• Free Chair MASSAGES at Pearl 500 Today 12/05/2012  12:29pm

    Hi guys, we are offering the free chair massages for actors today, with the additional option of coming in to office at a later date for a free chiro consult and free 30 minute massage.

    Come by before or after your auditions.

    Today, Pearl 500 1208 3:00-5:00

    If the door is closed, just be bold and walk in.

    THERE IS NO CATCH. You don't need cash to tip the massage therapist. You have to fill out a stress survey (1 min) and we tell you about the other free stuff, that's it!



    Once again, if this info needs to come down, I totally understand! I don't want to clog up the site! (Come by yourself if you can.)

    J-- 12/05/2012  12:31pm

    Unless I receive complaints, we're cool.

    AuditionUpdate 12/05/2012  3:02pm