• EMC Question 12/10/2012  7:34pm

    Hey All-
    Quick EMC/Non eq question regarding EPA/ECCs...
    so just to get this straight...
    as an emc or non eq you can go to the EPA/ECC when sign in begins and stand in line...and you are placed on a alternate list, correct? If time permits once all equity are seen you MAY be seen...
    EMC are put on a separate list from non eq? And do we need to have an emc card or anything to show...

    Sorry, new to the emc thing!


    You need to have your EMC card. You need to show your EMC card to the monitor to be put on the EMC list.

    For EPAs -you will be put on the EMC list. Not the alternate list. You can only sign up on the EMC list before the lunch break. After lunch break you will go on the non-equity list. (However - the EMC list will still be honored, they just won't accept new names.) The EMC list will be called after all equity alternates (from both lists A and B) are seen.

    For ECCs, EMC are given no preferential treatment and go on the non-union list.

    FairyPerdita 12/10/2012  8:50pm

    Would you recommend as non equity, to go to EPA or ECC?? I heard that at ECC there is al least a member of the Creative team, though for EPA it is just the CD??

    bobo 12/11/2012  12:17am

    @bobo: YES! One million percent YES! Will you be seen at every EPA you go to? No. But it's a great way to be seen by top casting directors and to build a personal, professional relationship with them.

    thejollyraja 12/11/2012  7:18am

    As for who's on the room, it's slightly more complicated than that, but you have the basic idea. At an EPA, they are under no obligation to have a member of the creative team I'm the room, and more often than not you'll just be singing for the casting director. At an ECC, they are required to have either musical director/associate MD/choreographer/associate choreographer in the room (depending on whether it's a singer call or a dancer call). The exception to this I *believe* is that LORT contracts are not required to have a member of the creative team present but you should double check. Nevertheless, I have sung for many a director, musical director, and composer at an EPA, so it's certainly not a foregone conclusion that you'll be singing for Random Intern #3.

    thejollyraja 12/11/2012  7:24am

    What time do you generally need to arrive in order to (possibly) be seen for EMC? How early is too early? Thanks...I'm new to this too!

    captainmcgoggles 12/11/2012  9:04am

    Depends on the call. If the breakdown is hella specific (e.g. the only roles are for Indian women in their early 20s) you have a little more flexibility. But for a season EPA that has a wide variety of roles and shows, I wouldn't advise getting there much after 7. Once you do a bunch of auditions as non-EQ or EMC (or as an Equity member, for that matter), you'll get a feel for it yourself and you'll be able to weigh whether or not those extra fifteen minutes of sleep is worth it on a case-by-case basis.

    I've personally found that any time there's a role for a white female between the ages of 17 and 25 and it's not a required Production contract EPA, the call will be fairly crowded and you'll definitely want to show up by 7 so as not to get blown out.

    thejollyraja 12/11/2012  9:32am

    Thanks all!!
    So for an ecc like phantom...women call is at 2...im sure its jam packed...is arriving at 10 to put down on the nonequ list early enough?

    singforyoursupper 12/12/2012  4:22pm