• Goodspeed EPA--11th 12/03/2012  11:19pm

    I know these calls are probably crazy busy-- do they normally see non eq? What has happened in the past? Thanks! Just trying to judge work things! :)


    I might be crazy, but I feel Goodspeed usually has open calls.

    FairyPerdita 12/04/2012  12:25am

    Thank you!

    SouthernSutton 12/04/2012  9:43am

    They didn't see non-eq or emc at the EPA last year...but they were close to emc's at a few points.

    Fatniss_Neverlean 12/04/2012  10:54pm

    Great, thank you!

    SouthernSutton 12/05/2012  3:16pm

    I noticed on the Goodspeed website that they're having show specific auditions for the first one of the season in January. I assume more auditions will follow. Can anyone shed light on this? I assume this EPA is required, but is it better to go ahead and go in or wait for a future audition (pertaining to a specific show)?

    redredrose 12/06/2012  1:53am