• Zorro 12/12/2012  7:46am

    Anyone know how many people are on the list/lined up so far for this?


    9 on the non equity list as of now

    perkypants 12/12/2012  8:35am

    Call is pretty open. They are lining up the first 20 Equity ladies (out of around 25). I don't want to say it's definite, but it is looking pretty good for non-Eq. Break legs!

    LiliVonShtupp 12/12/2012  9:55am

    Yeah they lined non equity girls till they changes their mind and decided to type. So we went 15 girls in the room semi circle, they would call our name look at us and our resume and then said who they wanted to see sing. Then the ones who sung they ask some to come back to dance. The call was pretty empty though. And honestly for the Type thing they really only kept Spanish/ brown hair/ type to sing.

    bobo 12/12/2012  12:07pm

    Giving callbacks in the room to come back and dance

    TokyoBrown 12/12/2012  12:26pm

    Sorry posted late that was specifically for Equity

    TokyoBrown 12/12/2012  12:42pm

    Could somebody please post if they say anything about female non-equity dancers? Thanks!

    Rosie 12/12/2012  1:37pm