• Midtown Arts Center 2017-2018 @ 04/18/2017  9:11pm

    Anyone get an appointment via email/backstage submission yet?


    My email hasnt even been opened yet. Gr.

    musicalwarrior 04/18/2017  9:13pm

    ^^ What tracker do you use? I was literally just researching this today.

    on topic: my submission hasn't been viewed yet, either.

    ScreltersAnonymous 04/18/2017  9:21pm

    Email opened
    Video not watched


    Shall We Dance 04/18/2017  10:25pm

    video not yet seen either

    allinmyhead 04/19/2017  9:18am


    rapunzel1000 04/20/2017  10:23pm

    I use sidekick/hubspot
    And youtube analytics

    musicalwarrior 04/21/2017  9:06am


    fsi15 04/21/2017  10:06am

    Consider not hearing a blessing in disguise.

    thebard 04/21/2017  2:41pm

    yeah lol is this even happening

    allinmyhead 04/21/2017  2:48pm

    It must be, the open call that lasts only three hours is next week...

    Showbizdreamer 04/21/2017  2:57pm

    According to the Backstage post, it says to submit via Backstage and send an email if you can't make the NYC audition. This is super confusing because I want to submit for multiple shows. Did you guys all just send emails?

    ForeverYoung 04/21/2017  5:28pm

    I just got an email to sign up through signup genius for the open call on Tuesday.

    ItsTooColdForThis 04/21/2017  6:00pm

    The call said to email for an appointment during the "open call" for principals, so that's why I emailed. But this has been pretty confusing lol

    ScreltersAnonymous 04/21/2017  7:01pm

    Great, yet another theatre I was called back for in 2015-16 but can't get Appointment for in 2017.... when will it stop?

    Shall We Dance 04/21/2017  8:16pm

    So wait, now there's no open call? Are you talking about Once or Ragtime?

    Icanseeyou 04/21/2017  8:19pm

    I also received an email to sign up for a time for the open dance call via signup genius.

    ForeverYoung 04/21/2017  8:35pm

    Has anyone gotten an appointment other than to dance?

    08jp 04/21/2017  9:32pm

    What the...ok, I'm ALL confused now...it literally says that they have those almost three days worth of apps...and I'd assume like any of us would, to submit in hopes to get an appt, during one of those days, and that Tuesday from 9-12 is the open call. How else can be interpreted?

    Showbizdreamer 04/21/2017  10:29pm

    It was a submission via email for supporting/ensemble for Grease, Ragtime, and A Christmas Story. They sent the link for the signup genius for the open call date to dance. The backstage post said to "pre-submit" to reserve your spot so maybe they are seeing others too?

    ItsTooColdForThis 04/21/2017  10:29pm

    Dance call & then callbacks to read and sing after.

    heyizabella 04/21/2017  10:57pm

    Oohhhhhh ok the open call is to dance. Good grief, where was that sign up found?? I don't even know why I ask, since I'm not dance...plus I'm targeting Once so this whole thing of me trying to figure out what the hell their auditions are all about next week seems to have been in vain.

    Showbizdreamer 04/22/2017  12:29am

    have they viewed anyone else's video yet because mine has still not been seen.

    allinmyhead 04/22/2017  10:49am

    looks like they "reached out" to who they wanted to see... have fun at the dance call everyone!!!

    Shall We Dance 04/22/2017  11:31am

    so... is there an actualy OPEN call, show up without being invited day for this?

    qwertybelty25 04/22/2017  8:09pm

    I emailed with my materials hoping to submit a video, as I am out of town though May. Got a response today asking me to sign up for an appointment to sing on Monday. So take that for what it's worth.

    ImMrsIglesias 04/22/2017  10:34pm

    @judfry95 have you been in for them in the past?

    Shall We Dance 04/22/2017  11:36pm


    allinmyhead 04/23/2017  10:48am

    Bump on if this is an actual open call. Will they be seeing those who show up in the morning?

    Bwayluver 04/23/2017  11:25am

    Bump for information. Super confused.

    AdventuresofLilBway 04/23/2017  11:13pm

    There are appointments still available on sign up genius!

    fitzgeraldtaps 04/24/2017  1:10pm
    fitzgeraldtaps 04/24/2017  1:32pm

    This has literally been the most confusing thing...oh well, glad tomorrow afternoon was dead enough for me to sign up.

    Showbizdreamer 04/24/2017  1:48pm

    For those of you with appts, this call is running ahead of schedule.

    fitzgeraldtaps 04/24/2017  4:07pm

    So wait. Tomorrow's dance call is an open call right? No sign up genius? Just wanna make sure I've got it right haha

    Jessika 04/24/2017  5:28pm

    I'm not sure that was a public sign up genius link lol

    heyizabella 04/24/2017  6:05pm

    Oh never mind my bad I thought that was a different link. Carry on

    heyizabella 04/24/2017  6:09pm

    Jessika, there is a sign up genius for tomorrow that they emailed out to certain people. Hope that helps

    heyizabella 04/24/2017  6:10pm

    So should people who didn't get that link not even bother do we think? I just double checked and it's still listed as an open call on Backstage. There's another link for appointments for Once tomorrow but it says dance in the morning is open

    Jessika 04/24/2017  7:47pm

    Totally beats me dude. I'd say just go try and see what happens, no harm in that

    heyizabella 04/24/2017  10:55pm

    Where is everyone waiting?

    Zac_and_the_beanstalk 04/25/2017  5:55am


    Thebookofmormon21 04/25/2017  6:15am

    List is on the desk in the lobby of pearl

    Jessika 04/25/2017  6:53am

    How's it looking??

    godimamixer 04/25/2017  8:09am

    So today's OCC is dancer only? That's all that is here at Pearl #perpetuallyconfused

    asongandaprayer 04/25/2017  8:17am

    Would someone be so kind as to clarify which Pearl since signupgenius doesn't specify which.

    Showbizdreamer 04/25/2017  9:03am


    Jessika 04/25/2017  9:04am

    monitor said there is plenty of room so COME ON DOWN!!!!!

    tinydancer714 04/25/2017  9:34am

    URGEEE yall to go to gig and tell on this one...

    bewp 04/25/2017  10:31am

    They're not taking headshots until callbacks right? Just realized before I left for pearl that I'm out :(((

    heyizabella 04/25/2017  11:08am

    Dang flab it....I was in such a rush to get to work...who was ITR this afternoon???? And was anyone in for strictly Once called back ITR at all?

    Showbizdreamer 04/25/2017  4:05pm

    I was not called back in the room, but the person in front of me was talking to them about coming back tomorrow... so that was cute.

    OopsIBookedItAgain 04/25/2017  4:50pm

    ^^^1. That's username is fantastic.

    2. Yeah that's fun...I think they were doing callbacks ITR. I just don't get it, I'm literally right in every way for this...I'm no Chopin but I CAN play geezzzz...

    Showbizdreamer 04/25/2017  5:18pm

    And names of the peeps...pretty please.

    Showbizdreamer 04/25/2017  5:18pm

    Was any one who had an appointment yesterday called back today after we danced?

    Nyc_living 04/25/2017  5:40pm

    Got a Once callback ITR today

    :) 04/25/2017  8:17pm