• Beauty and the Beast Tour 12/21/2012  12:10pm

    Does anyone know if they are looking to replace specific tracks or if this is just a general audition to keep people on file for future replacements? Any info on which tracks they are looking for would be super helpful. Thanks and happy holidays!


    Where is this casting post?

    Ghubb101 12/22/2012  6:15pm

    My questions precisely. It's posted on Playbill and I've emailed Networks, hoping for a reply as it would be expensive just to fly in for that. BTW, I'm new here.

    zounds 12/22/2012  7:17pm

    The post says anything... Go in there and get it. Could just be to build up some more talent on file. Beauty has been known to have to bring in actors when others get injured or for other reasons so auditioning surely can't hurt!

    dRock27 12/22/2012  10:13pm

    Is it just going to be Bob Cline in the room or what?

    Smactor 12/23/2012  2:04am

    Ain't nobody got time for that! :-P

    Jordy723 12/23/2012  6:46pm

    Jordy I wish I could like your comment. haha

    dRock27 12/23/2012  11:27pm

    anyone know what songs the dance call combos are normally from?

    dancerm 12/30/2012  12:09am

    Last fall when I was at Pearl Studios I was in an audition room next to the BatB callbacks and I heard "Be Our Guest" on repeat. Hope that helps!

    sovermont 01/01/2013  9:58pm

    Last time I auditioned, it was "Gaston" into "Be Our Guest." Was not that difficult or long!

    pauliewalnuts 01/02/2013  10:19am