• Wicked ECC, Singers 01/03/2013  7:23am

    Good morning! Does anyone know about how many non-eq women are in line? Thanks!!


    Any updates anyone?? THANKS!

    luv2act 01/03/2013  9:25am

    Any word on how it's looking?

    Bumblebee1 01/03/2013  9:53am

    the non union list is up to 39, they're calling the union list now

    missstarlight 01/03/2013  9:59am

    still waiting to hear about non-eq...

    cookie 01/03/2013  10:13am

    ...that is, we're still waiting for the monitor to announce whether or not they'll see non-eq... :)

    cookie 01/03/2013  10:16am

    the non union list is up to 39, they're calling the union list now

    missstarlight 01/03/2013  10:24am

    ahh sorry for the double post :-

    missstarlight 01/03/2013  10:25am

    Seeing AEA. TYPING non AEA after all AEA have been seen.

    Gypsy5758 01/03/2013  10:32am

    They're going to see all equity women and then they will type non-eq. I don't know how many equity women there are too be seen, and they have not announced whether the call has been closed.

    cookie 01/03/2013  10:35am

    who's in the room?

    ask 01/03/2013  10:59am

    Dominick Amendum, music director. Abbie Brady-Palton, casting associate. Plus some interns. I heard Craig Burns is in the room next door doing appointments. Accompanist is Adam Wachter.

    cookie 01/03/2013  11:16am

    They've just lined up equity women 31-45, so they're getting through approx 30 an hour. 66 total equity signed up so far, so noneq will probably be typed around 12:30.

    PolkaDots 01/03/2013  11:28am

    Update on typing non-equity?! Can newcomers still come?

    parislover 01/03/2013  12:45pm

    non-eq was typed around 12:30. they only kept about 10 people. not sure what they're doing about the men.

    cookie 01/03/2013  1:07pm

    Any info about the mens call would be great! Thanks and happy 2013!

    dmaggs 01/03/2013  2:14pm

    Non equity men will be typed after all equity men have been seen.

    auditioner.nyc 01/03/2013  2:37pm

    For our edification, might you be able to share with us what kinds of people got TYPED IN? (Female and Male)

    MyNewFakeName 01/03/2013  3:06pm


    dmaggs 01/03/2013  3:07pm

    For the girls they kept like 4 blondes and then 4 brunettes

    iamplayingme 01/03/2013  3:44pm