 10 minutes, and then told to call back later? I'm sorry, it's 2pm on a Monday, where are all your customer service employees?? This happens every time I call them.

    Showfax gave me a similar problem. I went to go renew my subscription (which I knew was definitely expired by a few days) and when I entered my login (which was correct), it told me it didn't recognize my username etc?? So do I have to create a whole new account to renew? I am NOT filling out that itemized resume from scratch, no way!

    Could someone shed some light on this, because every hour I spend trying to fix this, there are jobs I'm missing out on. Not cool!


    I am not sure why you had that issue, but I am personally going to handle it for you tomorrow (I would have done it today, but was out of the office for a family emergency and this is the first time I have been on a computer today). Please email me at tom.lapke@backstage.com with your contact number and the best time to reach you and I will make sure this gets taken care of immediately. As for Showfax, I am unable to comment.

    AuditionUpdate 12/03/2012  6:03pm

    The same thing on Backstage is happening to me. And I KNOW I renewed my subscription! I cancelled the paper and only want online. Can you help me too Tom? :-)

    BerniePeters 12/03/2012  10:08pm

    Tom, thank you so much. That really is very helpful.

    snuffles 12/03/2012  10:22pm

    Yes WWFD, I can help you also, Just email me the details and I will look into for you as well.

    info that will help me:

    email associated with the account
    when you renewed (if you remember)

    AuditionUpdate 12/04/2012  9:28am