• Chicago EPA's 12/13/2012  11:59am

    Any info on how busy this call is today, appointments/alternate list, etc? Thanks.


    I went at 10 am as Non Equity and I got to be seen at 11am I was number 10 on non eq list. The call was totally empty.
    I dont know how it looks like this afternoon but you should give a try and go

    bobo 12/13/2012  3:03pm

    I'm not surprised it was empty. the last one I went to was also a ghost town. I think people function under the impression that only big names get cast in those leads anymore, which is mostly true. but there's always the ensemble covers...

    snuffles 12/13/2012  3:37pm

    This call is wide open. Everyone being seen with hardly any wait.

    Harlequin 12/13/2012  3:37pm

    5/13 - Hold EPA for Chicago on Broadway for all major roles.

    10 am to 6 pm.

    5/13 - 5:30 pm rolls around and Playbill announces Christopher Seiber is the next Billy Flynn; replacing Billy Ray Cyrus (yeah, that happened) after 12/23.

    Good times.

    Adele Dazeem 12/13/2012  5:39pm