• On Camera Technique Classes 12/12/2012  12:23pm

    Hi, this is not audition related, so don't hate me for posting, I am just hoping that someone here can help.

    I'm looking into a few on camera classes- if anyone can share their experience about MN Acting, David Cady, or Telsey's Karyn Casl audition bootcamp I would be extremely appreciative.

    Thank you :)


    Or if there is another that you would recommend.

    xoxox 12/12/2012  12:24pm

    You MUST take Bob Krakower's on-camera class at One on One. It's the best there is and you will leave there a changed actor. He's fun, challenging and he really knows his stuff. It's super expensive but completely worth it. I've taken his advanced class after my beginner class and I will keep coming back for more!

    slickvic 12/12/2012  2:49pm


    lalalaaa 12/12/2012  9:06pm

    Andrew Femenella & David Morris' on-camera intensive at Telsey is really good and helpful for beginners...and just for anyone to get the chance to ask anything you want about the nature of the on-camera-audition-beast. Just the other day, I did a commercial audition at Telsey and Andrew was running it, and after taking his class I felt so much more relaxed and able to have fun with the audition. The fact that he's super friendly helps too :) I totally recommend it.

    Bohemian_Er 12/12/2012  10:30pm

    KRAKOWER. seriously. Do it.

    emuhe 12/13/2012  12:07pm

    Barry Shapiro and tisha eoli are two other CDs thay have reputable classes.

    singforyoursupper 12/13/2012  3:04pm