• Ars Nova 12/18/2012  8:31am

    Hey guys, anyone at this audition this morning? Is it crowded?


    For your convenience, here is a link to the breakdown: casting.backstage.com

    12/18/2012  10:26am

    I just stopped by very quickly, so I don't know specifics, but it didn't seem very busy at all. I had no problem getting an afternoon slot. Hope that helps!

    TitsMcGee 12/18/2012  9:16am

    Are they seeing non equity?

    s. kat 12/18/2012  9:53am

    yes please, are they seeing non-eq? thanks!

    Sk8ter1916 12/18/2012  9:55am

    Can someone post who's in the room? Thanks!

    actoria 12/18/2012  10:02am

    Are they seeing non equity?

    s. kat 12/18/2012  10:11am

    Are they seeing non equity?

    s. kat 12/18/2012  10:11am

    (sorry didn't mean to post so many times)

    s. kat 12/18/2012  10:13am

    I second the request for information about who is in the room today. Thank you.

    MordechaiM 12/18/2012  10:28am

    Any update on how busy and who is in the room please?

    292929 12/18/2012  10:41am

    The associate artistic director is in the only one in the room (forgetting her name sorry). They have seen at least 4 EMCs so far - I left at 10:30.

    ritamee 12/18/2012  11:00am

    Non-eq list is pretty full- in the 50's. Don't think they've seen anyone from it yet. Hope this helps!

    PJM01 12/18/2012  11:09am

    Appts still available in the afternoon. Short aea alt list

    ShakesGal 12/18/2012  11:53am

    Thanks, ShakesGal!

    Actingismylife 12/18/2012  12:01pm

    Any non eq updates?

    s. kat 12/18/2012  2:53pm

    bump, please.
    any word on the situation for non-eqs?

    tvolgenau 12/18/2012  3:44pm

    Non eqs just dismissed. Ok to mail HS to their casting agency. MelCap. No drop offs.

    s. kat 12/18/2012  3:49pm

    great. thanks a million for the update! stay dry out there. :)

    tvolgenau 12/18/2012  3:56pm