• EMC Question! 12/03/2012  11:21pm

    For an EPA -- can EMC ever sign up before the monitor arives? Like when non eq starts signing up? Or do you have to wait until the monitor arives? Thanks! :)


    You have to wait until monitor arrives.

    Nattalyee 12/03/2012  11:57pm

    The EMCs typically wait in the same line as equity. You line up like equity and approach the desk like equity, except you show your EMC card and say 'May I go in the EMC list please.' They will sign you up and tell your number. They won't know if EMCs will get seen until the call starts.

    FairyPerdita 12/04/2012  12:13am

    Thanks both of you! :)

    SouthernSutton 12/04/2012  9:45am