• Man of La Mancha 12/11/2012  5:09pm

    It's been a while since I've been to an ECC! I'm non-union and haven't been attempting to get seen at as many as I should.

    Female singers aren't being seen at this call until 4pm. Does this mean non-eq should still get there early to try to get seen? Or will the line for female singers not even start until later? Do they even let you arrive early if your call doesn't start till later?

    Sorry if these seems like "obvious" things - I'm rusty!


    You should be able to go around the time the male call starts at 2, put your name on the ladies non-eq list, and then come back at 4 when the female call starts. That's what I've done at the last few ECC's I've been to!

    TuLitaPepsi 12/11/2012  6:14pm

    For non-eqs too? You show up at the same time?

    bowe123 12/11/2012  9:36pm

    Whoops, just read your response again. Thanks!!!

    bowe123 12/11/2012  9:37pm

    How is it looking at Man of la Mancha? Any ideas if they're seeing non-eq?

    bowe123 12/12/2012  12:12pm

    They didn't see Non Eq men

    Patti Lupunt 12/12/2012  2:37pm

    Girls time! About 40 equity, already called the first 20 in. About 45 non-eq on list, but they haven't said anything yet...

    QK 12/12/2012  4:17pm

    Any idea if they are going to see non-eq girls?

    Nola 12/12/2012  4:43pm