• MaryPoppins/Newsies Vocal Calls 12/28/2012  6:51pm

    Anyone know if EMC/Non Eq EVER get seen at these? I am sure they are crazy busy!!!


    Newsies has done open calls in the past for men.

    kb 12/28/2012  8:26pm

    Also, I totally realize that my response didn't answer either of your questions. Sorry about that. But it's helpful info, I suppose!

    kb 12/28/2012  10:08pm

    This is me just guessing....I feel that Newsies would not be as busy for boys at their call bc this show is looking for boys who can dance their ass off and look young. I also don't think it would be as busy for girls either because their are only a few parts available for females. However, everyone and their mom could come out the woodwork for this call.

    I have no gage on Mary Poppins. If your in that show you obviously have to tap, so that might make people shy away.

    Either way, you should go for them both!!! Break a leg!

    Nattalyee 12/28/2012  11:56pm

    I've gone to mary poppins twice and was seen both times as non eq

    peggylee08 12/29/2012  11:17pm

    Does everyone in the ensemble tap in Mary Poppins? Or are there just singer ensemble members?

    Xtinasings 12/30/2012  11:27am

    It's been a long time since I've seen Mary Poppins, but I'm pretty sure everyone taps in that one big number called "step in time" (I think that's the name). It's probably on YouTube and you could see how many people are tapping in it.

    Nattalyee 12/30/2012  12:40pm

    I believe almost all ensemble tap. But some of the leads do not. Such as mr mrs banks etc.

    singforyoursupper 12/30/2012  12:49pm

    I was wondering why they are holding a separate call for females ensemble dancers? Are there any females besides the lead? Trying to decide if its worth coming.

    rainey 01/02/2013  9:54am

    That last post was referring to Newsies...

    rainey 01/02/2013  9:55am

    There are a few other women. They come on as nuns in the beginning, I think one ends up working for the man who runs the newspapers, then one woman is the actress. But actually not sure if her track includes nun. There is also one girl newsies who comes in towards the end.

    Abbreviate 01/03/2013  12:10am