• singforyoursupper

    Is this for the production at the Fulton? If so, my friend was offered the u/s Lorrell.

    Jordy723 12/23/2012  6:45pm

    is your friend non union?

    JSL32 12/23/2012  7:11pm

    is it just me or was this audition process short and sheisty??? that was the most abbreviated/rushed casting ever, no matter if you've done the show before or not

    JSL32 12/23/2012  7:17pm

    Yes she is, and she also thought that it was awfully fast. But she's excited nonetheless!

    Jordy723 12/23/2012  7:21pm

    i would be too! lol....these budgets/the lack of equity contracts is serious! thanks for the info

    JSL32 12/23/2012  7:26pm

    Any Caucasian male offers?

    towel 12/24/2012  8:50pm

    Did the calls go out a few weeks back? I know of a few principles that were called a week or so after the nyc call but had still not heard about ensemble or local...

    singforyoursupper 12/28/2012  6:53pm