• Arvada Plays 12/10/2012  9:44am

    Not seeing non-eq, EMC time permit.

    Warning, these monitors are terrible.


    Have they seen any emcs yet? Are the equity appts fairly full already? Thanks!

    abart007 12/10/2012  10:00am

    They have seen six emc's so far and there are still equity appointments left. Come on over!

    GoTeam 12/10/2012  10:44am

    How is the afternoon looking?

    Actingismylife 12/10/2012  11:55am

    It is wide open here this afternoon. Tons of slots left

    graciegirl 12/10/2012  2:55pm

    Any word on who is in the room?

    Actingismylife 12/10/2012  3:33pm

    I thought those two ladies were wonderful monitors!

    MissJulie 12/10/2012  5:19pm