• DE Casting - Norwegian Sky 01/02/2013  12:49pm

    Has anyone else submitted and received an appointment time from DE Casting for the Norwegian Sky? I submitted last week and haven't heard anything. Thanks!


    I also haven't heard back.

    Ghubb101 01/02/2013  8:22pm

    if this is the new musical they're creating in the style of X Factor, I submitted a few days ago and just got an appointment yesterday. although, they phrased it as "if you confirm this appointment, you get priority at the open call." so.... i'm not sure if i still have to get there early, or if i have an appointment. they've done this before

    snuffles 01/06/2013  5:21pm

    I got an appt for this audition through email this past Friday.

    albelle423 01/06/2013  5:46pm

    I received a specific appointment time for the 8th.

    ventrm06 01/06/2013  9:03pm