• Macbeth/OP 12/30/2012  7:39pm

    How many people were offered the roles of a Witch on the spot?

    I was offered the part (of one of the many witches), but have heard mixed reviews about the company and don't know how legit it is.

    Advice? Thoughts?


    I am just curious. Did they have you sing dance etc.? Who did you hear mixed reviews from? I do not know anything about the company.

    Doggy 12/31/2012  11:10am

    I did not sing and dance, but he asked if I could. We spent most of the time talking costumes and OP.

    I heard mixed reviews from people that worked on other productions with this director. I want to give the benefit of the doubt.

    Were you also offered a role at the audition?

    idesofmarch 12/31/2012  4:00pm

    I told him that I do not sing and dance. I did a monologue at the audition. He asked about availability but did not offer me a role. Thanks for the info.

    Doggy 12/31/2012  9:19pm