• Disney Cruise Line 12.13 12/08/2012  7:39pm

    Anyone have feedback from the last round of DCL auditions? I saw that in August they wanted auditionees to prep the music they have posted on their website...but is that a no no unless they ask for it until callbacks?


    Ladies, what time are you getting there tomorrow, considering "sign in" is at 1...?

    parislover 12/10/2012  12:53am

    I was planning on getting there around 11:30...is that too late?

    Krayola33 12/10/2012  7:23am

    They dont take unofficial lists so 1130 is plenty of time...last time I went girls arrived arouns noon to 1230. My husband is at the morning call...im just chilln w him and i am the only female around. But they wont take anyone for a long while. And they have the room till 6.

    singforyoursupper 12/10/2012  9:37am

    How many girls are there now? Also if we are not the specific type that they listed, can we still go?

    dudette 12/10/2012  11:24am


    parislover 12/10/2012  11:42am

    Any updates?

    ilovebroadway123 12/10/2012  1:47pm

    They've called up to #105, and there are 235 girls on the list.

    Bpnyc 12/10/2012  2:30pm

    did they close the list? or can people still sign up?

    ilovebroadway123 12/10/2012  2:59pm