• Alhambra 12/06/2012  8:42am

    How's it looking? Are they going to see noneq today?


    Bump, thanks!

    sing_happy 12/06/2012  11:05am

    When I left 30 min ago, all slots were full until right now (11:50) and then lots and lots of open slots past noon. Somewhere around 10-15 EMC signed up and 15-20 Non-Eq.

    adina12 12/06/2012  11:45am

    Any news on non eq?

    ameliabedeeeelia 12/06/2012  11:55am

    Roughly 30 on the noeq list none have been seen, some EMC's have been seen, and "supposedly" there are appointments available in a little.

    tryintomakeit 12/06/2012  2:43pm

    Hey y'all!
    Anyone down there for the ECC? Can someone post details?

    frecklysoprano1 12/07/2012  10:21am

    Yes, please! Any hope for Noneq for either call? (yes, I know dance isn't until later, but just in case there was any talk...)

    sing_happy 12/07/2012  11:00am

    singer call was empty. All non-union were easily seen.

    FairyPerdita 12/07/2012  1:46pm